Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1845

This night, the Holy City of Light is still lit up with lights, but those who are interested can already feel that amidst this festive heat, there is always such a chill from time to time.
This night, many people did not fall asleep.
The moon hung up in the sky, and Lin Qinghan stood on the top of the old castle, looking at the crescent moon that day, and muttered: “You have done so much for me, now it is time for me to do something for you.”
Lin Qinghan closed his eyes slightly, and sat cross-legged on the top of this ancient castle, with moonlight shining on her body, and a faint light appeared on Lin Qinghan’s body.
“The blood of the ancestors, it’s time to awaken.” A smile hung from the corner of Lin Qinghan’s mouth. At the same time, a light yellow silk thread emerged from Lin Qinghan’s right wrist, spread to the shoulder, and then to the whole body, on Lin Qinghan’s beautiful face. , Was soon covered by this yellow silk thread.
At the same time, in the garden behind the castle, Cecia with long silver hair stood in the middle of the garden, with blood dripping from her fingertips and falling on the ground, as if performing some kind of ritual.
In the room where Seagod Ter was, he looked at the pale blue long knife on the tabletop, took a deep breath, and made a decision.
This pale blue long knife has been with Poseidon for many years, and just now, when Poseidon picked up the long knife, he saw his body gushing with aura and the long knife in his hand. The village split instantly, and the broken long knife turned into a pale blue. Guanghua, wrapped around the sea god.
Yizhal was sitting on a seat, and he took out a pendant from the front of his neck. This pendant was like a cobra, and the sculpture was lifelike. Among the pair of snake pupils, it was full of fierceness, Yizhal’s hand. He pulled the pendant off his neck with force, saw him open his mouth and swallow the pendant into his mouth, and then swallowed it with difficulty. In the process of swallowing, Yizhal’s face turned red, showing In extremely painful, a black giant python phantom gradually emerged behind Yizhal, hovering over Yizhal.
Under the moonlight, the Moon God was standing in a clearing. She looked up at the sky crescent moon. She was muttering words, and her hand formed a complicated seal. At this moment, the crescent moon in the sky gradually rounded up, the center of the moon god’s eyebrows. , A crescent mark gradually appeared, like a brand on the forehead of the Moon God, the Moon God trembled all over, if you look closely, you will find a layer of frost formed on her body.
Alex’s upper body was as strong as steel pouring. He held a bottle in his hand. When he smashed the bottle in his hand, a ball of flame surged out of the bottle and instantly swept through Alex’s body. X’s complexion was painful, he was trying his best to endure, he couldn’t stand, he was lying on the ground and rolling, strangely, the flame only entangled on Alex’s body and would not have any influence on the surroundings, Alex Unable to bear it, he snorted, his eyes flushed, and finally let out a stern cry, resounding across the night sky.
The redhead who had been hesitant to hear the scream, his eyes showed a firm look. In front of the redhead, there were seven containers. The container was full of blood, and the blood was mixed with different powers.
The red hair opened all the seven containers, looked at the viscous blood, closed his eyes, and drank all the blood into his mouth. A strong smell of blood emanated from the body of the red hair. Behind him, the vision unfolded. , This is the red hair in the late stage of bridge construction, at this moment, open the other shore.
The red-haired vision is particularly weird. This is like a world of blood. Shenhai has completely become a sea of ​​blood. The bridge is made of blood, and the other shore, which is two hundred meters long, is full of blood-red color. The huge figure with two wings, asleep in the middle of the red-haired shore, exuding a powerful breath.
In the basement of the castle, there are countless sophisticated instruments. The future looks at Ferris in front of him with a serious expression, “Ferres, are you sure?”
“Of course.” Ferreth nodded, “Now, only me, like a useless person, the so-called financial resources, in front of these forces, nothing at all, I know that my talent is limited, and in the future, only you can help me. , I also want to join in.”
“Freith, there is no turning back after this step, and the plan I have listed now is just the best result in my imagination. Once you fail, you may never be able to wake up again.” Future performance Is extra solemn.
“I understand.” Ferreth nodded again, “but you can feel that they are not desperate, just do as I said.”
“Okay.” Mirai nodded and took a step to his side.
Behind Mirai, a sophisticated container was placed there, and Ferreth lay down in the container without hesitation.
The container was like a coffin, and the lid was slowly closed. In the future, he glanced at Ferreth in the container and pressed the start button.
Numerous thin tubes are inserted around the chamber, and flowing molten metal is poured into the chamber through these thin tubes.
Ferreth’s miserable cry sounded, the molten metal was extremely hot, and when it was poured into the chamber, it immediately plunged into Ferreth’s body. This kind of piercing pain was unimaginable.
In the miserable cry of Ferreth, Mirai turned and looked at a ball of light.
The reason why the future is called the future is because of this ball of light. The technological power she has gained in the ball of light allows her to lead the world for fifty years. This secret is known to very few people, but the most important thing. The thing is, what she will get from this ball of light in the future is only a small part of this ball of light. This time, she will explore this ball of light again.
At the beginning, the future mentioned to Zhang Xuan that he wanted to touch this ball of light, but Zhang Xuan completely stopped it. The stuff contained in it was too large. Touching it at will may cause irreparable damage to the future brain. But this time, There is no choice in the future.
Everyone on Guangming Island, facing tomorrow, all took out their trump cards. They are making adequate preparations. Tomorrow’s battle will be either life or death!
That night, the moonlight was exceptionally deserted, and there was a murderous air, which had spread in the night sky.
In the early morning, the first ray of sunlight was shining, and a hot and festive atmosphere spread out amidst the sound of firecrackers. Bai Chi was wearing a red robe and a big red flower on his chest, ready to welcome his bride.
The guests also came to the castle early, took out the prepared gifts, and waited for the wedding.
“Let’s go!” Outside the Holy City of Guangming, the emperor looked at the bright sky, with endless black air glowing behind him.
Divine Recluse, Returning to the Ancestral League, Hall of Heroes, the mighty team, following behind, everyone with murderous intent on their faces.
Not far from the Holy City of Light, Zhang Xuan looked at the six people in front of him and said: “You have followed me all the way, and finally you are willing to show up.”

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