Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 160

The sharp edge is considered advanced?
Zhang Xuan’s words made Han tender a little bit back.
The sharp edge is an official organization, how can it be considered a dark underground force?
Zhang Xuan looked at Han tender expression, smiled slightly, “I know what you are thinking, dark underground forces, not simply refers to the evil forces, but hidden in the dark, not known by ordinary people.”
Han tenderly nodded thoughtfully and asked Zhang Xuan, “What about you? You should also count, right?”
“Me?” Zhang Xuan reached out and pointed at himself, just as he was about to speak, he heard a low and alarming sound.
“All ready, here it comes!”
This low alarming voice interrupted Zhang Xuan’s words, and he hastily pulled Han tenderly to hide in a corner, and the whole factory, in this instant, was incomparably silent.
A dense sound of footsteps sounded outside the factory, listen carefully, absolutely no less than twenty people.
Jin Xin and Tian Rui hiding place, can see the entrance of the factory head-on, when see the first person who walked in outside, Jin Xin face changed.
“Quicksand’s people ……”
Tian Rui’s extremely subtle voice rang in Jin Xin’s ears, “How can Quicksand’s people come?”
Jin Xin shook his head, with a trace of gloom on his face, their side, only a dozen people, including a few newcomers, while the quicksand side, came to more than twenty people, really want to have any conflict, Jin Xin and others will not have any problems, but those newcomers of the police force can suffer.
As the captain of the third division of the Blade, Jin Xin is familiar with the world’s major underground forces, for the people of the Ryuusha, he knows very well, these people, is not a good man or woman of the generation.
After the arrival of Quicksand’s people, they did not communicate with each other, they all looked around the factory, and then each chose a location to hide, the goal of these people, is also the “upcoming” prickly peak.
The factory is not big and there are not many places for people to hide, whether it’s Blade or Quicksand’s people, they all have a lot of experience in concealment, even the hiding place, the choice is also very consistent.
Looking at the movements of these people from Quicksand, Tian Rui’s face showed a trace of anxiety, “What should we do?”
“Can’t wait!” Jin Xin face decisive, “can not let those newcomers get hurt, out!”
Jin Xin this out of the word, Tian Rui will be the first to rush out, she usually looks civilized and courteous, but at this time is like a robust cheetah, extremely fast, appearing from the darkness.
The moment Tian Rui appeared, those who were looking around for a hiding place all stopped their movements and put their eyes on Tian Rui.
At the same time, the rest of the people of the Blade also appeared from the shadows, the two sides of the people distributed in all corners of the factory, immediately formed a confrontation situation.
The time now, it is 9:30 pm, the night sky emits a weak light, whether it is the people of the sharp edge, or the people of the quicksand, the face is a little heavy.
This sudden appearance of an additional force was unexpected for anyone.
“Quicksand’s people, it shouldn’t be in line with the rules for you to enter my Chinese territory in such a big way, right?” Jin Xin pulled out a document from his breast pocket.
The person leading the quicksand was a short man, each of them wore a mask, unable to see their faces, and their eyes were as sinister as vipers.
After seeing Jin Xin’s ID, the quicksand leader let out a cold laugh, “Rules? The rules of the underground world are made by others, not by your blades! You sharp edges, when did you start cooperating with assassins like Thorn Peak.”
“Watch your mouth!” Jin Xin let out a stern shout, “The reputation of the sharp edge, does not allow anyone to slander.”
“Cut the crap, Thorn Peak killed our leader and brought shame to our Quicksand, I must take her head and hang it high on our banner to wash away the world’s insult to our Quicksand, you Blades, don’t ask for it!” The short man retreated slightly on his feet and placed one hand on his waist, making a posture of wanting to draw his sword.
Hidden in the shadows, Zhang Xuan explained to Han gentle: “Ryuusha is an underground organization in the island, the martial arts they use, also similar to something like the knife drawing technique, this knife drawing posture, is what they want to do to prepare for battle.”
For what Zhang Xuan said, Han tender listened attentively, if in the future really into the sharp edge, she will inevitably come into contact with these.
Han tender gave birth to another doubt and asked Zhang Xuan, “Then what do they use for fighting, they don’t have knives or anything like that on them.”
“Unless some specialized underground forces fighting, generally this situation, they carry weapons are portable, such as folding knives can be hidden in the cuffs, soft swords can be hidden on the waist, all shapes and sizes, later you will know when you see more.”
“Quicksand can beat a sharp blade?”
“Can’t beat.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “but can kill you, see the three people standing at the end of the quicksand, their earlobes are larger than normal people, quicksand has a special method of training hearing, this is the sign of their training, these three people have been listening to the movement inside the factory, how many people are hidden inside the factory, they know very well in their hearts.”
Han gentle mouth open wide, these things, but really beyond her perception.
Seeing that the person leading the Ryuusha took a pose to draw his sword, Jin Xin coldly snorted, “What, you Ryuusha, still plan to make a move with us, the sharp edge, in China?”
“I said, our purpose, is to stab the peak, has nothing to do with your edge, if you have to interfere in this matter, our Ryuusha’s dignity, not everyone can trample!”
Tan Yuping took a step forward and said disdainfully, “Joke! The head of your Ryuusha was killed by a woman, I can’t imagine what kind of dignity is there for you to talk about?”
The moment Tan Yuping’s words fell, Zhang Xuan sighed in Han Gentle’s ear.
“It’s over.”
“What’s wrong?” Han Gentleman looked at Zhang Xuan’s sighing appearance, his heart subconsciously tightened.
“The people of the island, the most important thing is the so-called dignity and bushido spirit, this Tan Yuping’s words, enough to make them crazy, originally that captain of yours was just testing the people of Quicksand, now this fight, must be fought.”
Jin Xin also when Tan Yuping finished that sentence, his heart cried out bad, he is not afraid of Ryuusha’s people, but there are several police force rookies?
Sure enough, the man leading the Ryuusha was enraged by Tan Yuping’s words.
“Baka, die!”
I saw a cold flash, the leader of the Ryuusha man waved one hand, a folding knife was taken out by him, the blade is forty centimeters, not too long, not too short, flexible and versatile.
At the same moment, the rest of the quicksand, have also taken out weapons.
Jin Xin face gloomy, sternly shouted openly, “Ryu Sha, you can think clearly, really want to in China, with our sharp edge!”
“Whoever insults the reputation of Ryuusha, die!” The eyes of the leader of the Ryuusha were as sinister as a poisonous snake, staring at Tan Yuping.

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