Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 16

“The two of us met at Master Filger’s painting exhibition.” Zhang Xuan picked up a piece of scallop, took off the whole piece of scallop meat and put it on the plate in front of Lin Qinghan, and continued, “At that time, Master Filger opened a painting exhibition in An City, and both Qinghan and I were attracted by Master Filger’s early morning breakfast, and offered different opinions, I still remember Qinghan said at that time that she yearned for the quiet feeling in the painting, the soft lines would make her I still remember that Qinghan said that she longed for the quietness in the painting, that the soft lines would calm her mind, while I envied the emotions expressed in the eyes of the male and female characters in the painting, and that’s when we met, and of course, the shade of green next to the breakfast in the morning was also quite a good piece.”
Milan’s eyes flashed a trace of oddity, said, “So it was the Philadelphia exhibition in An City, at first I also wanted to go, but did not have the opportunity, hearing you say so, but very envious of you and Qinghan.”
Zhang Xuan smiled gently, “Three months later, Master Filger will hold another painting exhibition, when there is an opportunity, we can go together.”
“Good.” Milan also smiled and nodded her head, “Ya! My baked snail material is ready!”
Milan ran towards the kitchen in a panic.
“How did you know?” Lin Qinghan’s soft voice, tinged with doubt, rang in Zhang Xuan’s ears.
“What?” Zhang Xuan took a piece of scallop for himself.
“How did you know about Master Filger’s painting exhibition and how did you know about that early morning breakfast?” Lin Qinghan was very strange, the reason she gave Milan that she and Zhang Xuan met at the painting exhibition was because she also liked painting, except for that An City’s Philharmonic exhibition, which she also failed to go to and had always regretted.
The first time I heard Lin Qinghan ask this, he pointed to his phone in his pocket, “I just checked it, I was afraid to reveal it!”
“Well done!” Lin Qinghan gave Zhang Xuan a thumbs up.
“Hey, hey, thanks for the praise, Mr. Lin.”
In the kitchen, Milan peeked at the dining room and confirmed that Lin Qinghan and Zhang Xuan were both sitting at the table before taking out her cell phone and quickly typing in a number to dial out, the call was quickly answered.
With one hand holding the phone and one hand covering her mouth, Milan whispered, “Rico, do you remember the wanted photo we saw on the streets of Enamel three years ago?”
“I remember.” A crisp female voice came from the other end of the phone, accompanied by the sound of a spatula clashing with a frying pan, at this point in time, it was just about time to prepare lunch in Enamel, “Why, why are you suddenly asking this?”
“I’ve seen him! I don’t know what’s going on, he’s already back in the country and married my bestie as an artist!” Milan’s face showed anxiety.
“Oh my God!” A gasp rang out from the other side of the phone, “I can’t believe you met him! Hasn’t he been arrested by the French royal family? You know, he dared to cheat even the princess of the royal family at that time! Why didn’t you quickly call the police to arrest him and break him down in front of your bestie!”
“I don’t know how he got back, or why he wasn’t arrested, I just know that my best friend is now completely fooled by him! I can’t call the police, I don’t have any evidence, and I can’t directly expose him, now that my silly girlfriend has been completely fooled by him, once I directly say that he is a wanted criminal in the enamel country, not only will my girlfriend not believe it, it will also alert this liar, and then there will be even less way to expose his true nature!” Milan’s tone was tinged with anger and anxiety, and as she said this, she stole a glance towards the restaurant.
Lin Qinghan also happened to notice Milan looking towards herself, and with a happy expression on her pretty face, she tore off a piece of duck meat to hand to Zhang Xuan.
Seeing this scene, Milan’s body shivered with anger, and with a fierce heart, she said on the phone: “This is a relationship liar, I will find a way to reveal his true face! You help me ask for a leave of absence for the teacher, say that I will not go back for a while.”
“Not coming back? God Milan, do you know what you are talking about, the teacher told me last night that he passed the test of that lord, if there is a chance, he can take us to meet that lord, if we can learn a little bit of cooking skin from that lord, are able to let us succeed him and become the Enamel Kingdom royal chef!” The woman’s voice on the phone was full of incredulity.
“The chef thing to say, I can’t, let my best friend just be cheated, okay, I’ll hang up first!” As soon as Milan hung up the phone, she picked up the baked snails she had just prepared and walked towards the restaurant, while a smile spread across her face, she couldn’t see anything at all, “Mr. Zhang, Qinghan, try the baked snails, you’ll love it.”
Lin Qinghan enjoyed the food that Milan made, but she was more afraid that Milan would ask any more tricky questions and quickly ate the food on the table instead of taking her time to enjoy it like she used to.
“Qinghan, do you have something to do tonight?” Milan looked at Lin Qinghan’s perverse appearance and said strangely.
“No.” Lin Qinghan shook her head, “I’m just anxious for you, you haven’t returned home from the enamel country yet, and there is only one flight to Hangzhou in the evening.”
Milan held a snail shell in her hand and stared at Lin Qinghan, “Qinghan, I’m not leaving, I want to stay with you for two more days.”
“Ah? Stay for two more days?” Lin Qinghan was a little out of shape because of this unexpected news, and her small mouth opened wide.
“Right.” Milan nodded vigorously, then narrowed his eyes, presenting a curved moon, “What, you don’t welcome me, huh?”
After two seconds of being dazed, Lin Qinghan reacted, “Cheerful …… welcome ah.”
“Haha, I knew you couldn’t let me go, so let me think, which room should I stay in?” Milan raised his head and scanned the second floor.
A bitter smile appeared on Lin Qinghan’s face as she glanced at Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan winked at Lin Qinghan, gestured an ok gesture and made a reassuring gesture.
Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan’s appearance, the heart of many helpless, reassured? How can I rest assured, sooner or later will be exposed ah! If that really happens, I will be too embarrassed!
After dinner, Zhang Xuan washed the dishes in the kitchen as usual, Milan gave a thumbs up and praised a good man, then began to pack his luggage.
Lin Qinghan sat on the sofa, looked at Zhang Xuan in the kitchen, and looked at his girlfriend who was running around the house, reached out to cover his forehead, and let out a helpless sigh.
Zhang Xuan finished washing the dishes and saw that Lin Qinghan was sitting on the sofa, drinking tea while watching today’s financial news of the city, a news that Lin Qinghan watches every day.
“Add some hot water.” Zhang Xuan came with the kettle and added water to Lin Qinghan’s teacup, glancing at the TV in passing, and found that the news about Qin Rou was just playing on the TV. On the news, the news that Qin Rou’s Hengyuan Trade had applied for the bombing of the mountain and was approved was also presented, and on the news, the official said that he would strongly support it and make Hengyuan Trade the benchmark enterprise of Yinzhou City in the new year.

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