Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1683

The sky above Yuxu Mountain was originally sunny and cloudless, but at this moment, dark clouds are rolling in.
That Hong Zhong Xuying was behind Zhang Xuan.
At this moment, Zhang Xuan was holding a divine sword, and his eyes were full of killing intent.
“Zhang Xuan!” A ho ho sounded, and Zhang Xuan looked back and found Zhao Ji’s figure.
Behind Zhao Ji, he followed Lan Yunxiao.
The two came to Zhang Xuan’s body.
Zhang Xuan glanced around Zhao Ji and Lan Yunxiao, and then said: “This time, you two can’t stop me.”
“Can’t stop you? Are you laughing?” With a smile on Zhao Ji’s face, he took out a cigarette and lit it in his mouth. After taking a deep breath, he said, “Why should I stop you? This time, I will be with you.”
“Huh?” Lan Yunxiao looked at Zhao Ji with an unexpected look.
“What? Didn’t think of it?” Zhao Ji gave Lan Yunxiao a proud look. “The brothers on the battlefield, every one of them is fighting desperately, but this group of old miscellaneous hairs don’t treat the group of brothers at all. Their fate is serious, they sell their friends for glory, and they should kill themselves! And all of this, in the final analysis, is the confidence given to them by this Yuxu Taoist Temple. If this place is destroyed, the world will lose this group of old people. Miscellaneous!”
When Zhao Ji was talking, he kept smoking cigarettes in his mouth. It can be seen that he is trying to calm his heart. Every time he thinks about these things, a flame will be ignited in Zhao Ji’s heart!
All of them are fighting desperately, and the people of Yuxu Taoist Temple are using these warriors who throw their heads and blood on the battlefield in the name of protecting their homes.
On the battlefield, death is not terrible!
The scary thing is that Yuxu Taoist Temple, using the courage of these warriors to achieve their selfish desires, Zhao Ji could not bear this!
Lan Yunxiao glanced at the most *spot, and said: “You should know, what kind of existence is here, right?”
“So what if you know?” Zhao Ji threw half of his cigarette butt to the ground, “What kind of shit fairy island, what shit asking the road, what shit ancient martial origin.”
“Don’t forget, your master is also a member of this Yuxu Taoist temple.” Lan Yunxiao reminded.
“What’s wrong again?” Zhao Ji stomped the cigarette butt out. “Today I am going to do these things to deceive the master and destroy the ancestor, how about it?”
Zhao Ji pulled his backhand, and the Kang Long mace behind him was held in his hand by Zhao Ji, and Kang Long mace let out a *.
Lan Yunxiao chuckled softly, “It looks like I have always underestimated you.”
“That is!” Zhao Ji raised his head, “I’m all blood burning now, come on, let’s take a look at this so-called ancient martial sacred place today, what is the difference!”
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan nodded, his palm was put up in the void, and the shadow of Hong Zhong behind him went straight to the sky, and then became staring.
Zhang Xuan glanced at Zhao Ji and uttered two words: “Knock the bell.”
Zhao Ji nodded, then rushed to the sky with excitement, aimed at the Hong Zhong, and vigorously threw down the Kang Long mace in his hand.
“The miscellaneous hairs of Yuxu Taoist Temple, today I am here to give it to you, it’s over!”
A deep voice radiated from the air, and another invisible wave of air swept all around.
“Bold young man! This Jade Void Holy Land, is it a place for you to go wild!”
On the top of the hill, three figures appeared. Behind them were the heroic spirits. The height of the heroic spirits was fifty meters.
“Tsk tusk tusk, is this just the strength?” Zhao Ji looked at the three people who appeared, “Don’t be juniors or juniors. If you have the ability, you will kill Lao Tzu, or wait, you will call me grandpa if I can’t beat you!”
“Zhao Ji in the 9th round, the following offense, I don’t know the shame!” a female Taoist shouted, she looked about fifty years old, and the heroic spirit behind her was fifty meters tall.
“I don’t know how to be ashamed?” Zhao Ji curled his lips. “You fucking don’t think that I don’t know. You choose an apprentice. You only need to be a man. You must be strong and handsome. When you are an apprentice for one year, even if you are a strong guy , Are all skinny, who is not ashamed?”
“Presumptuous!” The female Taoist was poked in the weak underbelly, and she was anxious. She waved the dust in her hand, and the heroic spirit behind her flew towards Zhao Ji.
“Lao Tzu is presumptuous today, what can you do to me!” Zhao Ji’s attitude was like this. Facing the heroic spirit of the female Taoist, Zhao Ji didn’t even summon the heroic spirit, so he slapped it casually. How could the strength of the 50-meter heroic spirit be Zhao Ji’s opponent.
Under this feat, the heroic spirit of the female Taoist was actually beaten a bit illusory, and the female Taoist was separated by a hundred meters, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.
“Zhao Ji, your master is a person of my Yuxu Taoist temple. You are now committing a crime. You are really not afraid of Jiuquan. Is there any way to explain it to your master?” Another Taoist said.
“Cut, let me wait until I die.” Zhao Ji looked disdainful, “but before that, I will send you off first to reunite with my master.”
“Zhao Ji, my Yuxu Taoist temple is isolated from the world, and I don’t want to participate in worldly affairs, but it doesn’t mean that I am afraid of things. You come here like this today, I think, is there any misunderstanding in this?” the third Taoist said, He saw that Zhao Jichai did not enter.
“Misunderstanding?” Zhao Ji sneered. “There is no misunderstanding. On the ancient battlefields of Antarctica, you Yuxu Taoist Taoist Danyun Taoist, etc., fornicating with orcs, cruelly killing warrior Zhongliang, this alone is enough for you Yuxu Taoist Temple to accept That’s it!”
“Oh? Is there anything like this?” The third Taoist showed an unexpected appearance, “Zhao Ji, I have always handled things impartially. If something like this happens, I will naturally investigate it. If this is the case, You certainly won’t spare that Gongyun lightly. You can rest assured about this.”
“No need.” Zhang Xuan held a purple divine sword floating in the air, “I have killed the Taoist Gongyun.”
“It’s slaughtered!” The female priest’s pupils dilated in an instant, “You are so bold, my Yuxu Taoist person, even if there is a mistake, I won’t be able to judge by others. When will you young people in the summer dare to do something to the elders? Is it possible that this 5,000-year-old etiquette in this hot summer has all gone to dogs in your generation! A group of people who don’t know the respect of etiquette! Now quickly kneel down and be punished!”
“Etiquette?” Zhang Xuanhao smiled, “The so-called etiquette is reserved for the respected elders, not for you group of people who rely on the old and sell the old, and keep talking about the generation of garbage, but in fact it faces you people.”
“It’s just ridiculous!” The female Taoist shouted loudly.
“Whatever you say.” Zhang Xuan shrugged. “It’s okay to use strong words. Anyway, if you kill all of you, there is no so-called etiquette and inferiority. You say, right?”
In Zhang Xuan’s hands, the purple sword glow skyrocketed. Behind Zhang Xuan, countless divine sword phantoms appeared.

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