Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 177

When Zhang Xuan was wondering, he saw Lin Qinghan walking out from the elevator, the woman was that radiant whenever she appeared, the moment he saw Lin Qinghan, the corner of Zhang Xuan’s mouth unconsciously revealed a smile.
At the same time, the young man who was sitting on the resting sofa, also stood up, straightened the buttons of his suit in front of him, and then walked towards Lin Qinghan with big steps.
“Qing Han, long time no see, you are still so beautiful.” The youth’s voice was loud and carried a kind of magnetism that made people feel comfortable to listen to.
“Nantian, what brings you here?” Lin Qinghan showed an unexpected expression.
“I’m on vacation and just came back today, so I wanted to see you.” Nantian did not hide his adoration in his words in the slightest.
Behind Nan Tian, also followed by a young man, age and Nan Tian looks about the same age, also more than twenty years old, he spoke loudly, “Lin girl, since you went up to the team after, we South team every day in thinking about you, I have several times secretly see, South team giggling at your picture, if I say, you hurry and South team to determine the relationship, when our sister-in-law It also saves the South team every day, not thinking about the meal.”
“Xiao Chen, what are you talking about!” Nantian reproachful glance at the youth behind himself.
The youth who was called Xiao Chen hastily covered his mouth, with a smirk in his eyes.
Nantian put his eyes on Lin Qinghan again, “Qinghan, if there’s nothing to do, let’s have dinner together tonight, last time I heard Milan say she also returned to China, we haven’t gotten together for a long time.”
“Sorry, I don’t have time tonight.” A sudden voice interrupted Nantian’s words, Zhang Xuan walked over with a gloomy face, “We have something tonight.”
“You are?” With confusion, Nantian asked Zhang Xuan.
“Introduce yourself, Zhang Xuan, I’m Qing Han’s husband.” Zhang Xuan walked to Lin Qinghan’s side and deliberately declared, “The licensed kind.”
Nantian’s handsome face faintly froze, and his eyes looked at Lin Qinghan with incredulity, “Qinghan, you’re married?”
Lin Qinghan nodded with a somewhat embarrassed face, “Tied the knot, but no one was notified.”
“Miss Lin, how did you get married?” Xiao Chen looked furious, he looked at Zhang Xuan with anger in his eyes, “This person, how can he compare with our Nan team?”
Now, Nan Tian is wearing a decent suit, tall, handsome, the Rolex in his hand represents his considerable fortune, standing there like a type of man walking in the show, emitting glory.
Look at Zhang Xuan, the suit is bought casually, just busy after surgery, sweating, hair are stuck together, look a little sloppy, carrying the cilantro and whole chicken, looks like a housewife general.
The two in the image, there is a world of difference between the gap.
Listen to Xiao Chen’s words, Zhang Xuan immediately displeased, he held his head, “You kid to pay attention to my speech ah, or do not blame me to beat you!”
“Beat me up?” Xiao Chen gave a disdainful laugh and squeezed his fist, “Well, you try it and see who beats who!”
“Xiao Chen, come on!” Nantian turned around with an unhappy face and glared at Xiao Chen, then reached out to Zhang Xuan and said, “Mr. Zhang, nice to meet you, I’m Nantian, I grew up with Qinghan, so I can be considered a childhood friend.”
“Oh.” Zhang Xuan rolled his eyes and didn’t bother with Nan Tian’s outstretched hand, “Sorry ah Nan what, I’m carrying the dishes here.”
“Zhang Xuan!” Lin Qinghan gave Zhang Xuan a reproachful look, then smiled apologetically at Nan Tian, “Sorry, Zhang Xuan his character is like this, a little out of the way, don’t take offense.”
“It’s okay.” Nantian didn’t care and put his hand back, “Mr. Zhang is true to his nature, today is also a coincidence, why don’t I be the host and have a dinner together?”
Lin Qinghan laughed, “It’s better for me to be the host, your first day back, consider it a reception for you.”
“Don’t, I don’t have time to go for dinner today.” Zhang Xuan spoke again.
Standing behind Nan Tian, Xiao Chen once again could not help but speak out, “I say the surname Zhang, you do not give face to shame ah, I Nan team called you up, is on the face of Miss Lin, you do not get ahead of yourself!”
“Said no time, is no time, to date about your wife to go, get lost!” Zhang Xuan impatiently waved his hand.
“You!” Little Chen’s face showed anger, just about to speak, was interrupted by Nantian.
Nantian held a smile, “Mr. Zhang, being a man can’t be too petty, I’ve been friends with Qinghan for so many years, and haven’t seen him for so long, just a meal, you wouldn’t have any uneasiness about Qinghan, right?”
“South team, this kid is not uneasy about Miss Lin, but has no confidence in himself ah, look at him like that, wearing cheap clothes, hair messy like a chicken nest, sloppy, what the hell, yuck!” Xiao Chen had a disdainful face.
“Nantian, we do have something to do today, why don’t we make an appointment another day.” Lin Qinghan suddenly spoke.
“Okay, another day then.” Nantian saw that Lin Pleasehan had said so, so it was no good to insist, “I’m in Yinzhou all this time, feel free to contact.”
“Okay.” Lin Qinghan nodded.
“Then we’ll leave first, see Qing Han some other time.” Nan Tian waved his hand at Lin Qinghan, straightened his clothes, and walked with big steps towards Lin’s main entrance.
Xiao Chen glared at Zhang Xuan, made a gesture of wiping his neck at Zhang Xuan, followed behind Nantian and ran out quickly.
When Nantian and Xiao Chen left the mouth, Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan and frowned, “Aren’t you going a bit too far, Nantian and I, just ordinary friends, having a meal together, no big deal, right?”
“Is really no time, you quickly come home with me to make the soup, and then go see Milan.” Zhang Xuan also walked with big steps towards Lin’s gate and came to the parking lot.
Lin Qinghan chased him to the parking lot and opened the car door while wondering, “To see Milan?”
“Hmm.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “Milan had a heart surgery and is lying in the hospital, so make her a soup to replenish her blood.”
“Heart surgery!” When Lin Qinghan heard this, her pretty face suddenly changed, “What heart surgery, how come Milan didn’t tell me!”
“Heart tumor, she was afraid that you were worried, so she did not say, if not for the difficulty of the operation, President Ma gave me a call, I did not even know about it.” Zhang Xuan explained.
Lin Qinghan sat in the car and asked with a worried face, “So how is it now?”
“It’s fine, I did the surgery on her, the tumor was all removed, she is just weak now, when the wound heals in a few days, she will be able to get off the ground.”
Hearing Zhang Xuan say so, Lin Qinghan sent a sigh of relief, no longer blame Zhang Xuan, with than to see Milan than blue, and Nantian dinner is not important at all.
Driving road, at a traffic light, Lin Qinghan stopped the car, turned his head to look at Zhang Xuan, “that …… me and Nantian, nothing.”

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