Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 178

“Hm?” Zhang Xuan let out a puzzled cry, he really didn’t expect that Lin Qinghan would say such a sentence.
He looked at Lin Qinghan, “Why are you telling me this?”
“Just don’t want you to misunderstand.” In front of the intersection lights change, Lin Qinghan looked ahead, while driving while saying, “Nantian his family, and my grandfather’s generation knew each other, before he was in the army when I happened to be there to talk business, went to see him once, their army people like to joke about me and him, in fact, he and I are just ordinary friends.”
Zhang Xuan nodded and did not say anything.
Lin Qinghan saw Zhang Xuan like this, thought Zhang Xuan was sulking, and did not say anything further.
In fact, Zhang Xuan was jealous.
Back home, Lin Qinghan changed into a clean sportswear, and packed some clothes, and after Zhang Xuan finished the soup, he rushed to the hospital with Zhang Xuan.
In the hospital room, Lin Qinghan saw Milan’s pale face lying on the hospital bed, tears flowed out with a swish.
“Why are you crying?” Milan looked at Lin Qinghan’s pearly appearance and cried and laughed.
Lin Qinghan was full of blame: “You damned girl, you didn’t tell me such a big thing happened, if Zhang Xuan didn’t tell me, are you going to hide it from me all the time?”
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public, such as the Internet, the Internet, and the Internet. ”
Hearing Milan say so, Lin Qinghan blushed, subconsciously looked at Zhang Xuan beside him, Zhang Xuan is sitting there, carefully peeling an apple.
Zhang Xuan cooked a meal for three in the evening, and he and Lin Qinghan ate with Milan at the hospital, and Milan was full of praise for Zhang Xuan’s cooking skills.
“Zhang Xuan, when I get well, you can teach me to cook?” Milan looked at the bottom of the chicken soup in the insulated lunch box, but also some unsatisfied bar mouth.
“Okay, say that friend of yours, what is called Li Ke, where did he go?”
“I’m also afraid that she knows this thing, lulled her travel to go, this Niko back in two days to know, it is estimated to have to scold me.” Milan shook his head.
“Scold you as you should!” Lin Qinghan stretched out a jade finger and nodded hard at Milan’s head, “You should have informed us about this earlier, when you were well, I had to fix you!”
“Cut!” Milan rolled her eyes, “When I’m well, it’s not sure who we’re going to fix.”
Lin Qinghan chatted with Milan in the ward for a long time, and when they finished talking, it was already dark outside.
“Okay Qing Han, you and Zhang Xuan go back quickly, don’t stay here at night.” Milan looked at the time and waved his hand to hurry Lin Qinghan away.
“How can that be.” Lin Qinghan shook her head, “I have to stay and take care of you at night.”
“It’s better to go, let her stay alone.” Zhang Xuan spoke, “Milan is now just a little weak, both hands and feet can move, the most important thing is to rest well, we are here, but also affect her, tomorrow I will bring her food, you do not have to worry about it.”
Lin Qinghan saw Zhang Xuan said so, can only give up the idea of spending the night here with Milan, after all, Zhang Xuan is a professional in this area, she packed up her things, “then okay, Milan, I will see you tomorrow, you rest well, if there is anything first call us.”
“Mm.” Milan nodded and waved her hand at Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan, “You guys go now.”
After waiting for the two to leave, Milan’s face was a bit complicated, this time seeing Zhang Xuan, she always felt a bit strange, the wound next to her left breast, always reminding herself of something.
After leaving the hospital and seeing Milan in good condition, Lin Qinghan’s breath was finally relieved, “Zhang Xuan, thank you so much, Milan is my best friend, if not for you, I really don’t know what to ……”
“Thank me for what?” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.
Legal husband?
When Lin Qinghan heard these four words, her whole body froze for a moment and twisted her head to look at the man beside her.
Yes, he is my legal husband, if we talk about the relationship, it should be the most intimate two people in the world, why would he still act so polite, is it because, he has never treated him as his own husband?
Walking to the car, Lin Qinghan just took out the car keys, thought for two seconds, and then put the keys back into the bag.
“Zhang Xuan, no more driving, let’s both walk.”
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan nodded indifferently.
Now it is 10 pm, it is very dark, but in Yinzhou City, the road lighting conditions are not bad, it is summer, green willows, walking on the road, feeling extra refreshing.
Lin Qinghan small hand behind his back, kicked a small stone in front of him.
“Zhang Xuan, where is your family from ah? How come I’ve never heard you mention your family?” Lin Qinghan pretended to ask unintentionally, in the process of her asking this question, it means that she started to want to take the initiative to understand this man.
“My family, huh?” Zhang Xuan laughed a little, “My father and my mother divorced long ago, he does not exist in my memory, my mother left when I was fourteen, so you did not hear me mention it.”
“Ah!” Lin Qinghan’s small mouth opened wide and her eyes were full of apologies, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to ……”
“It’s okay.” Zhang Xuan indifferently waved his hand, “Time has passed for so long, I have long since gotten used to it and put it down, my family used to live there.”
Zhang Xuan reached out and pointed to the distance, “that old town, but now long ago repaired no, and so my mother died, I ran outside to break into the world.”
Lin Qinghan some silence, although Zhang Xuan words easy, but the hardships, Lin Qinghan can feel.
A person, at the age of fourteen without a father and mother, no one to take care of, alone, this is easy to say, and how many people can do?
Zhang Xuan looked up at the sky, where the moon hung in the sky, he took a deep breath, “God is fair, what takes away from you, will give you what, I grew up without a stable home, but have seen more of the magic of the world, but also some special encounters, in general, I do not have much regret, to say the most regrettable thing, is not Let my mother see me marry my daughter-in-law.”
Zhang Xuan teeth bared.
Lin Qinghan’s pretty face because of Zhang Xuan’s words, the red more powerful.
The two walked on the road, Lin Qinghan took the initiative to chat about other topics, she had never chatted with Zhang Xuan so much, and suddenly found that Zhang Xuan and himself have a lot in common.

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