Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 165

This evening, the place Lin Qinghan is taking Zhang Xuan to, is a private party.
Lin Qinghan confessed that this party is a small circle of some rich second generation in Ning Province, which is held almost once every two months to promote the feelings between the parties, after all, after a few years, these rich second generation will also turn into corporate heads one after another.
The location chosen for the gathering is a large outdoor club, located between Yinzhou City and Luohe City.
The owner of this large club is also one of the members of this party, his large outdoor club, is a combination of racing, rock climbing, parkour and many other things into one.
The people who come to the party here are not bad money, so who is rich, show off the wealth of these, long ago in the circle is not popular, every time the party, we will engage in other activities out, the last year, the rich generation of the party, in addition to a few people or exchange of feelings, the rest of the people have become a similar talent competition components in it.
When the party, what rock climbing competition ah, racing competition ah, will engage in a play.
In order to match this delicate black rose by his side, Zhang Xuan deliberately changed into a suit that someone had specially tailored for himself before, the fineness of each size is calculated in millimeters, every detail design, all according to Zhang Xuan’s figure to go, wear on Zhang Xuan, so that people can not find a single flaw.
When Zhang Xuan put on this suit, let Lin please Han have a bright feeling, she has seen this man wear this clothes a total of three times, the first time, is in the concert that day, he played the love echo for himself, the scene of that day, from time to time still in Lin please Han’s mind, the second time, is to go to the Cheng family, Zhang Xuan took out a packet of tea to make the Cheng elder attitude changed, now this is the third time.
Lin please Han think carefully, this man around, always reveal his extraordinary side, the first time you see him, only thought he was a talentless, for money, eating soft rice, but with the contact now, this man, like a mystery, let yourself want to go to this mystery completely solved.
A red Mercedes GT driving on the national highway from Yinzhou to Luohe.
The northwest is never short of mountains, Lin Qinghan came to the private club, built at the foot of a large mountain, the side of the mountain like a knife, showing a ninety-degree angle, was transformed into a rock-climbing site, a large area of open space on the side of the mountain, but also specifically transformed into a racing track, although not as exaggerated as the F1 international circuit in the sea, but the total distance of 21 kilometers of the track, in the entire province of Ning is also the top existence.
This private club is rarely open to the public, and there is no question of remoteness, it is simply not a place for profit.
In addition to the track and wall climbing, there are also special parkour sites, golf courses, real CS, and other outdoor sports that people know.
Lin Qinghan drove, took Zhang Xuan, and entered this private outdoor club.
The club not only has so many outdoor activities, there is also a set of food, leisure as one of the leisure hall, in general, can be enjoyed outside, here can enjoy, outside can not enjoy, here can also be enjoyed.
Zhang Xuan saw that the huge parking lot of this club, there is no next million cars, Lin Qinghan the red Mercedes GT here is not conspicuous.
When the car is stable, Zhang Xuan first step off, jogged to the main driver, very gentlemanly for Lin Qinghan will open the car door.
Zhang Xuan’s action made Lin Qinghan cover her mouth with a smile.
“Don’t worry Mr. Lin, I will definitely behave well tonight and not give you any shame!” Zhang Xuan said, patting his chest.
“Just be yourself.” Lin Qinghan smiled faintly at Zhang Xuan and took the initiative to hold Zhang Xuan’s arm.
This smile, as beautiful as a blossom blooming, the action of this one arm, so Zhang Xuan a heart began to beat wildly, this is the first time this woman, take the initiative to close the distance with himself!
This man and woman walking together, the man handsome and tall, long-term exercise body so that he will be the body of the suit perfectly, waist straight, head up and chest.
The woman is beautiful, long skirt, hair pulled up, with noble, walking beside the man, reflecting each other, like a golden girl.
The sky, dusk clouds burned fiery red, the sunset in the west, the two figures stretched long.
Where there is Lin Qinghan, is the focus.
This is the entire Ning Province rich generation of the party, are not bad money master, but Lin Qinghan’s position, still unshakeable, young to be in charge of the largest leading enterprises in Yinzhou, its financial strength need not be said, few people present can be compared with Lin Qinghan, on the appearance, Lin Qinghan the title of the first beauty of the business community, not just be boasted.
In the past, when Lin Qinghan arrived, she was alone, however, today, this man beside her became the object of many people’s speculation.
Lin Qinghan took Zhang Xuan into the clubhouse lounge.
The lounge is actually not much different from some big hotels, otherwise it would not be able to include fitness, leisure and food as one.
The glorious hall, the whole marble cut floor, the beautiful crystal chandelier, all show the magnificence of this place.
Zhang Xuan slightly estimated, just such a club, at least 300 million to build up!
As the leading enterprise in Yinzhou, Lin’s total assets were assessed to be more than one billion a few years ago, after all these years of development, plus some time ago took over several hospital projects in Yinzhou, as well as and enamel country Jia Long Group reached cooperation, Lin’s total assets now, nearly ten billion.
This number, sounds a lot, but the funds at hand, is also very limited, if the Lin’s take 300 million out to build such a private club, for the Lin’s, is also a matter of choice, the most important, this private club, but also not open to the public, so that it can be seen, the identity of the owner of this club, is also not ordinary.
As soon as Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan entered the hall, they heard someone greeting Lin Qinghan.
“Qinghan, you’re here, we’re all waiting for you here, eh, this is?”
A beautiful woman with curly hair and wearing a hot red dress walked over, her eyes curiously glancing at Zhang Xuan’s body.
Following this beauty, there was also a man looking at Zhang Xuan with curious eyes, it was the first time he saw Lin Invitation Han and a man coming to a party.
Lin invites Han to introduce the two people in front of Zhang Xuan.
The beautiful woman in the red hot dress, named Jiang Yan, this handsome looking man beside her, is her husband, named Ding Yun.

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