Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 176

“I …… I …… I am afraid ……” Milan’s eyes could not help but flush red, tears were swirling in her bright eyes.
Before, the doctor told Milan about the degree of difficulty of this operation, at that time Milan felt afraid, and did not know who to confide in, now seeing Zhang Xuan, she could no longer stop her tears and came out of her eyes.
“Not afraid, it doesn’t hurt, you know, you sleep in peace.” Zhang Xuan placed one hand on Milan’s cheek to give her comfort, and the other hand greeted the doctor who came in with him.
That doctor met, prepared the anesthetic, and began to inject Milan.
The highly effective medical anesthetic can put the patient into a comatose state in a very short period of time.
After the anesthetic was injected, the shaking of Milan’s body gradually calmed down and her tense muscles began to relax, she felt her eyelids were heavy, and after seeing Zhang Xuan gently pulling her hospital gown away, she could no longer suppress that exhaustion and passed out.
“Scalpel, hemostatic cotton!”
“Speed up!”
“Tell me the data!”
Zhang Xuan’s voice rang out quickly and steadily, his speed was fast, but every step was steady.
“No, it’s close to the heart next, the instruments can’t see clearly!” A female doctor made an anxious voice.
When doing some intra-thoracic surgery, the most fearful thing was that the instruments could not see clearly, so the main surgeon would have a hard time knowing what was going on inside the patient’s body and would have no way to start.
“No need for instruments.” Zhang Xuan took off his gloves, his hands were sterilized and free of any bacteria, “Hemostatic cotton, plenty, give me the cutter and observe the patient’s breathing.”
“Too much blood loss! Breathing is weak!” The doctor looked at the data coming from the instrument and his brow furrowed.
This surgery, there are a total of two difficult hurdles to kef.
First, the removal of the tumor, which was connected to the heart and at the same time close to several large tubes, the slightest carelessness in the process of removal would cause heavy bleeding in the patient’s body.
Secondly, the blood loss in the process of opening the chest, the patient’s hematopoietic function decreases, once the opening time is too long, the patient’s life will be in danger.
In short, this is a super difficult surgery that requires a combination of speed and precision, and almost no one dares to say that they are sure to make this surgery a success.
With the assistance of instruments, the main surgeon can clearly see the situation inside the patient’s body and perform tumor removal, but if the instruments cannot see the situation inside the patient’s body, it is up to the surgeon’s hands.
Through the physician’s sense of touch, to feel the position of those large tubes close to the heart, to carry out tumor removal, such difficulty, just to assist Zhang Xuan, made those three experienced female doctors feel alarmed, even less than half a centimeter of deviation, will cause serious consequences.
Time passed, Zhang Xuan breathed evenly, he closed his eyes, and his hands moved steadily and quickly.
Outside the operating room, President Ma and a group of other doctors were waiting anxiously.
After one hour and seven minutes, the red light on the operating room converted to green.
The door of the operating room opened, and President Ma and the others gathered around the first time.
An experienced female doctor was the first to walk out.
“How is it?” President Ma asked anxiously, with worry in his eyes.
“Miracle! It’s simply a miracle! Breathtaking, I believe that if this operation could be recorded today, it would definitely go down in medical history! His technique is more standard than the most precise machine, without a single deviation! The operation was a success!”
These last four words caused a cheer to ring out in front of the operating room door.
Zhang Xuan walked out of the operating room, wiped his sweat, and smiled, “President Ma, it was a pleasure.”
“Little master! Admiration! I really admire it!” President Ma excitedly gave a thumbs up, as an experienced doctor, the difficulty of this surgery, without going to do, just listening, you know how difficult, and in the actual operation process, there will be unexpected accidents, but just like this, Zhang Xuan was able to finish the surgery in one hour, which is beyond President Ma’s reach!
When Milan woke up, she found herself lying on a neat hospital bed, a feeling of weakness came over her, Milan couldn’t use all her strength, she could only slightly twist her head and saw Zhang Xuan sitting by the bed, looking at herself with a smile on his face.
“Awake? Are you thirsty?” Zhang Xuan picked up a cup of warm water.
Milan shook her head with a pale face, her mouth slightly open, “Am I well?”
“Yes, the tumor was successfully removed, do you want to see it? It’s quite cute looking.” Zhang Xuan joked.
“Forget it.” Milan tried to squeeze out a smile, “What time is it?”
“Four o’clock in the afternoon.” Zhang Xuan patted his butt and stood up from the chair next to the hospital bed, “Okay, it’s good that you’re awake, you’re still weak, rest more, I’ll bring Qinghan to see you later, tell us about you, something so big happened and you didn’t tell us, I haven’t seen you in the past few days, I thought you were missing.”
“Don’t!” A touch of panic appeared on Milan’s face, “Don’t tell Qinghan, I’m afraid she’s worried.”
“It’s okay, it’s out of danger, you’re just losing too much blood now, you’re a little weak, I tried to cut the wound as small as possible during the surgery, you’ll recover quickly, I’ll boil another pair of medicine for you, drink it and rest for two days and then you can get out of bed, you can sleep some more.” Zhang Xuan put the cup of warm water on Milan’s bedside and inserted a straw into the cup, “Try to drink some water, close your eyes and lie down for a while.”
“Mm.” Milan nodded.
Zhang Xuan left the ward after giving two more cautions.
When Zhang Xuan left, Milan moved slowly to pull open her hospital gown, and when she saw the foot-long wound on the left side of her chest, she blushed slightly unnaturally.
Although there is no distinction between men and women between doctors and patients, but Milan has always known Zhang Xuan, inevitably feel a little embarrassed.
After Zhang Xuan left the ward, he first found President Ma, asked him for a few pairs of herbs, and borrowed a casserole for some boiling, and by the time things were done, it was already 5:30 pm.
When Lin Qinghan was not off work, Zhang Xuan ran to the market to buy some tonic, then carried a chicken, carrying a large bag of vegetables, came to the entrance of Lin’s group.
On the resting sofa in the lobby on the first floor of Lin’s Group, a young man wearing a suit, with short hair and a handsome appearance attracted Zhang Xuan’s attention.
What attracted Zhang Xuan was not the youth’s appearance, but the other party’s temperament.
With just a glance, Zhang Xuan could distinguish that this person was definitely an expert, and belonged to the elite first class.
Zhang Xuan observed, from this person’s sitting posture, as well as not time to make small movements can be seen, at the very least and the sharp edge of that small captain Jin Xin has the same strength.
Such a person, come to Lin’s for what?

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