Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 183

Two strong lights were on, even standing outside, Ning could not see straight for a week.
Zhang Xuan still sat on the interrogation chair, closed his eyes and acted calmly.
A total of five lights in a row turned on, the intense light, so that through the glass of Ning week are a little unable to see the situation inside.
After experiencing the previous twelve hours of darkness, suddenly faced with these, a person will let out a scream, the spirit was directly crushed, but Zhang Xuan remained silent, did not say a word.
Such a situation puts Ning in an extraordinarily unpleasant mood for a week.
He did not only want to see how miserable Zhang Xuan was, he also wanted to hear Zhang Xuan’s screams, begging for mercy, that would be the most pleasant sound in this world.
That night, the scene where he flipped the car, the scene where he left in disgrace under the watchful eyes of many people, all made Ning Zhou feel like he would go crazy at any moment!
Ning Zhou gritted his teeth fiercely, “Open another one!”
Section Chief Li’s expression was frozen and reminded, “Young Ning, if you open it again, it’s likely that someone will be killed.”
“Open!” Ning week look crazy, he must hear Zhang Xuan’s miserable scream today.
The sixth light came on, the kind of intense light that made people wonder if they would be blinded if they walked inside and faced these lights directly.
However, the result still did not satisfy Ning week, he still did not hear Zhang Xuan’s screams and sounds of pain.
This feeling, as if the stored power punch on a ball of cotton, let Ning a week extra hard.
“Full opening! Open all the way! I want him to die!” Ning Zhou shouted madly, this time he did not wait for Chief Li to make any move, he himself walked forward and turned on all eight lights.
When all eight lights were on, people standing outside could no longer see what was going on inside, from a distance, it looked like a white light, like the sun falling on the ground, impossible to see directly, emitting intense heat!
Ning week panting heavily, his face is full of madness.
“Surnamed Zhang, you’re finished! It’s over! Hahahaha!”
Ning Zhou was laughing wildly outside.
Zhang Xuan, who was sitting in the interrogation room, was lying on all fours in the interrogation chair, already making snoring sounds.
The distance between the capital and Yinzhou City was nearly 1,200 kilometers, which took about two hours.
At 11:30 p.m., the phone in the office of Ning Changhe, the head of the military district of Ning Province, was about to explode, one by one, the big shots from the capital, each one of them, could make Ning Changhe dressed up, like a new recruit, standing at the gate of the military district to meet.
And this time a total of eight big shots came, making Ning Changhe feel flustered in his heart.
At twelve noon, Ning Changhe stood in the middle of the military compound, looking at the eight helicopters hovering overhead, and before they landed, he had already saluted and waited.
Outside the interrogation room.
Ning stood for a week outside the brightly lit interrogation room, doing the talking to himself.
“Surnamed Zhang, what do you think you are, that you can fight with me, Ning Changhe? I was born high and mighty, and you? Born poor, as a son-in-law! I have countless ways to make you die, I want to see you lying before me like a dog, wagging your tail and begging for mercy!”
“Don’t worry, after you go crazy, I will take good care of your wife, I will touch every piece of her skin, I will let you see how I get her!”
“Do you know that since I was a kid, no one has ever dared to make a fool of me in public, and you’re the first one, and I admire your courage! I want you to understand what is an unbridgeable gap, I want you to know that the gap between you and me is heaven and earth!”
Ning week was laughing wildly.
Ever since the last time at the Cheng family manor, Zhang Xuan’s disdain for Ning Zhou, has sown the seeds of hatred in Ning Zhou’s heart, at the private party, Ning Zhou wanted to take revenge on Zhang Xuan then, but in the end, he made a fool of himself, all of these things, Ning Zhou could not accept, now, he was venting his heart’s discontent!
Proud of his birth, let Ning a week from childhood will be extremely swollen inside, a little someone has a little disrespect to him, will make Ning a week feel angry.
Behind Ning Zhou, eight middle-aged men in black Zhongshan suits with red labels on their lapels came over, and Ning Changhe followed behind these eight men, not daring to breathe a word.
When the eight middle-aged men came out, all with guards, when they saw the illuminated interrogation room, and Ning Zhou who was standing in front of the interrogation room cursing, the Chinese security minister directly waved his hand, and his two guards came forward on the spot and held Ning Zhou down.
When Ning took a look at the two men in uniform holding him down, he cursed out, “What the hell are you doing? Open your eyes and see who I am! Ning Military District is our family, you dare to touch me? Let go!”
When the security minister heard Ning Zhou’s scolding, he frowned and looked at Ning Changhe who was following him, “Commander Ning, the son of Ning is really something, when did the military district of Ning province become your family’s?”
“Ning week, you shut up!” Ning Changhe yelled at his son, and then looked at the security minister with a flattering smile, “Leader, my son is talking nonsense, don’t take it to heart.”
The security minister snorted coldly and looked towards the interrogation room, “What are you doing here? There are felons?”
Ning Changhe looked at the interrogation room that was flooded with bright light and was also confused, he put his gaze on Section Chief Li who was on the side.
Section chief Li shivered and nodded his head, “Yes, when patrolling yesterday, I saw a murderer who deliberately injured people and brought it back.”
“Oh, intentionally wounding a murderer, it does not take such a big battle, right?” Another leader from the capital spoke up, “What kind of felon is it that makes you guys engage in such a big psychological offensive, turn off the lights!”
When Section Chief Li heard this, he dared not hesitate and hurriedly turned off the lights.
As a section chief, he could naturally recognize who the eight people who had arrived were, and each of them, in the whole of China, had a pivotal position, and how dare he not listen to what these people said.
The blinding lights of the interrogation room went out, and the moment the lights went out, the crowd felt that the outdoor colors were dimmed.
In the interrogation room, a person sitting in the interrogation chair, with his eyes closed.
The moment he saw the man in the chair, the security minister’s face changed.
When he was coming, he kept guessing which big shot from that organization was slandered and framed by the Ning Provincial Military District, and now that he saw Zhang Xuan, it gave the security minister a surreal feeling.
As the top leader in charge of the entire Chinese military and police departments, the security minister also knows the underground world, and has also attended some meetings in the underground world and met some big names.
Zhang Xuan, he had met once.
This is a stomp of the foot, the entire underground world, will shake on the role of three shocks.

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