Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 189

Rushing to the downstairs of the company, Zhang Xuan’s eyes searched around, he was not aimlessly looking, but looking for a route, since he did not see Lin Qinghan, it proves that she should be fine now, Stabbing Rose’s people are not to kill her, but to capture her, since this is the case, there will be a safe retreat route.
These large and small tall buildings, cafes, and simple restaurants in front of him, at this moment, in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, were irregular shapes, and the entire CBD business center, all surfaced in Zhang Xuan’s mind.
About thirty seconds later, Zhang Xuan locked a direction and walked towards it.
Zhang Xuan’s footsteps were fast, his eyes were accurate, and he carefully observed every direction, not letting go of any of the dead ends.
When passing a Jane’s restaurant, Zhang Xuan’s expression fiercely stared, through the floor-to-ceiling glass of Jane’s restaurant, he saw Lin Qinghan sitting inside the restaurant, the woman’s face emerged with a faint smile, opposite Lin please Han, sitting in civilian clothes Nan Tian.
Nantian is very elegant, sitting there, let people just look, like a rich young master, he and Lin Qinghan sitting face to face, attracted a lot of attention in Jane restaurant.
Zhang Xuan in the moment of seeing Lin Qinghan, the heart carried a breath completely put down, he was worried about things did not happen.
Zhang Xuan soothed the expression on his face and walked to the entrance of Jane’s restaurant, just as he was about to enter, he was stopped by someone.
Nantian’s henchman Xiao Chen stood at the entrance of Jane’s restaurant with an unfriendly face looking at Zhang Xuan, “What are you doing? Stop!”
Zhang Xuan frowned and looked at Xiao Chen, “I’m looking for my wife, it’s your turn to take charge?”
“Your wife?” Xiao Chen snorted, “Zhang, you’re such a loser, you can really put gold on your face, just like you, how can you have the face to say that Miss Lin is your wife, right now Miss Lin is having dinner with our captain, I don’t want any unrelated people to appear.”
Zhang Xuan looked at Xiao Chen, not in the mood to fight with him, “Get out of the way, I don’t want to say it a second time.”
“Don’t let!” Xiao Chen puffed out his chest, “I said what’s so cross about you loser, where’s your face?”
Xiao Chen still remembered that two days ago, the girl Lin also called his captain, saying that this kid had an accident, let his captain help deal with it, well, his captain finished looking for people to deal with, this kid is fine, come to Fan Heng?
Zhang Xuan took a deep breath and held back the anger in his heart, “I asked you, in the end let not!”
“Aigoo, you still threaten me up?” Xiao Chen disdainfully looked at Zhang Xuan, “What, I do not let you still hit me ah?”
Inside Jane’s restaurant.
Lin Qinghan back to the door, holding up a cup of coffee, gently sip, “Nantian, no matter what, last time, I still have to thank you, if not for you, I really do not know what to do.”
“It’s okay.” Nantian carelessly waved his hand, the direction he was sitting, can see the door of Jane restaurant, Zhang Xuan appeared in front of Jane restaurant was stopped by Xiao Chen scene he saw clearly, see Xiao Chen that look is about to do, Nantian said, “Hey, Qing Han, is not that your husband?”
Lin Qinghan turned his head to see Zhang Xuan standing in front of Jane’s restaurant.
Nantian barked at Xiao Chen at the door, “Xiao Chen, what are you doing? Quickly invite Mr. Zhang in!”
Xiao Chen snorted coldly and said to Zhang Xuan with a reluctant face, “Waste thing, go in.”
Zhang Xuan didn’t even look at Xiao Chen, and walked into Jane’s restaurant with big steps, coming to the table where Lin Qinghan was sitting.
Lin Qinghan asked strangely, “Zhang Xuan, why are you here, didn’t you go to pick up Mi ……”
“Why don’t you answer the phone!” Zhang Xuan stared at Lin Qinghan with a serious expression.
“Answer the phone?” Lin Qinghan gave a suspicious cry, took out his cell phone from his small handbag, and took a look, there were more than a dozen missed calls from Zhang Xuan on it, and a few from Milan.
“I set the mute at work, I didn’t hear it.” Lin Qinghan explained, and then asked, “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing.” Zhang Xuan took a deep breath.
Lin Qinghan saw that Zhang Xuan’s face was not right and asked, “Are you blaming me for not answering the phone?”
“No.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, looked at the time on his phone, and said, “It’s also dinner time, let’s go home.”
“Okay.” Lin Qinghan nodded, stood up from the seat and greeted Nantian, “Nantian, I’ll go home first then, let’s get together again sometime.”
“Good.” Nantian nodded at Lin Qinghan with a smile on his face and watched Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan leave.
Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan had just left the door of Jane’s restaurant when Xiao Chen came over with an unhappy face, “Nan team, this Zhang Xuan is a bit too arrogant, right? If it wasn’t for your help last time, he would still be squatting inside now, I really don’t understand what he has to be proud of, he still has to rely on Miss Lin when things go wrong, this kind of waste, how can he deserve Miss Lin.”
Nantian shook his head and sighed, “hey, who knows, feelings this thing, it’s hard to say ah.”
“South team, I feel, this kid is usually acting too well, the Lin girl to confuse, do you remember the Lin girl said last time, this kid because of what went in? Seeing righteousness, not having that ability, deliberately heroic, should just want to perform in front of Miss Lin, I think why don’t we think of a way to compare him to go down, so that Miss Lin see the gap clearly, don’t be with this waste!” Xiao Chen clenched his fist, just now if Nantian had not spoken, he really could not resist going up and beating Zhang Xuan.
Nantian listened to Xiao Chen’s words and was somewhat impressed, “What way? Looking for someone to pretend to be a robber, you want me to also see the righteousness once?”
“Definitely not.” Xiao Chen shook his head, “This method, is also too low, South team, we can use the name of the exercise, borrowing Miss Lin’s building, on those things you learned, casually take out a, can crush that surnamed Zhang, let Miss Lin see the gap.”
Nantian pondered for a moment and nodded, “OK! Let’s do as you say.”
Zhang Xuan took Lin Qinghan out of Jane’s restaurant, drove the car, and drove all the way towards home.
On the way, Zhang Xuan did not say a word, Lin Qinghan also did not make a sound, the atmosphere seemed very depressing.
When she arrived home, Lin Qinghan took the lead and looked at Zhang Xuan, who was driving, and asked, “Did you blame me for not answering the phone! Do you not believe me? Did you think something would happen if I had dinner with Nantian!”
“No.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “I didn’t think so.”
“Is that so?” Lin Qinghan gave a self-deprecating smile, “You called me a dozen times in such a short period of time, I was just having a meal with an ordinary friend, do you have to react so much?”
“I ……” Zhang Xuan opened his mouth and did not say anything, he had to admit that he was a little upset in his heart when he saw Lin Qinghan and Nan Tian sitting together, but he was not angry because of it.
In front of this woman, Zhang Xuan seems to have forgotten his own stomping feet will make the underground world shake three times the identity of the monarch, only to feel that he is an ordinary person.

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