Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1594

Let go?
This message stunned the few Lords present.
After Qian Shu told Zhang Xuan just now, they already knew exactly what kind of orcs exist. This time the orcs invaded, they can infiltrate the human forces. If they deal with it carelessly, it is very likely that the entire civilization will be destroyed. Subverted by these orcs.
In the process of understanding the intentions of these orcs, the two orcs Zhang Yiqing caught were particularly important. But now, the orcs have been released? This is not as simple as letting go of two enemies, it is releasing a scourge that can subvert civilization!
“Qianshu, this is your place, what’s the matter?” Langzhong asked directly, and they all seemed particularly concerned about this matter.
The higher the position, the more you will care about everything you have, and the more you want to be stable. On the contrary, only people who have nothing will hope that the world will be in chaos. Because of chaos, they will be given new opportunities.
As the lord of the region, Lang Zhong and others, of course hope that the world will remain peaceful and stable so that they can sit in this position better and longer.
Qianshu frowned and asked the person who had always reported, “Run? What do you do for food!”
“Honorable Lord, this can’t be stopped. It was Master Chen who took the lead to let the people go.”
“Chen Wei?” Lord Qianshu said this name. Here, the only person who can be called Lord Chen is Chen Wei, the current head of the Chen family.
The person who came to report didn’t say a word, and didn’t dare to say more.
Lord Qianshu showed anger on his face and strode out of the hall.
Lang Zhong and others hurriedly followed, Zhang Xuan walked at the end, and he slowly walked out after everyone had left the hall.
In front of the cell where Gu Ji and the old man were held, a middle-aged man in luxurious clothes was standing here.
“Tell Qianshu that I let the person go. If there is any problem, let her come to me!” The person who spoke was the current Chen family Patriarch, Chen Wei.
The jailers guarding the cage did not dare to say a word, because they knew the identity of the person in front of them, the Chen family, that was a family that even the Lord Thousand Trees would be afraid of. The ancestor of the Chen family could even The uncles who can be called Lord Thousand Trees are kind to Lord Thousand Trees.
In the Green Capital City, Chen Wei talked with the Lord of Thousand Trees, and he didn’t dare to provoke him at will. How dare these jailers say anything to Chen Wei.
“Chen Patriarch, what’s the matter?” Qian Shu walked to the cage, looked at Chen Wei, who was dressed in luxurious clothes and dazzled, and asked in a deep voice, “I heard that the prisoners here, you let them go.”
If in the past, Chen Wei let a person go, Lord Thousand Trees would not have been asking too much, but this time is different. The person Chen Wei let go is of great importance.
“What is a prisoner?” Chen Wei looked puzzled, “I said Lord Thousand Trees, you don’t know, Gu Ji, is my daughter-in-law who is about to pass the door? Our Chen family’s daughter-in-law, you treat it like that. I also don’t put my Chen family in the eyes. I don’t know what my ancestors would think if they knew about it. I’m afraid his old man would think that he has disappeared for a long time, and you, Lord Thousand Trees, would not put him in In my eyes.”
When Chen Wei uttered the word ancestor, Qian Shu’s eyes showed a clear look of jealousy. She took a deep breath and said to Chen Wei: “This time, the identity of Gu Ji is different from what you think Simple, tell me where people have gone.”
Qian Shuzhen had directly told Chen Wei the identity of Gu Ji. This was because she was afraid. She had seen the terrifying aspects of the orcs and the ability to infiltrate. Who knows, which one around this, might be the orcs.
“Tell you?” Chen Wei glanced at Qian Shu with disdain, then looked at the many Lords who followed Qian Shu, and then said, “Why should I tell you? Also, what is the identity of my daughter-in-law? You said, I will investigate myself. If you have any dissatisfaction, go to my ancestor, Qianshu, I warn you, Gu Ji is a member of my Chen family, you must not think that my Chen family is so bullying !”
After Chen Wei finished speaking, he flicked his sleeves and strode away.
Qian Shu looked at Chen Wei’s background, squeezed her fists, and spoke in a wayward manner. She rushed to the men behind her and shouted: “Now, send everyone out to find Gu Ji’s trail, hurry!”
Qian Shu gave an order, and all the people in the city lord’s mansion mobilized to look for Gu Ji.
“Thousand trees, these two people must be found. I have to go back first. If this orc infiltrated long ago, it will definitely not only be in the green forest area, but there will also be orc spies in the rest of the area. This requires Prepare in advance.” Lang said again.
“Yes.” Shaituo also said, “I have to go back and arrange it.”
“We should go back, too.” Old Wu Wang and Jian Jun also said.
These Lords are extremely anxious now. After knowing the existence of the orcs, they worry all the time that the area under their jurisdiction will be attacked by the orcs.
Qianshu nodded, “Everyone, we keep in touch at any time. Once I find Gu Ji’s whereabouts, I will tell you the information as soon as possible. I hope all the information we get can be shared.”
“Of course.” Lang Zhong said, “This is a major event that concerns the entire world, and there can be no mistakes.”
Several Lords disappeared in a flash, and in the end only Qian Shu and Zhang Xuan remained here.
Qian Shu turned around and glanced at Zhang Xuan, showing an apologetic expression, “This…”
“Let’s find someone first.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “About the Chen family, I will talk about it later. It’s not suitable to move them now, and I will startle the snake.”
“Yeah.” Lord Qianshu nodded, she also knew that Zhang Yiqing was saving face for herself.
Gu Ji disappeared and could not be found. Zhang Xuan simply lived in Green Capital City first. With Zhang Xuan’s strength, he could fly quickly and look for clues, but since Gu Ji wanted to run, he would not take the road. Maybe, he still hides. In a certain part of the city, Zhang Xuan was not familiar with the place where he was born. The effect he was looking for was definitely not as good as the army sent by Lord Qianshu.
Zhang Xuan stayed in this city for three days. For three days, Zhang Xuan was paying attention to the movements coming from Lord Thousand Trees every day, but it was a pity that he could not find the trace of Gu Ji.
On the third night, when the sky was dark, Zhang Xuan stood by a window, leaning on the guardrail, looking at the bright moon in the sky. Since seeing the moon shadow that night, Zhang Xuan has always paid attention to this place.
In this silent night, a figure fluttered in front of Zhang Xuan. The opponent was two meters tall, dressed in armor, and had a handsome face with a smile on his face. He was extraordinarily handsome and confident.
“Brother Zhang Yiqing, I haven’t seen you in a few days.” The other party said, the voice is full of magnetism, and it is Gulidan who has transformed into a human form.

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