Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1877

Overseas, anti-gudao.
After Zhang Xuan first urged the world’s dojo, Anti-Gudao ushered in a short period of peace for a few months. During this period of peace, everyone worked hard to cultivate because of the deaths of the six great gods and the elders of the Protoss. The Protoss also appeared to be much quieter. On the Anti-Ancient Island, there were no more Protoss showing up and pointing fingers at the Humans.
Everyone understands that all these things today originated from Zhang Xuan.
In this world, strong strength is the fundamental.
Who said that the Human Race must be weaker than the Protoss? Zhang Xuan was less than 30 years old and he had the current strength. He told everyone that strength had nothing to do with race.
On the edge of the Anti-Ancient Island, there are countless figures staying next to the giant peaks that Zhang Xuan summoned with the mountain and river map. They hope to feel the Taoism left by Zhang Xuan from here.
Now on the Anti-Gu Island, Zhang Xuan has a name that has been widely circulated.
King of People!
King Zhang Xuan!
With the strength and deeds of Zhang Xuan now, it is true that he can bear the title of King of Humans!
The Terran monks are grateful to Zhang Xuan for bringing peace and equality, but no one knows that under the peace of Anti-Ancient Island, there is an undercurrent surging. Not everyone hopes that the world will always be peaceful, especially in the past. After learning that Zhang Xuan was trapped in Yinzhou Cursed Land, many people became restless.
Three months is enough time for some people to make corresponding arrangements. At this time, after receiving the message of the Holy Cross, they began to exert their strength!
Above the calm sea, several rays of light suddenly lit up, and that light rose into the sky.
In the Holy City of Light, Cecia, who was sitting on the emptiness formation, suddenly opened her eyes.
“Can’t help it! Alex, Yizal, redhead, Baichi, go out and have a look!”
The four figures rose up into the sky from the Holy City of Light, and went straight to the bright spot on the sea.
The light on the surface of the sea came from the awakened dojos. At this time, these dojos, after receiving the Holy Cross’s message, were about to move.
Over the island of Antigu, the dark clouds gradually became denser, and violent energy spread out from the clouds and rushed to the island of Antigu.
Those energies are violent and possess powerful lethality.
The many monks on Anti-Gu Island could feel the violent energy spreading in the sky, and they all felt flustered, not knowing what had happened.
“Tianxia Daochang, do you want turmoil!” A loud shout rang out, and a figure stood in the sky, it was Bai Jiangnan.
“Unrest? You shining holy city, He De, how can you, you can order us to dojo in the world!” A voice responded to Bai Jiangnan.
“The general trend is here, where the capable people live, the bright holy city, there is still not enough to command the world’s heroes!”
“Guangming Holy City, let’s fight!”
Three voices sounded and three figures appeared, killing Bai Jiangnan in the sky.
In that sky, Bai Jiangnan fought against the three figures, and the remaining prestige radiated, extremely terrifying!
Baichi and the other four also rushed to the surface of the sea as quickly as possible. Above that sea, a large number of dojos were coming.
“The dojo has committed a crime against the ancient island!”
“They crossed the line!”
This message spread across the entire Anti-Gudao at once.
In the Holy City of Guangming, the Sea God, the Moon God, and Ferreth stood on the city wall, guarding the three corners of the Holy City of Guangming. They already had a powerful force that wanted to suppress the island of Guangming.
In the center of the Holy City of Light, Cecia is always ready to sacrifice the emptiness to fight against powerful enemies!
Before, the avenues were afraid of Zhang Xuan.
But now, the news that Zhang Xuan was trapped had spread, which made all the Daochang no hesitation, and the Holy Cross followed the cultivator in secret, which made those Daochangs feel jealous, and now they are ready to make a full shot.
The dojo began to attack, and the goal was to fight against the ancient island.
On Anti-Gu Island, people were panicking, the aftermath of the sky war fell on the ground, and the mountains cracked.
“Quick! Go to reveal the weapon spectrum!”
“Please come back!”
Some people yelled, and some people have already set off, heading to the peak, ready to reveal the weapon spectrum.
But all the avenues are well prepared. On the peak, there are many ambushes, and there are strong guards there. Want to climb the peak, how easy is it to say?
There were countless bones left on the way to climb the peak. The human monk walked on the bones and looked at the weapon spectrum on the mountain.
“A Lang! Go! Leave me alone! Hurry up and invite the King! Only the King can save my clan!”
A teenager was pushed out.
The young man looked back and saw that the person who pushed him out was already overwhelmed by violent energy, and that energy shattered the person’s body. That was Alang’s father.
A Lang was only fourteen years old, he touched the tears on his face hard, and crazily climbed to the top of the mountain.
“Want to climb to the top? Foolish dreams!” A hoist sounded, and violent energy rolled towards A Lang.
Under this energy, A Lang couldn’t even move.
“You go, leave it to us here!” Another hand pushed Alang out, and Alang was attacked by this energy and turned into bones.
If the dojo descends, if the King of People does not come out, the entire Anti-Ancient Island will be completely devastated!
Alang took a deep breath and ran towards the top of the mountain.
Yinzhou, in front of the unfinished building.
Sapir looked at Zhang Xuan, “There is no way, you force me to take this last step. To be honest, the existence of anti-gudao is a good thing, but sometimes, in the face of the general trend, you should also make a trade-off, you say What?”
Zhang Xuan glanced at the unfinished building behind him, he slowly got up, the unfinished building suddenly lit up with a large ray of light.
The complex symbols previously portrayed by Zhang Xuan glowed, and that was one formation after another. The energy of these formations rushed to the entrance of the underground palace. In the underground palace, the mist filled Zhang Xuan’s body at an extremely fast speed.
Sapir’s face suddenly changed, “You have eliminated the power of the curse!”
“As you can see, it is eliminated.” Zhang Xuan smiled slightly.
“Impossible!” Sapier’s eyes widened, “The message I got…”
Zhang Xuan suddenly interrupted Sapir’s words, “I lied to you all the information you got. In fact, the power of the curse, I only took one month, and it completely disappeared. I stayed here for two months. , I’m just acting with you. If I guess it’s right, your Holy Cross should have a big picture this time. Okay, let me go to Anti-Gudao and see what exactly are you pictured.”
While Zhang Xuan was talking, he stepped out of the range of the unfinished building, and his figure rose directly into the sky, hid in the clouds, and headed towards Anti-Gu Island.
Sapir’s face changed continuously, and he sent out several messages, and then soared to the sky, following Zhang Xuan’s body, and heading towards Anti-Gu Island.
This time, the Holy Cross united with many dojos and attacked Anti-Ancient Island, just to use the power of the world to open a holy land. The opening of this holy land is very important to the Holy Cross! You must not lose!

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