Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 187

Looking at the message on the phone, Zhang Xuan unconsciously revealed a smile, this female Tyrannosaurus Rex although the tone is impulsive, but the concern in it, can not be disguised.
Zhang Xuan called Han tenderness to call over, the phone just a ring, Han tenderness was connected.
“Surnamed Zhang! You finally know how to call me, right? I’m at home, I’ll give you 20 minutes to come home to me immediately, or I’ll go to your mother-in-law and reveal everything about you sleeping with me!”
Zhang Xuan listened to the roar on the phone, did not have time to speak, the Han gentle over there has hung up the phone.
Zhang Xuan laughed bitterly, changed his clothes and rushed towards Han tender’s place.
The place where Han tender lives is not far from the water township on the border, Zhang Xuan arrived at the door of Han tender’s house with ease.
After knocking on the door and waiting for a few seconds, the door was opened from the inside.
The moment the door opened, Zhang Xuan saw a wisp of a silhouette, jumped into his arms, he had to just open his mouth to speak, was a fragrance blocked lips.
Han gentle tug, Zhang Xuan pulled into the room door, she pushed Zhang Xuan away, panting heavily, “surnamed Zhang, you let the mother worry about the night, must compensate for the mother!”
Zhang Xuan then saw, Han gentle wearing a black bathrobe, a short hair wet draped behind the head, crystal drops of water still left on the woman’s long eyelashes, the delicate features, flawless, at this moment, Zhang Xuan can only think of four words, out of the water hibiscus.
Han gentle hand on the waist, will be tied to the waist of the bath belt gently untied, the black bathrobe naturally slipped, spread on the ground, that wonderful man at a glance.
Han tender pulled Zhang Xuan’s collar, “Today, I let you can not get out of bed!”
Such a scene, Zhang Xuan backhanded Han gentle waist, regular exercise, so Han gentle skin has a surprising elasticity.
“Is it beautiful?” Han tenderness eyes are lost looking at Zhang Xuan, mouth lightly exhale ghostly orchid.
“Beautiful.” Zhang Xuan unconsciously nodded his head.
“Then what are you waiting for?” Han tenderly exhaled softly in Zhang Xuan’s ear, and in the next second, she felt a huge force picking her up and walking towards the bedroom.
Han tenderness wrapped around Zhang Xuan’s neck, a tear flowed down from her eyes, “I don’t want to be in bed, I want to leave your shadow in every corner of this house.”
At four o’clock in the afternoon, Zhang Xuan hazily awake from sleep.
Turning over to look, there is no longer the shadow of Han gentle around.
Zhang Xuan shouted, there was no one in the room to give him an answer.
Putting on a pair of shorts and getting up from the bed, there was no shadow of Han tenderness in the room.
On the coffee table in the living room, there was a dinner plate with a piece of fried egg on it, which had already been cooled.
Next to the plate, a note was left, and the handwriting on the note was very beautiful: I want to cook a meal for you, but I admit that I can’t! The old mother will only practice martial arts, gone, to participate in the sharp edge test went, keys and so on are on the shoe cabinet, there are a few pots of flowers at home, to the old mother to take care of, if the old mother came back to find the flowers died, believe me, you will not be better off to where.
The words on the note gave Zhang Xuan a feeling of emptiness.
He put his eyes on the balcony, where several flower pots were placed, and the branch buds were only just sticking out of the soil.
Zhang Xuan recognized these branch buds, and when they grew up, they were the blue forget-me-nots.
Zhang Xuan picked up the key, went out of the room and went straight to the police station.
When arriving at the police station, Zhang Xuan first asked where Han tender went.
The answer was that Han tenderness had gone for training under the bureau’s arrangement, and the car had left half an hour ago.
Zhang Xuan called Han tender phone, the display of the offline.
Several Mitsubishi SUVs, driving on the highway, heading in the opposite direction of Yinzhou.
“Captain Han, once you leave this time, you will not be able to return in a year or two, in the team, it is forbidden to use cell phones at will, you have to hold on to your boyfriend, do not let run away ah.” Jin Xin, the captain of the third squad of the sharp edges, sat on the cab and joked.
“It’s okay, he’ll wait for me.” Han gentle smile, she turned her head to look behind her, this city where she had lived for more than twenty years, farther and farther away from her.
Zhang Xuan stood in front of the Silver State Police Station with a forlorn look, quietly looking into the distance.
When Zhang Xuan returned home, Lin Qinghan was still asleep, Zhang Xuan did not deliberately call Lin Qinghan up, he prepared a sumptuous dinner, and only after the meal was ready, walked into the bedroom to wake Lin Qinghan.
The fragrance coming from downstairs immediately attracted Lin Qinghan’s attention, she sniffed her cute little nose, sat on the edge of the bed and asked with a smile, “What did you make that was delicious?”
“The braised eggplant you love, spicy chicken, and stewed lamb, get up now.”
“Mm.” Lin Qinghan nodded, and this time, she did not ask Zhang Xuan why she was lying in the bedroom, nor did she give Zhang Xuan any words about you not being allowed to enter my bedroom again.
When Lin Qinghan gathered her hair and walked downstairs, she saw that Zhang Xuan had already set up the dishes and was sitting on the table waiting for her.
Zhang Xuan waved his hand at Lin Qinghan: “Mr. Lin, come and eat, or it will get cold.”
Lin Qinghan walked to the table, picked up the chopsticks, pondered for two seconds, “You don’t call me General Lin, it seems too rusty, just …… call me Qinghan.”
The woman’s pretty face was slightly unnatural, taking the initiative to say this sentence, making her feel embarrassed, this is the first time she, taking the initiative to close the distance with a man.
Zhang Xuan also froze, and then nodded with a delighted face, “Yes, Qinghan.”
This cordial address made Lin Pleasehan smile sweetly, and in a subtle atmosphere, the two finished enjoying their dinner.
Milan’s meal, Zhang Xuan has long prepared in the thermos box, after dinner, the two walked together towards the hospital.
The days passed by day by day.
On the fifth day after Milan’s surgery, the wound on her chest was almost healed.
Lin Qinghan was busy with the company, Zhang Xuan drove Lin Qinghan’s Mercedes GT to the hospital and visited Milan alone.
“How is the wound? Can you be discharged from the hospital?” Zhang Xuan sat by Milan’s hospital bed, peeling an apple.
“That ……” Milan looked at Zhang Xuan with a somewhat unnatural face, “The attending doctor said that he has to let you look at the wound, and if there are no more problems, you can be discharged.”
“Oh, okay, I’ll take a look.” Zhang Xuan nodded, put the apple down, and said naturally, “You lie down.”
“This ……” a hint of red surfaced on Milan’s face, “How do you look at it.”
“How to see? Use your eyes to see ah!” Zhang Xuan rolled his eyes.
The reason for this is that the location of the wound is too awkward, if you don’t know Zhang Xuan, it’s okay to say that your heart is crossed and let the doctor check it out, but you know Zhang Xuan!
Zhang Xuan saw Milan’s squirming look, and it dawned on him, he laughed, “What are you thinking, just show me the wound, it’s not like you’re looking anywhere else.”

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