Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 175

President Ma this sentence you know Western medicine, but also Zhang Xuan asked a frosty.
Zhang Xuan returned: “A little, why?”
President Ma heard, the tone of voice immediately became elated, he knows Zhang Xuan very well, will be a little, that is proficient, “Great, little master, can you come down to the First People’s Hospital, there is something need your help.”
“There are patients?” Zhang Xuan frowned.
President Ma replied, “Hmm.”
“Okay, I’ll be right there.” Without thinking, Zhang Xuan took a taxi and rushed towards the People’s Hospital.
The saying “A doctor is benevolent” is not just talk, Zhang Xuan will save people if he has the ability, but he does not save everyone, in Zhang Xuan’s heart, there is a set of guidelines of his own.
In the highest level of the underground dark world, there is a saying that the living king of hell to save people, do not look at the money, only look at the fate.
This edge, it has never been Zhang Xuan’s own words.
Some people do not hesitate to throw a thousand dollars, but also can not get this edge, some people, the living king of hell will take the initiative to send the edge.
When Zhang Xuan felt the city hospital, President Ma was waiting anxiously in front of the hospital, as soon as he saw Zhang Xuan get down from the cab, President Ma directly welcomed him.
“Little Master, you’re here, we really have to rely on you this time.”
“What is the patient’s status? What is the condition of the disease?” Zhang Xuan didn’t have any unnecessary nonsense and asked while walking towards the hospital with hurried footsteps.
President Ma followed behind Zhang Xuan and reported like an assistant: “The patient is a female, age twenty-four, a Chinese who came back from an enamel country, there is a malignant tumor growing in the left chest room, connected to the heart, but the medical level in Yinzhou is limited, the patient’s current situation is very dangerous, the tumor makes the patient’s heartbeat slow, now it is impossible to take a plane to a hospital with better facilities, and time does not allowed, the tumor must be removed immediately.”
“Let me see the x-ray image.” As soon as Zhang Xuan reached out, President Ma handed an X-ray chart to Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan took a look, “Cool manifestations of mitral valve lesions, two lung fields are stagnant, the heart border shows mild to moderate increase, the left atrium and right ventricle are enlarged, barium meal of the esophagus can be seen as mild to moderate pressure marks of the esophagus, this is a heart tumor.”
Zhang Xuan’s words made President Ma admire him, just by looking at the X-ray image, he could find these problems, he asked himself that he could not do it at all.
Zhang Xuan returned the X-ray image to President Ma and walked into the elevator, “I need to see the CT image before I can decide whether to operate or not.”
“Okay, I’ll have someone prepare it.” President Ma nodded repeatedly and pressed the eighth floor.
The elevator made a “ding” sound and stopped on the eighth floor.
“Little Master, you go to the conference room first, there are several clinicians there, they know the most about the patient’s condition, I’ll get the chart.” President Ma pointed out the direction of the conference room to Zhang Xuan and then walked towards the opposite place.
Zhang Xuan nodded, all the diagrams, could only serve as an observation, to know the most accurate situation of the patient, the clinician’s advice was the most pertinent.
Zhang Xuan arrived at the door of the conference room, knocked on the door of the conference room, and when he heard the sound of please come in, Zhang Xuan pushed the door and walked in.
In the conference room, three female doctors who all looked to be in their 40s and 50s were sitting at the head of the conference table, while several young doctors were standing aside, constantly recording something.
Zhang Xuan’s appearance caused the people in the conference room to faintly stare, and some of them wondered what this strange young man was doing.
“Chairman Ma asked me to discuss the operation, what is the situation now?” Zhang Xuan asked directly.
“Sorry, you ……” A young doctor was just about to speak when he was interrupted by an older female doctor.
This female doctor, who was also a member of the medical association, had seen Zhang Xuan, and when she saw Zhang Xuan’s appearance, she acted excited, “Young master, I didn’t expect it to be you.”
Seeing this experienced chief surgeon showing such excitement, those young doctors were curious and put their eyes on Zhang Xuan, making some guesses.
Zhang Xuan nodded, “The patient’s condition, describe it to me.”
The female doctor took a deep breath and said, “The current situation, the patient, at most, has to complete the operation within three hours, the malignant tumor in the heart area, resulting in the patient’s body fever, severe anemia, indirect fainting, slow heartbeat, congestive left heart failure, bloody pericardial effusion, pericardial tamponade, the situation is very critical.”
Zhang Xuan frowned and asked again, “What is the condition of the tumor?”
“The tumor is attached to the heart and connected to several blood vessels, in the patient’s case, a slight carelessness, even if it deviates by less than half a centimeter, it may cause hemorrhage and put the patient’s life at risk, the whole hospital, no one dares to do such an operation.”
As he was talking, President Ma brought in some of the films taken earlier.
Zhang Xuan took the films, looked at them a few times, and said directly to President Ma: “Prepare for the operation, I will be the main surgeon, find three people to give me a hand, must be experienced, the process of this operation, must be fast, the process of opening the chest, it is likely that the patient’s heart will suddenly stop.”
“Understood.” President Ma is not only the president of the medical association, but also the president of this hospital, and ordered on the spot, the three experienced main surgeons in this conference room, to give Zhang Xuan a hand.
Three main surgeons to a young man to play hands? This is the first time such a situation has happened in the First People’s Hospital.
The young doctors were curious to see how obedient President Ma was to the young man in front of him.
The patient is now lying in the intensive care ward, and when Zhang Xuan decided to operate, the patient was sent to the operating room in the first place.
The process before the surgery Zhang Xuan is also very clear, sterilization, protective clothing, and so on everything ready, he took three physicians, into the operating room, because the degree of difficulty of this operation, President Ma did not prevent people to come to observe and learn.
Zhang Xuan walked into the operating room, while looking down and organizing the surgical tools, he spoke to the patient, “Take a deep breath, try to relax, how do you feel now?”
A female voice with pain rang out, “Zhang …… Zhang Xuan?”
Zhang Xuan, who was organizing his surgical tools, looked up at the person on the operating table, which took him by surprise.
“Milan! You ……” Zhang Xuan could see that Milan’s delicate face, because of the pain has begun to distort, this girl who usually behaves optimistically and generously, at this time is constantly shaking, the body is in a state of tension at all times.
“Zhang Xuan, I …… I hurt ……” Milan clenched his white teeth, dense sweat appeared on her forehead, her hair was all wet with sweat and stuck together.
Zhang Xuan took out a wet towel, helped Milan wipe off the sweat on her forehead, and tried to comfort: “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s a small operation, after the anesthesia, you sleep at ease, after you get up nothing will happen, okay?”

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