Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 158

In the conference room of the Silver State Police Department, Jin Xin, the leader of the third squad of the sharp blade, and his partner Tian Rui, were talking about the precautions for tonight’s operation.
“Everyone should pay high attention, this time the enemy, not ordinary people, you are all the elite of the Silver State Police Force, in the future, it is likely to contact this aspect of the enemy, this time, you take it as a learning, in the case of ensuring your own safety, with the capture, the real capture operation, will be completed by us, from now on, everyone’s cell phones off, before the end of the operation. No external contact, all right time, eight o’clock, on time!”
The police station entrance, Zhang Xuan fiercely stretched a lazy back, he has been here for several hours, see the time is almost eight o’clock, this Han gentle still does not come out.
Zhang Xuan knows some of the methods of the sharp edge training newcomers, in the process of carrying out the task, if they encounter some good seedlings, the sharp edge will let these good seedlings cooperate with the action.
Now, it is obvious that Han tender is also liked by the sharp edge, so it will participate in this task, Han tender as the vice captain of the criminal police detachment, but also can not refuse.
However, the sharp edge did not find the shadow of the quicksand forces, if learned that the quicksand people are also involved, the sharp edge definitely will not bring some new people to learn to observe.
At 8:05 p.m., Zhang Xuan finally waited until the meeting room adjourned and saw Han tender in uniform walking out of the police station door, and Han tender together with more than ten people, these ten people, each with a ruthless temperament, eyes as sharp as a falcon, a look is not a good role to play.
When Zhang Xuan saw Han Gentle, Han Gentle also saw Zhang Xuan, this glance made her born delighted, she was just thinking how to inform Zhang Xuan about the sharp edge to deal with Thorn Peak, and now she saw it.
“How can you be here?” Han Gentle looked at Zhang Xuan and asked.
“Gentle, who is he?” A young man in a police uniform walked up to Han Gentle and looked at Zhang Xuan with a somewhat unkind face.
All the people from the Silver State Police Department, Zhang Xuan had seen before, he asked himself that he had not seen this youth, and looking at the other party’s posture of standing ready to fire, Zhang Xuan guessed that this should be someone from the sharp edge.
“My name is Zhang Xuan, Gentle’s boyfriend, here to pick her up from work.” Zhang Xuan walked up and showed a smile.
“Boyfriend?” The young man looked Zhang Xuan up and down, glanced at his mouth and said, “Gentle, how come you found such a frail man as a boyfriend?”
Yesterday for the date, Zhang Xuan specially shaved, and now every day at work also wears a shirt suit, looks less before that vicissitudes, giving a feeling of still immature.
“Gentle, deal with it.” Walking in front of Han gentle Jin Xin turned around and said.
Han gentle first nodded, and then smiled at Zhang Xuan, “You go back first, I have something today.”
As Han tenderly spoke, she also winked at Zhang Xuan a few times.
“What’s the matter with you? We agreed to have dinner together tonight, you guys are really, meeting until now, let’s go, dinner to go.” Zhang Xuan did not say anything, came up and grabbed Han gentle wrist.
“Brother! I said something is wrong, you do not understand?” The young man in police uniform slapped Zhang Xuan’s hand away with a displeased face.
“Who are you?” Zhang Xuan also looked at the youth with displeasure, his eyes swept to the youth’s chest, where the youth’s police number and name were hanging, “Tan Yuping? I talk to my girlfriend, it’s none of your business!”
“Kid, I advise you to pay more attention to what you say.” Tan Yuping warned.
“Huh.” Zhang Xuan laughed lightly, “What if I don’t pay attention? You can still beat me as a police officer, can’t you?”
“Kid, you!” Tan Yuping directly raised his fist, and wanted to teach Zhang Xuan a lesson.
“All right!” Jin Xin shouted sternly, “Yuping, put your fist down, what kind of talk is that!”
“Yes, Captain.” Tan Yuping saw that Jin Xin had spoken, helplessly lowered his fist, and glared at Zhang Xuan with a stern look in his eyes.
Jin Xin walked up to Zhang Xuan, patted Zhang Xuan’s shoulder and said, “This little brother, our police force has a fellowship party tonight, or how about you and Gentle go on a dinner date tomorrow?”
“No way!” Zhang Xuan decisively shook his head, “Today I have a date with the gentle, your police force fellowship, how others do not go, called our gentle to go? I see this kid is not a good thing, I do not let her go today!”
Zhang Xuan said, to pull Han gentle leave.
“Little brother.” Jin Xin reached out, stopping Zhang Xuan, a trace of displeasure on his face, “Today the police force fellowship, so many people are in, you are a little too spoiled it.”
“Spoilers? I also said you guys spoil my fun!” Zhang Xuan glanced at his mouth, “off-duty time, can still force our gentle family to go and what you guys to participate in the fellowship? This is private time, right!”
Tian Rui looked at Zhang Xuan, pulled Jin Xin’s sleeve, whispered, “Otherwise, let gentle her ……”
“No.” Jin Xin waved his hand, the same whispered, “This time the mission, everyone must participate, can not make a little mistake.”
“So what now, see gentle this boyfriend’s attitude, you can’t use force, right?” Tian Rui rolled her eyes.
Jin Xin thought about it and spoke to Zhang Xuan: “Little brother, this way, why don’t you go with us to join the fellowship, so that it doesn’t delay your date with tenderness, nor our arrangement, how about it?”
“Captain, how can this work!” Tan Yuping spoke directly, “This kid he ……”
“It’s okay, I have a good idea.” Jin Xin reached out to interrupt Tan Yuping and looked at Zhang Xuan, “Little brother, what do you think of this arrangement I have?”
Zhang Xuan thought about it and nodded, “This is fine.”
Han gentle face gave Zhang Xuan an odd look, taking him into action to catch his men? This is a bit too dramatic!
For why Zhang Xuan suddenly appeared, and why he had to take himself away, Han tender heart had a million doubts, but now there is no way to ask out.
Zhang Xuan and Han tenderness got into a Honda Accord, the young man named Tan Yuping sat on the passenger side, his eyes glanced at the back seat from time to time, revealing a chill.
The vehicle slowly drive towards the outskirts of the city.
Zhang Xuan sat in the car, looking left and right with a curious face, “You guys are going to the suburbs for friendship, huh?”
“Kid, I advise you to get out of the car now, lest you wait to pee your pants.” Tan Yuping, who was sitting in the passenger seat, said disdainfully.
“Cut.” Zhang Xuan nudged his mouth, “What kind of fellowship can still scare me to pee my pants?”
The convoy to the outskirts of the city, a total of seven cars, put the head of the car, Tian Rui asked Jin Xin, “Take an insignificant person to go, is it really okay?”
“Don’t worry, this time we sent three teams, there is no problem to take down a prickly peak, let that kid just watch from the side, the mission is over, it doesn’t matter if he knows.”

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