Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1847

In the east of the city, the Shenyinhui led by the old man Hehua was also on the offensive.
“Shen Hui? Protoss? Come on, I’ve already wanted to see it!”
The seagod’s figure appeared at the east gate of the city. At this time, the seagod’s hand had no longer seen the pale blue long knife that had accompanied him for many years. Instead, it was a stream of water!
It was a trickle, pinched in the hands of the Seagod. Although it was a trickle, it exuded incomparably fierce power!
In the north of the city, the trident in the hands of Broken Nine Dragon releases the power of inheritance from the sea god. Just when Broken Jiulong was about to take action on the city gate, a phantom of a poisonous snake appeared behind Broken Jiulong’s head, and the poisonous snake opened its blood basin. With a big mouth, there is no sound, and it bites towards Broken Nine Dragons.
Duan Jiulong was totally unaware of the approach of the viper behind him.
“Dare!” A thunderous hoar sounded, it was the Protoss’s late stage that made the move, and the violent aura swept toward the poisonous snake.
Duan Jiulong only then reacted, and his figure suddenly dodged. For that matter, he also broke off an arm.
In the void, Yizhal showed his body with regret, and shook his head helplessly. He didn’t even glance at Jiulong anymore, and looked at the powerful man from the other side of the Protoss.
The dignified gaze of the late Protoss is the strongest man who is hidden in the dark and will launch a fatal blow at any time is the most terrifying.
Yizhal’s figure gradually faded, and the late Protoss Beyonder dynasty dared not move at all.
And Juan Jiulong, who had been frightened, also stood there holding a trident, carefully observing the surroundings, without any movement.
In the holy city of Guangming, Baichi is rushing to the ceremony to marry the bride. Today’s Xia Houqing is all dressed up, especially glamorous.
In the south of the city, the Emperor of Heaven and the Taoist Yuxu walked step by step towards the south gate of the city. There, many people in white clothes were already prepared.
The emperor appeared, facing the many white figures in front of him, the emperor just flicked his fingers slightly, dark clouds in the sky rolled, and a spirit appeared from behind the emperor, floating towards those white figures, and the spirit held a big knife in his hand and slashed towards them. White figure.
The dark clouds were overwhelming, and the Holy City of Light was suddenly shrouded in shadows, and everyone in the city couldn’t help but look up to the sky.
Even Baichi and Xia Houqing, who were about to enter the auditorium, raised their heads and looked up at the sky.
A cold light pierced through the dark clouds, shining down, and the sky was rolling away. A figure came from the deserted light and headed south of the city. The figure was cold and beautiful, with a touch of purple, and with it noble.
“Baichi, be nice to Xiahou, happy newlywed, wait for your wedding wine!”
The voice of the moon god came from the sky, and she stepped toward the south of the city without looking back.
The dark clouds dissipated in this deserted light, and the color of clarity was restored in the holy city of light.
“The bride and groom, please come on stage!” The voice of the master of ceremonies sounded, resounding through the Holy City of Light.
Pease sits in the elder seat, this time, he will be the witness.
The wedding has begun.
In the south of the city, the soul was brandishing a butcher knife, and he saw a long whip coming from the sky, with a burst of thunder, drew towards the soul.
“Now junior, are you so mad!” The Emperor sneered, “Yu Xu, you go open the door!”
“Yes.” Yu Xu bowed his head and went to break through the south gate of the Holy City of Light in accordance with the order of the Emperor of Heaven.
The Moon God uttered a soft drink, the crescent moon mark on her forehead glowed, and the Moon God vision unfolded, and the other side also appeared. Her other side was an altar.
The Moon God is the goddess of the moon worshipped by the believers under the Daxue Mountain. The altar is full of weird runes, which are obscure.
The vision was wide open, countless long whip phantoms drew towards the Taoist Yuxu, and the Taoist Yuxu today could not provide any support in front of the Moon God.
“Junior, too presumptuous!” The Emperor of Heaven stretched out a hand, and the giant black hand appeared out of thin air, but with a light grasp, it broke through the sky long whip phantom.
The huge black hand remained undiminished, and after breaking through the sky phantom, he grabbed the altar in the Moon God’s vision.
On the altar on the other side of the moon god, the symbol glowed, resisting this big black hand.
In the sky, the cold light shrouded the Moon God, becoming more and more dense. The Moon God’s body condensed a thin layer of frost again. The Moon God’s pupils turned into a weird purple at this moment, and the symbolic light on the altar suddenly flourished. , Bounced off the giant black hand, and at the same time, the long whip formed again, tightly winding the Emperor of Heaven.
The Emperor of Heaven frowned slightly, and there was a chill on this long whip, which made him feel a bit bitter.
The emperor re-examined the figure of the moon god, and couldn’t help but say: “From the other shore, to forcibly explore the mystery of the clouds, it is a bit courageous, but it is a pity that you are facing me!”
The emperor’s body shook, and the soul merged with him. The long whip that wrapped around the emperor’s body broke apart every inch. The emperor took a step forward. In the sky behind the emperor, there was another dark cloud rolling, and the dark cloud formed a huge grimace. , Inexplicably scary.
“Retreat!” A burst of sound rang out.
Seeing the horizon, blood-red spreading, and in the blood-red, there also appeared a face, that face was hideous.
The red-haired figure appeared. He stood beside the Moon God. Behind the red hair, a pair of wings flapped constantly. It was a pair of bat wings!
In the sky, the grimace formed by the dark clouds and the blood-red hideous face roared at each other, vying for supremacy.
The red-haired hands grew sharp claws, and the sharp claws shone with cold light.
“Hands!” The red hair yelled softly, turning into a red glow, rushing towards the Emperor of Heaven.
Luna didn’t hesitate, and did the same.
What kind of person is the Emperor of Heaven, who has betrayed the Protoss for many years, before he killed the divine palace and seized three wisps of souls, even though he was only the divine lord of the triple Protoss, but now he is definitely no less powerful than Shangguan Hongtu.
Although the Moon God spied the clouds from the other side and grasped a trace of the power of the clouds, the current situation of Red Hair was no less than that of the Moon God.
But even if you snoop, you can only snoop a little, to put it bluntly, now the Moon God and Red Hair are the strength of the early stage of the cloud.
And the Emperor of Heaven, in the late stage of the cloud, now he has condensed a ray of spirits. Although he still has no inheritance from the ancestors of the gods, this ray of spirits also brought him enough benefits. How terrible is the Emperor at this time? , No one knows.
The dark cloud grimace in the sky let out another roar, and then the cloud and mist suddenly rushed downwards, as if they were being attracted by strong suction, all of them penetrated into the heavenly emperor’s body.
“The soul needs at least the blood of the cloud realm to pay tribute. It just so happens that the two of you will come to worship the soul.” A strange smile appeared on the face of the emperor. He stretched out his hands and grabbed the two of Baichi and the moon respectively. people.

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