Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1709

Zhang Xuan could feel that there were a few huge energies around here.
“Lan Yunxiao is here.” Zhang Xuan said.
As soon as Zhang Xuan’s voice fell, Lan Yunxiao’s figure appeared in front of Zhang Xuan and Zhao Ji.
“The Temple of Zeus is broken.” Lan Yunxiao frowned.
Zhao Ji hurriedly asked: “You old fellow from the Ancestral Alliance, our old fellow from the Ninth Game, and the old fellow from the Divine Enchantment, are all here, who went to the Temple of Zeus? Yu Xu? Or the other two. people?”
Lan Yunxiao shook his head, “It’s not Yu Xu. He was seriously injured last time, and the speed of absorbing divine power won’t be too fast. He didn’t have time to pass. The remaining two people didn’t dare to fight. In terms of it, that’s enough. As soon as I received the message, all major forces have sent people to the Temple of Zeus, and there should be results soon.”
Zhao Ji took a deep breath, “This time, the battle for the Temple of Athena is a bit restless.”
Also in a hotel on the side of the road, one person was in a white robe, with gray hair, long beard, and white beard. He looked sixty or seventy years old with a kind face. At this time, there was a smile on his face and he picked it up. With a mahogany walking stick in his hand, he stood up and walked out of the hotel.
Among the crowd on the side of the road, a middle-aged man in the scorching summer, holding a child who appeared to be only half a year old, handed the child to the woman beside him, and said gently: “The Temple of Zeus is open, I want to go there. ”
“I don’t understand.” The woman took the child, “Zhao Ji has gone, why are you still going.”
“Is he?” The man looked at a hotel on the roadside, where the three of Zhao Ji were. He shook his head, “I have to do some things. Zhao Ji is still young. He has other missions.”
“Don’t forget, you have retired early and have a family and children.” The woman stared at the man’s eyes.
The man smiled slightly, “Don’t worry, it’s not that you can’t go back. In this great world, no one can escape, no one can escape. Besides, when the sky is falling, there is still a high support.”
In the palace, in a secret room, a man who was completely hidden in a black robe stood up. He was one meter tall.
“Temple of Athena, so many people are gathered here, interesting, interesting, Lan Yunxiao, I haven’t seen you for so many years, I don’t know how you are growing up, ho ho.” This person laughed and walked out of the secret room.
At the same time, there are people in the rest of the Ancient Kingdom, heading towards the place called the Mount of Athens. The appearance of divine power is an opportunity for many people, and they want to seize this opportunity.
The streets of the ancient country’s main city are still very hot, and people are completely unaware of what is happening now, and they are still in the joy of the celebration.
On the faraway Mount of Athens, a great battle is already brewing.
There are three people climbing in three different directions.
And Zhang Xuan and the three people are in the fourth direction. On the way to the mountain, everyone is well aware that the war is coming and the sacred mountain of Athens represents not only the ability to gain strength, but also the status of the major forces. But everyone is also very clear that this will not be a life-and-death battle. The inheritance of the power of the twelve gods in the West is just the beginning. The real feast is to follow.
At the same time, many forces are also converging in this direction.
It was only on the way of climbing. Above the sacred mountain of Athens, there was already dark clouds and a depressed atmosphere spreading over the entire mountain.
“Damn, I always feel that at this time, I should insert a hand in bgm.” Zhao Ji complained on the way up the mountain, “And I think, the three of us, are there fewer people, a little not enough, just want to be crazy, but After that battle, he also disappeared.”
Lan Yunxiao said, “They are not monolithic. This time, we just do what we can, and we don’t have to force it.”
Zhang Xuan looked at the top of the mountain with firm eyes, “I need these strengths.”
The battle with Yuxu and the battle with Duan Jiulong made Zhang Xuan clearly feel that he was lacking in strength. Although he would not lose, he was always held down in the fight. Fighting with these people, Zhang Xuan’s advantage in combat experience was lost. Wucun, whether it is Yuxu or Duan Nine Dragons, their combat experience is far superior to Zhang Xuan. To reach their current level, there is no one who has not been tempered in life and death.
Moreover, Zhang Xuan discovered that the divine power can directly supplement the divine orb. Now, although Zhang Xuan has only found one point about the efficacy of the divine orb, it is strong enough to directly double the strength. If the energy of the divine orb is supplemented, it may be possible. It may unlock other abilities.
Moreover, the fairy lotus was still short of the last color. Zhang Xuan had a hunch that if the seven battle spirits of the fairy lotus were gathered together, other changes might occur. Now the fairy lotus and the divine bead were Zhang Xuan’s biggest backing.
Everything seems to be only one step away, but such a step, the gap in it, is very different.
The three of them went all the way up, and there were also people in the other three directions, heading for the top of the mountain.
A hundred meters away from the top of the mountain, the six war spirits had already appeared behind Zhang Xuan, and at a distance of 70 meters from the top of the mountain, Zhang Xuan held the purple sword in his hands.
Zhao Ji took out the Kanglong mace, and dark clouds rolled in the air.
Lan Yunxiao held the Qiushui long knife, and the blue light condensed behind him.
At a distance of fifty meters from the top of the mountain, the Yinyue Domain descended, and the sun also appeared.
Twenty meters away from the top of the mountain, in the dark clouds in the sky, a black dragon is vaguely rolling.
Ten meters from the top of the mountain, behind Zhang Xuan, a black hero appeared, holding a pitch-black sickle, like a god of death.
At this ten-meter distance, Zhang Xuan’s momentum skyrocketed for every one meter he stepped out. When he walked ten meters away, Zhang Xuan’s momentum had already risen to the extreme.
And just after taking the last step, Zhang Xuan also saw the other three figures.
On the top of the mountain, a total of six people cast their eyes at each other.
Lan Yunxiao wiped his hand with a long sword in the Mid-Autumn Festival, watching the man hidden in the black robe.
“This, leave it to me.”
Zhao Ji looked at the middle-aged man in the scorching summer.
“This, let me do it.”
Zhao Ji’s words fell, his hand trembled, and Zhao Ji raised his head.
“I’ll go! Make peace with him!”
After Zhao Ji finished speaking, he held his head high and strode away.
And Zhang Xuan was watching the old man in white robe. He didn’t speak. Zhang Xuan couldn’t feel anything about the other person. He seemed to be an ordinary person, but this feeling gave Zhang Xuan even more horror!
In the sky, a flash of lightning flashed, and heavy rain poured down.
At the foot of the mountain, many forces are climbing the mountain, and suddenly heavy rain is pouring down, and terrifying coercion comes from the top of the mountain.
“Above, these are the most powerful people in this world.” A power leader looked up.

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