Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 181

Seeing this middle-aged man, Han gentle spoke directly, “Section Chief Li, I am Han gentle of the city’s criminal investigation team.”
“Captain Han, come in and talk.”
Section chief Li waved his hand at the sentry and let Han gentle and Lin Qinghan walk into the compound.
Section Chief Li took the two women to his office, made a cup of tea for the two women, and then asked, “Captain Han, your master just called me, you came because of the one who was arrested today?”
“Not bad.” Han said bluntly, “As far as I know, he was arrested by you for intentional injury, right? This matter should be under the control of our police, I came, just to take the person away.”
The chief’s face is dark, “Captain Han, I’m afraid this is not possible, this period of time, it is the time to vigorously eliminate evil, to mention or not to mention people, you do not count, you must need the documents of the Department, otherwise I can not give you the person.”
“What sweep the black and eliminate evil!” Lin Qinghan slapped the table, “My husband was wrongly accused!”
“Your husband? This lady is?” Section Chief Li looked at Lin Qinghan and asked curiously.
“This is the president of the Lin Group, the current spokesperson of the Lin family in Yinzhou, Ms. Lin Qinghan.” Han tenderly said Lin Qinghan’s identity on purpose, just to put pressure on Section Chief Li.
If placed in normal times, Lin Qinghan’s identity would indeed make Section Chief Li feel pressure.
But today was different, Section Chief Li was doing exactly what Ning Zhou wanted, and all the things, there was Ning Zhou holding the top, he was not afraid at all.
“Ms. Lin, right, your husband is not wrongly accused, that has to have evidence to do, our people saw with their own eyes, your husband will be the victim of injuries, and the hospital identification results have come out, belong to the second degree of disability, this matter, have to slowly investigate, before the results of the investigation, your husband must stay well here with us.”
Han took a deep breath, took out his cell phone, and played a video out.
“Chief Li, look carefully, it was this man who attacked my husband with a knife first, and my husband resisted.”
Section Chief Li looked at the video, then shook his head and said, “Ms. Lin, as far as the video is concerned, the victim did not cause any damage to your husband, instead, your husband injured the other party.”
Lin Qinghan’s face turned red with anger, “Did he take a knife to stab my husband, and my husband couldn’t resist?”
Section Chief Li shook his head, “Ms. Lin, you should understand my words, the other party did not cause any injury to your husband, how can you prove that he was stabbing your husband? This summer, the lotus pond next to so many mosquitoes, as far as I personally see, I think the victim was killing a mosquito, in the process of attacking the mosquito, was kicked by your husband.”
“You!” Lin Qinghan looked at Section Chief Li, angry and could not say anything, the first time she saw such a shameless person! Now Lin Qinghan also saw that these people, all of them are a gang!
Han tenderly pulled Lin Qinghan’s arm, indicating that Lin Qinghan should not be so excited first, and then went forward to negotiate with Section Chief Li, “Section Chief Li, we want to see Zhang Xuan now, should we be able to?”
“No.” Section Chief Li shook his head.
“Why?” Han tenderly wondered, “As far as the normal procedure is concerned, we have every right to see him.”
Section Chief Li replied, “We don’t have this rule here, Captain Han, if you want to bring people away, then bring the documents from the provincial department, if you simply want to see people, please go back, it’s already giving your master face to let you in today.”
Han gentle frowned, “Chief Li, are you sure you want to do this? Have you ever considered the consequences of acting in such an unruly manner?”
“Consequences?” Section Chief Li gave a laugh and asked rhetorically, “Captain Han, are you threatening me? I’m going to take a break, you two go ahead!”
Section Chief Li walked to the office door and pulled it open.
Section Chief Li’s attitude, the two women were angry, the two women looked at each other, and did not say anything more, and left Section Chief Li’s office.
After leaving the military compound, Han gentle sat in the car, and her face was all helpless.
“Ms. Lin, I, Han Gentleman, am light and limited in my ability to help you this far, it is already clear that someone is behind all this.”
“I know.” Lin Qinghan’s eyes were red, a determined look shone in her eyes, “I will not let anything happen to him, for sure!”
In the military area confinement room.
There was darkness all around, no sound, only the sound of one’s own breathing could be heard clearly, the ground was cold, there were water stains everywhere, there was no place to even sit, one could only stand there.
Every time the feet move, the water stains on the ground will make a soft sound, this sound as if it can bring people into the boundless darkness.
Zhang Xuan, at this moment, is stepping lightly, making the water under his feet make a light sound, he himself is also humming light music, such an environment, simply can not cause him a little impact.
Time gradually passed.
Eight o’clock in the morning, the capital of China.
The Minister of Security had just finished his meeting and came to his office.
Just after entering the office door, the Minister of Security flinched at the door.
“Close the door.” A middle-aged beautiful woman dressed in sexy, sultry clothes was sitting on the office chair belonging to the Minister of Security.
The security minister’s nerves were tense in an instant, he knew very well how high the security level of his office was, to be able to sit in his office so silently, it was enough to imagine how terrifying the middle-aged woman in front of him was, he closed the office door, stared at the other party and said in a deep voice: “What kind of person are you, you should know the consequences of what you did, you are inviting for you and the organization behind you, the destruction!”
“Is that so? Destroy us?” The middle-aged woman laughed lightly and casually threw out a black card, on which was the fanged ghost face mask.
When he saw the card, the security minister’s face suddenly changed, “There is an agreement between us, you are ready to unilaterally tear up the agreement by doing this? You must be clear, what you will bear, is the wrath from the countries of the world!”
The beautiful woman stretched out her long legs, outlined with flesh-colored stockings, resting on the security minister’s desk, “the world’s anger, we can withstand, but the question is, you can withstand our anger? Also, it wasn’t us who unilaterally tore up the agreement, it was you!”
“What do you mean!” The security minister frowned.
“Our people, arrested by the military district of Ning Province for no reason, slander, frame-up, and so on and so forth I will not say, within four hours, I want to see a satisfactory result, otherwise the war, can not blame us set off.” The beautiful woman took out a lady’s cigarette from her pocket, held it in her mouth and lit it, took a deep breath, and slowly exhaled.
“Ning Province!” Security Minister gaze, this nearly a month’s time, Ning Province has been three times, all by the other side directly to find themselves here!

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