Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1666

The rebellion of the Yuxu Taoist Temple is completely unexpected. No one can find a reason for the Yuxu Taoist’s rebellion. Given their position in the human army, such a betrayal is simply unnecessary.
But now, it’s not the time for Lin Qinghan to find the cause. Seeing that soldier fell in front of him, Lin Qinghan’s heart was like a needle. These soldiers are desperate for their homeland. If they die on the battlefield, there is nothing to say. That was fate, but now, die in this rebellion!
“Yu Xu Taoist Temple, if I, Lin Qinghan, can survive, I will definitely upset you!” Lin Qinghan roared like this.
“Only you? A female stream! Ho ho, if there is that surname Zhang, what are you going to do? Do you think you are really General Lin?” The Taoist was completely disdainful.
“What about a female stream.” Lin Qinghan threw away the broken spear in his hand.
At this time, an orc holding a heavy machete, slashed at Lin Qinghan with a stab, trying to cut Lin Qinghan in the middle.
But when the sharp edge of the machete was about to touch Lin Qinghan’s waist, the machete didn’t move.
The wrist of the orc soldier holding a machete was firmly pinched by Lin Qinghan, no matter how hard the orc soldier used, there was no way to move it.
“What!” The Taoist saw this scene and couldn’t accept it.
Lin Qinghan smiled slightly, “Do you think I really can only live under the shelter of my husband? What about a female stream? It’s a bit difficult for you to kill me!”
While Lin Qinghan was talking, he flipped his wrist and grabbed the machete directly, and then swung it to cut off the head of the orc soldier.
On Lin Qinghan’s body, there was a strange brilliance, this color was like the aurora on the side of the day.
“Bloodline!” The Taoist gritted his teeth and said these two words.
“Zhang Yiqing, oh no, I should call him Zhang Xuan now. He is a powerful character. His woman is really not easy, but today, you have to die!” A figure walked out of the gap on the orc side, and his body Wearing gold armor and holding a black long knife, he is the leader of the orc race, Gulidan.
Gulidan looked at Lin Qinghan, whose body was glowing with aurora, “Madam, the two armies are fighting, and life and death are beyond your control. Don’t blame me Gulidan for destroying the flowers.”
The black blade in Coulidan’s hand brought sparks on the ground.
Lin Qinghan took a deep breath, and his figure quickly flashed behind him, trying to leave.
“I can’t walk away.” Gulidan just flashed his figure and blocked Lin Qinghan’s path.
Several orc soldiers raised their knives from the rear and slashed at Lin Qinghan. Lin Qinghan flipped over his hands and slashed over several orc soldiers with knives.
At this moment, Gulidan’s long sword also slashed towards Lin Qinghan. At the critical moment, Lin Qinghan retreated, trying to avoid Gulidan’s long sword, but this long sword brought sparks on Lin Qinghan’s armor. Seconds, the armor cracked.
Gulidan’s combat power is not just as simple as an orc soldier. His power and speed have reached an extreme level, which has completely surpassed human beings. If it is said that it can fight against Gulidan in this situation, Only Zhang Xuan, not even Zhao Ji and Lan Yunxiao, because the two of them did not have a method of refining the body such as the Illustrated Destruction of the World.
The long knife in Gulidan’s hand is the greatest threat to Lin Qinghan. At this time, Gulidan has blocked Lin Qinghan’s retreat, which is the direction to the human army.
“Lin Qinghan, struggle, I would like to see how long you can struggle.” Taoist sneered, “I think your death will definitely make that surname Zhang crazy, hahahaha, I really want to know. , What will happen to him after his madness!”
Lin Qinghan looked at Gulidan in front of her. This person put a lot of pressure on her.
With the long knife in front of him, Lin Qinghan had a pair of beautiful eyes, staring at Gulidan, watching him.
Gulidan waved his hand and pointed the long knife diagonally at the ground. Then, his figure flashed again, and the black long knife in his hand slashed against Lin Qinghan’s head.
Facing Gulidan’s sword, Lin Qinghan’s brilliance bloomed again, it was like a burning aurora flame. This brilliance brought Lin Qinghan a more powerful force.
Lin Qinghan made a graceful turn. She used the force of her belt to cut it out with the same knife. When the two knives touched each other, Gulidan only felt the tiger’s mouth tingle. He could hardly believe it. This made his mouth tingle. , It turned out to be emitted from a woman.
Lin Qinghan was bombarded by this gravity and fell into the mist.
“Lin Qinghan, why bother to die here, you are already a dead person.” Taoist laughed.
“Shut up!” Gulidan scolded, “Quickly chase, people are gone!”
“Gone?” The Taoist was obviously taken aback, “She…”
“Chasing!” Gulidan shouted, chasing out the gap.
Behind the gap is the territory of the orc army.
The Taoist stood at the gap, looked at the direction Lin Qinghan was escaping, and muttered: “Forgive you for not being able to survive, come here, put on this armor and follow me!”
After the Taoist finished speaking, thirty orc soldiers walked out and put on the armor of the human sergeant. When the helmet was put on, there was no difference at all. This is why the Taoist asked thirty tall sergeants. , He just wanted to steal the lead.
Seeing the 30 orc warriors are ready, the Taoist waved his hand: “Go, come back with me.”
On the way the Taoist took these orc warriors back, a figure stood in front of them, it was crazy.
“Stop.” Crazed loudly.
The Taoist stood still subconsciously, and now he had a ghost in his heart.
Kuangchi stepped forward and looked at the Taoist and the thirty orcs in the armor of human sergeants.
Taoist seemed a little nervous, he knew that this person was very strong.
After scanning around, Kuangchi’s eyes suddenly flicked: “Where is General Lin!”
The Taoist shook his head, “There is a gap in the front, General Lin went to investigate, but there is no return, we suspect that there is an orc in ambush, we must rush back to report the situation!”
“Fart!” Kuangzhi suddenly waved his arms, and slapped Taoist face with a slap.
Taoist was stunned by this slap.
“Is General Lin a ignorant person? Don’t think I don’t know what you veteran thoughts. If something happens to General Lin, you veteran, don’t even want to live!” Running to the front, he didn’t realize the abnormality of the soldiers behind the Taoist. Only Lin Qinghan’s safety was in his heart.
The old way saw that he was going crazy, he was relieved, he touched his profile, and said bitterly: “Sooner or later, I will kill you, go!”
Lao Dao took thirty soldiers and returned to the human phalanx.
At this time, Zhao Ji didn’t come back yet, and Lan Yunxiao stayed here, coordinating the globalization and preparing for the war.

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