Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 169

Zhang Xuan several ups and downs, from the mountain down, back to the climbing point.
At this moment, everyone looked at Zhang Xuan’s eyes have changed, no longer just the contempt, some people and Yi Hai good relations, the eyes of the grateful, everyone understands that just now, if not for Zhang Xuan’s sudden move, Yi Hai will be finished.
Zhang Xuan patted the dust on his body, with a brisk pace, walked to Lin Qinghan, put the rose that he had just fetched, and inserted it on top of Lin Qinghan’s head.
“Dirt is dead.” Lin Qinghan pouted and rolled her eyes, but allowed Zhang Xuan to stick this rose in her hair.
“This is the eternal flower!” Someone recognized the rose, “It was placed on a crag near the top of the mountain! You actually took it down, and in just a moment, you climbed up to the top of the mountain!”
“Up to the top of the mountain?”
“Impossible, right?”
“This is just more time, he climbed to the top of the mountain with his bare hands?”
Some people who play rock climbing, with an incredulous look, in the dark, and unarmed, and not wearing any safety equipment, but also in such a short time to the top of the mountain? Unbelievable!
But they no longer believe, that eternal flower will not lie.
At this time, Yi Hai had also landed safely, his expression was complicated, no longer the previous wild, some people came up to try to comfort Yi Hai, was pushed away by Yi Hai, he walked in front of Zhang Xuan with big steps.
“I lost, you are very strong, your power is beyond imagination, also, thank you for saving me just now.”
Zhang Xuan smiled, didn’t say anything, and took the initiative to extend his right hand to Yi Hai.
Yi Hai froze for two seconds and similarly extended his own right hand and grinned.
He really didn’t expect that this soft-earned boy had such skills, and he was thinking about what method to use against Zhang Xuan when Zhang Xuan walked towards him first.
“Younger Ning, you opened your mouth and said play, how should you be on the field?”
“You’re actively provoking me?” Ning Zhou raised his eyebrows, and his tone carried an unspeakable anger.
“Am I not showing enough obviousness?” Zhang Xuan asked rhetorically, “Surnamed Ning, say it, what do you want to play!”
“Fine, since you want to play, I’ll play with you.” A fierce smile appeared at the corner of Ning’s mouth for a week, “Racing, want to have some fun?”
“Whatever.” Zhang Xuan showed a look of indifference.
In this clubhouse, there is a twenty-one kilometer long track, which is mostly sharp curves, on this track, the best record setter, with a time of ten minutes and seven seconds, is said to be a professional racer record, he confessed that if it is not the F1 kind of special modification of the car, anyone, can not run on this track within ten minutes.
With the experience of rock climbing, this racing competition, everyone’s comments are no longer lopsided, of course, tend to Ning a week will win more people, because whether in personal understanding, or flattery, Ning a week’s advantage is too much than a Lin family son-in-law.
First of all, Ning Zhou’s family situation gives him more access to luxury cars, which a door-to-door son-in-law can’t compare to.
Secondly, Ning Zhou’s car skills are notable in the whole Ning Province circle, while a son-in-law? He but a little car skills, but also not to go to a son-in-law.
Third, the vehicle, is also the key to winning the race.
Ning week in this clubhouse, there are three finely maintained racing cars, the performance is quite remarkable.
These three conditions add up to very few people who think Zhang Xuan can win.
The track had a dedicated spectator stand, and at each mileage point, there was also a dedicated person to report on the situation present.
In the preparation stage, Yi Hai took the initiative to show his goodwill to Zhang Xuan, “Brother, Ning’s car for a week is specially modified, with a speed of 1.8 seconds per 100 kilometers, chassis down, and body streamline in line with the standards of this track, even professional racers, if they don’t prepare a good car, they can’t run against him, I can lend you my car.”
Zhang Xuan smiled, “Thanks, but no, I’ll just drive my wife’s car.”
“Drive my car?” Lin Qinghan had a feeling of not coming back, not that she was unwilling to lend her car to Zhang Xuan, it was just that the Mercedes GT, it was really hard to beat the specially modified God of War GTR that Ning had for a week.
A silver-white GTR came out and drew a cheer and screams, and Ning Zhou sat in the driver’s seat, looking at Zhang Xuan with indifferent eyes.
Zhang Xuan took the keys of the Mercedes GT from Lin Qinghan and ran to the parking lot. Soon, a fiery red Mercedes GT entered, a beast worth one million nine hundred and seventy thousand with 4.0T twin turbocharging, but at this time in front of the God of War GTR looked somewhat lackluster.
The modified GTR, not only in terms of engine power, or body stability, including the brakes, completely crushed the Mercedes GT.
When Zhang Xuan drove the Mercedes GT and Ning Zhou’s GTR stopped at the same starting line, once again not many people were optimistic about Zhang Xuan, before some people were thinking that maybe this son-in-law of the Lin family, some skills, but now, even if he has some skills, but Ning Zhou has completely crushed in terms of hardware.
The gap between the sports car and the racing car was as huge as a rift valley.
“Qinghan, if this goes on, your husband will lose for sure!” Jiang Yan some anxious in Lin please Han ear, “your husband is the first time to come, even if he can racing, this track has never touched him, he will feel rusty, and Ning a week is different, this track he has run hundreds of times, each corner, when to hit the direction, he can learn backwards, not to mention the gap between the vehicles. ”
“Good.” Yi Hai also spoke, “Zhang Xuan brother ability is there, but this kind of competition, just personal strength is useless, there must also be hardware strength, today even if the country’s top drivers to drive this Mercedes GT, but also can not run Ning a week.”
“It’s okay.” Lin Qinghan shook her head slightly, she looked at the position of the race start line and spoke lightly, “I have confidence in him.”
A sentence of confidence, so that Jiang Yan and Yi Hai will be the words that will be exported, all swallowed back.
When Lin Qinghan said the word “confident” again, her own body, also filled with a will win the belief, this in the end is how much trust in that man, to produce such an emotion to?
If you ask Lin Qinghan, Lin Qinghan also can not answer this question, she only knows that this man, did not let himself down, never, even in any small thing, he will do perfect.
Zhang Xuan sat in the car, looking at the track in front of him, he had never really touched racing, even the driver’s license was previously given by someone else, but he still remembered that the first time he drove, he ran over countless missiles and killed out of a sea of blood.

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