Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 172

A sentence with you really good, so that the two are in a slight daze.
Lin Qinghan’s pretty face swished red, just that sentence, she did not know how, she blurted out, reached out a hand to cover the small face, did not look at Zhang Xuan, jogged away.
On the way to work, because of the previous sentence, the atmosphere between the two is slightly awkward, the road to speak not a few words, Lin Qinghan even did not even look at Zhang Xuan.
At the downstairs of the company, Zhang Xuan handed the lunch box with lunch to Lin Qinghan.
“Remember to warm it up before eating, I have to go out for business today, I can’t give you a meal at noon.”
Lin Qinghan nodded gently with a sweet red face and said “hmm” before hurrying upstairs with the lunch box.
The manager of Business Department 7, Mr. Chen, called Zhang Xuan early in the morning and asked him how his contact with Hengyuan Trade was going, urging Zhang Xuan to finalize the matter of Hengyuan Trade.
When Zhang Xuan came to Hengyuan Trade and told the receptionist to see Li Meiyi, Li Meiyi still said one word, “Wait.
Ever since Hengyuan Trade obtained the right to blow up mountains, it has become the meat and potatoes of the business community in Yinzhou. As the person in charge of Hengyuan, Qin Rou is also very busy these days, with countless customers to meet and contracts to read every day, but what makes Qin Rou most anxious is still the cooperation with Lin’s. As the leading company in Yinzhou, Lin’s is the most important business.
As the leading enterprise in Yinzhou, Lin’s has a pivotal position in the business world of Yinzhou, and the cooperation with Lin’s is crucial to Hengyuan. However, several days have passed since the agreed time, Qin Rou still has not seen Lin’s people, which makes her slightly anxious.
After thinking about it, Qin Rou called Lin Jianghan. During the phone call, Lin Jianghan clearly told Qin Rou that Lin’s people were already in contact with Hengyuan.
This made Qin Rou puzzled, and she called Li Meiyi specifically. Li Meiyi told Qin Rou that the person sent by Lin’s was very arrogant, ignored himself, and left on the first day he came and dumped the plan, and he asked Lin’s people to change the plan yesterday afternoon, and he didn’t show up even now.
Qin Rou heard Li Meiyi’s words and felt some anger, she thought, Lin’s people do so, is a bit bullying.
After thinking left and right, Qin Rou decided that she would personally go to Lin’s business department and ask this so-called Lin’s salesman what the hell is going on! Although Hengyuan is not as good as Lin’s, but it is not so bullying.
Qin Rou wore a black professional suit, the original long hair was coiled behind her head, the temperament is not like Lin Qinghan that gives a cold feeling, but is more refined, slim professional short skirt, so Qin Rou that long straight legs exposed in the air, tall S-shaped body, attracting the eye, face painted a slight light makeup, adding beauty at the same time, but not lose that plain elegance.
Qin Rou came to the lobby of the company and was just about to walk out the door when her eyes locked on the parlor at the side.
The moment she saw this person, Qin Rou’s heart jumped up.
Qin Rou really did not think that she could see Zhang Xuan here, is he here to find himself?
The moment this thought came out, Qin Rou’s pretty face couldn’t help but float up a sweet red.
The front desk girls at the side were surprised to see the boss suddenly show such a small woman-like look, in their eyes, the boss has always been a strong woman image.
Qin Ruo organized her makeup in some panic and walked towards the meeting room.
The parlor door made a soft sound, and Zhang Xuan looked up, just in time to see Qin Rou, who had just walked in.
“Hello!” Zhang Xuan took the initiative to wave a greeting to Qin Rou.
“I didn’t expect to see you here.” Qin Rou showed a smile, at this moment she was extraordinarily happy in her heart, trying to put on a bland look, “Why didn’t you call me when you came?”
Zhang Xuan smiled: “busy with work, did not think to disturb you, see your company seems to have a lot of things recently.”
Qin Rou was puzzled: “Work-related matters?”
“Well.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “I’m here on behalf of Lin’s, to talk about a business.”
“Lin’s?” Qin Rou felt puzzled, Zhang Xuan’s identity, she had heard something from her teacher, a legendary figure on Wall Street back then, someone who donated billions of figures to the association, how did he have something to do with Lin’s?
“I run business in the Lin’s, this time to find your company manager Li to talk about a cooperation.” Zhang Xuan explained.
Qin Rou opened her big mouth, “You are the businessman?”
Zhang Xuan slightly curious, “You seem to have heard of me?”
“Uh ……” Qin Rou showed a trace of embarrassment, she had planned to go to Lin’s to find that salesman to settle accounts, but did not expect that it was Zhang Xuan, but Qin Rou thought about it, Zhang Xuan should not be so arrogant talent ah.
Qin Rou sat down on the sofa opposite Zhang Xuan, organized the language and said, “I heard from Manager Li that your cooperation seems to be a bit unpleasant.”
“It’s not unpleasant, right?” Zhang Xuan took a sip of water, “but manager Li seems to be quite busy, I came the day before yesterday and waited for her all afternoon, she met me and asked me to leave the plan and left, yesterday came also waited all afternoon, she asked me to revise the plan, the plan has been sent to the front desk, today, manager Li seems to be still busy.”
“Busy?” Qin Rou willow brow frown, she gave Li Meiyi task, the most important, is the cooperation with Lin’s, she is busy again, and what is more important than these things?
Qin Rou waved her hand at the reception desk through the floor-to-ceiling glass of the parlor.
“Mr. Qin, you are looking for me?” The receptionist beauty walked into the parlor and said respectfully.
“Pour a cup of tea for this Mr. Zhang, and also, did Mr. Zhang leave a plan at the reception desk yesterday?” Qin Rou asked.
The receptionist beauty nodded, “Yes Mr. Qin, I have called to inform Manager Li to come and get the plan.”
“Has she taken it?”
“Not yet.” The receptionist beauty shook her head.
“Okay, I got it, go pour the tea.” Qin Rou waved her hand.
After the receptionist beauty left, Qin Rou called Li Meiyi again in front of Zhang Xuan.
“General Qin.” Li Meiyi’s voice rang out over the phone.
Qin Rou glanced at Zhang Xuan and asked over the phone, “Manager Li, have you contacted Lin’s salesman again?”
Qin Rou just asked, the phone came Li Meiyi angry voice, “Qin, speaking of this, really not I Li Meiyi pretentious, I Li Meiyi large and small have been many times customers, but never seen one like Lin’s salesman such, I called him, he did not answer, I sent him a message, I personally go to pick up the plans, he did not return me, it is clear that He doesn’t want to cooperate properly! Mr. Qin, I think you need to negotiate with the person in charge of Lin’s, that Zhang Xuan, is simply too much!”

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