Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 173

Li Meiyi’s voice was excited, if Qin Rou hadn’t met Zhang Xuan today, to change another name, she might have really believed it.
“Okay, Manager Li, I will contact Lin about this, where are you now?”
“Out running business it Mr. Qin.”
“Then you get busy first.” Qin Rou finished speaking and took the initiative to hang up the phone.
Five seconds after Qin Rou hung up the phone, Zhang Xuan’s cell phone ringing suddenly remembered, but it only rang once before being hung up, the caller number, which was Li Meiyi’s number, which made Zhang Xuan’s cell phone an additional missed call from Li Meiyi.
After a few seconds, Zhang Xuan received a text message on his cell phone, also from Li Meiyi, which reads: We have the integrity to cooperate with you, if your company is busy and can not spare manpower, please inform me of the location, I will come to the door to pick up the plans.
Qin Rou is sitting opposite Zhang Xuan, can clearly see the text message sent by Li Meiyi, such a scene, let Qin Rou tightly frowned.
Before Qin Rou could think of how to deal with this matter, she received another message from Li Meiyi on her phone, a screenshot of the phone screen, the screenshot was exactly the same as the text message sent by Li Meiyi to Zhang Xuan, only the time was changed, it was now a quarter past ten in the morning, while the screenshot sent by Li Meiyi to Qin Rou showed the time was nine o’clock in the morning.
Zhang Xuan smiled and said, “It seems that this manager Li seems to have some prejudice against me.”
“I’m sorry.” Qin Rou gave an apologetic look to Zhang Xuan, “I will take care of this matter.”
Qin Rou got up, went to the company reception desk to get the plan, returned to the parlor and opened it carefully, the contents of the plan, some details of the processing, let Qin Rou breathed a sigh of relief, many things, is difficult to think of herself, all marked out, and the content of the cooperation between the two sides, are concise, clear at a glance, in general, this is a plan without any flaws, from the distribution of benefits, to the performance of duties, are absolute win-win situation, including the difficulties that may be encountered in the process of cooperation, as well as the solution are clearly marked, almost no company will refuse such a plan.
“Zhang Xuan, did you write this plan?” Qin Rou’s first thought was of the man in front of her.
Zhang Xuan waved his hand, “Not really, I slightly added some details, after all, I think that the plan can not just envision the good side, the crisis that may be encountered should also be prepared early, this is responsible for both you and me.”
Qin Rou’s eyes gaze, really, although Zhang Xuan only said the details, but precisely this plan, the most admirable, is those details, after throwing away the details, it is just a slightly high-quality plan.
This cooperation, can make Hengyuan and Lin’s tied together, for Hengyuan, is a super good development platform, for Lin’s, can also be used as the largest expansion channel in the future.
But such a plan, such an important cooperation, Li Meiyi did not even look at it, thinking of this, Qin Rou felt a burst of anger from the bottom of his heart a strong surge.
This Li Meiyi, simply do not put their boss in the eyes, lies at the drop of a hat, as a manager, not put the heart on the development of the company!
Qin Rou panted heavily, “Zhang Xuan, I’m really sorry, your future business, just negotiate with me directly.”
“OK.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “By the way, do you want to know where this manager Li of your company is?”
“You know?” Qin Rou’s eyes widened.
“It’s here.” Zhang Xuan opened a locator from his phone, the coordinates on it, fixed in a life spa, “That manager Li, at 9:30 in the morning, was lying in this life spa, want to go together to see?”
“Good.” Qin Rou did not hesitate, “I’ll get the car.”
Qin Rou’s car, or the BMW Five Series that reflects the beach gold.
Qin Rou drove, Zhang Xuan sat in the passenger seat, and the two did some small talk.
Qin Rou asked Zhang Xuan with some curiosity, “How come you ran Lin’s as a salesman.”
Zhang Xuan hands on the back of the head, a face indifferent said, “My wife asked me to go.”
The BMW 5 Series that was driving on the road suddenly jerked its direction and almost hit the roadside stones.
“Watch out!” Under the panic, Zhang Xuan hurriedly helped Qin Rou hold the direction, which stabilized the body, Zhang Xuan saw Qin Rou’s face was a little unnaturally pale, “What’s wrong? Is not where uncomfortable? Do you want me to help you look down.”
“Nothing, nothing.” Qin Rou forced out a smile, took a deep breath, fixed his mind, “That …… you got married ah? When did it happen?”
“Well ……,” Zhang Xuan thought for a moment, “a month and twenty-four days ago.”
Qin Rou carefully recalled, that day, is not the day he first met this man in the orphanage, the day he got married, he met him, this is God is deliberately playing tricks on himself?
Qin Rou suddenly became speechless, originally delighted a heart, but now it is silent.
A long time, Qin Rou asked again, “Your wife also works in Lin’s? What do you do.”
“Lin Qinghan, you two should have cooperation in the future.”
“Lin Qinghan!” Qin Rou’s mouth opened wide.
“What’s wrong?” Zhang Xuan asked.
“Nothing.” Qin Rou shook her head, but in her heart she was sighing, Lin Qinghan, surprisingly it was her, and rightly so, looking at the entire city of Yinzhou, apart from a heavenly girl like her, who could be worthy of this man beside her.
The vehicle came to a stop in front of a beauty spa.
In this beauty spa’s premium member’s room, Li Meiyi was lying here beautifully, her cell phone on the side, enjoying a facial treatment.
Her sister Zhong Qi was lying next to her, enjoying the same, “Sis, what do you think will happen to the one named Zhang?”
“What? He must have been expelled, what else can happen?” Li Meiyi asked rhetorically, “You just wait, at most another day, that boy is absolutely finished.”
As soon as Zhang Xuan was mentioned, anger appeared in Zhong Qi’s eyes.
“Sister, this time really thanks a lot, by the way, that bag I had someone take it to your place for me yesterday, you received it, right?”
“Received, look at what you said, between us, let’s not mention thank you or not.” Li Meiyi had a smug face.
Just when Li Meiyi and Zhong Qi were discussing how to humiliate Zhang Xuan next, a voice came from outside the door.
“Madam! This is the VIP lounge, you can’t go in, ma’am, ma’am!”
“Boom!” With a sound, the door of this VIP hall room that Li Meiyi and Zhong Qi were in was pushed open.
Qin Rou stood at the door, looking at Li Meiyi who was lying there enjoying the care.
“Manager Li, this is the client you talked about? If I’m not mistaken, it’s still working hours, right?”

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