Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 19

At this moment, the TV news just happened to turn to the music channel, broadcasting the latest news.
“It is rumored that the world’s top pianist, Yev, after successfully adapting ‘La III’, is once again immersed in the creation of a new piece. Yev had reported in an interview that this time, the new piece will be personally supervised and guided by his teacher, and, his teacher, is the one who had guided him in adapting ‘La San’ the mysterious figure, let’s look forward to Yev’s latest work.”
The living room lights went out, Zhang Xuan stepped on his slippers and walked towards the second floor bedroom, while Jiang Jing pushed open the villa door and began her protection work during the night.
The next morning, Zhang Xuan got up and scrubbed the floor as usual.
Lin Qinghan yawned and came out of the bedroom, wandering towards the bathroom, ready to wash up.
Before Lin Qinghan could walk into the bathroom, the home landline rang frantically, Zhang Xuan trotted over and picked up the phone, it was an internal contact number, only Lin Qinghan’s father could call in.
“Hello, Dad.” Zhang Xuan called out into the phone.
“Little Zhang, tell Qinghan to get up and come with me to see her grandfather!” Over the phone, Lin Jianyu’s voice was very anxious.
In Yinzhou City, the Lin Group was a highly legendary enterprise.
In the 1980s, the founder of the Lin Group, Lin Zhengnan, led the local enterprises in Yinzhou City to develop outside, but also set up the Yinzhou Chamber of Commerce, during the period, under the leadership of Lin Zhengnan, Yinzhou Chamber of Commerce invested in stocks, real estate, electronics and many other fields, the beginning of the twentieth century, Yinzhou Chamber of Commerce was forced to dissolve, but the major enterprises are developing in a good way, although there is no more Yinzhou Chamber of Commerce, but Lin Zhengnan in the hearts of all, is the only president.
Although Lin Zhengnan was successful in his career, but in life, it is not perfect, just at the most beautiful time, his wife died in an accident, leaving Lin Zhengnan a son and three daughters, the Lin family since then a single lineage.
The Lin family owns a compound in Yinzhou City, the status of this compound in Yinzhou City, equivalent to the capital’s compound, all powerful people in Yinzhou City, are proud to enter the compound.
The compound is located on the outskirts of Yinzhou City, covering an area of 21,000 square feet, surrounded by greenery, fake mountains and water, and a sprawling concrete pathway at the gate extending inward.
At this time, a Volkswagen Jetta drove on this cement channel, extraordinarily eye-catching.
Jiang Jing parked the car in the courtyard parking lot, where all parked are millions of luxury cars.
The back seat door opened, stretched out a stepped on black high-heeled jade feet, with a seven-point black suit pants, Lin Qinghan upper body with a white shirt, lined with a black fine small suit jacket from the car came down, her long hair in the top of the head up, delicate impeccable features above full of anxiety, Lin Qinghan as soon as the car, will stride towards the house in front of the parking lot.
In the car behind Lin Qinghan, there was no Zhang Xuan’s figure.
Lin Qinghan out of the parking lot, looking at the one-story building in front of him, pushed open the door and walked in.
Inside the house, the furniture are made of mahogany, antique, the air is also filled with a faint fragrance, the house does not have any modern furniture, you can see that the owner of the house is very fond of this ancient style.
Inside the house at the moment, there are many people dressed in formal wear, men and women, old and young.
Lin Qinghan looked at several people inside the house, and his small mouth opened slightly, “Dad, the eldest aunt, the second aunt, the youngest aunt, you’re here.”
Inside the house, there are not only Lin Jianyu’s generation, including Lin Qinghan’s generation, there are also quite a few people.
Only throughout Lin Qinghan’s generation, she was also the only one, surnamed Lin.
“How is grandfather?” Lin Qinghan looked at her father with worry on her face.
Lin Jianyu sighed and pointed to the inside of the house, “It’s inside, go in and take a look.”
Lin Qinghan nodded and was just about to lift her foot when she saw a middle-aged woman in her forties rushing out from the inner house, her face covered with panic, “It’s not good, Mr. Lin is gone!”
The whole room, at this moment, are showing a face of dumbfounded.
Yinzhou City suburban park, I do not know when it has become a place for the elderly to play Tai Chi, every morning from six o’clock to eleven thirty, in the shade of the park, the square, the stone pier, where you can see the figure of the elderly.
Zhang Xuan walked in the park wearing his beach pants, every week, two days, he would come to the park to watch the elderly play Tai Chi, in that to full to soft movements, Zhang Xuan seems to be able to make his own manic heart, restore some peace, only blame the past life is too bloody.
“Young man, like Tai Chi?” An old and benevolent voice rang out behind Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan looked, the speaker was an old man in a wheelchair, wearing a burgundy Tang suit, his hair were already white, but his face was still good, with some rosy color.
“I don’t like Tai Chi.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “but it does not prevent me from enjoying watching, just like some people will take medicine when they know it is bitter.”
After Zhang Xuan finished speaking, he used both eyes to survey the old man’s legs.
The old man showed a thoughtful look, and after a few seconds of silence, he laughed twice, “Hahaha, young man, you have something in your words.”
Zhang Xuan blinked at the old man, “Maybe.”
“Oh, how can you tell?” The old man patted his legs with his hands.
“Facial features.” Zhang Xuan pointed to the old man’s eyebrow, “Chinese medical art, inherited for thousands of years, can hold a pulse, can also face the pulse, in our Chinese, there is the saying of holding a hair and moving the whole body, can also be used in medicine.”
Zhang Xuan surveyed the old man’s whole body, continued: “Your face is stretched, red with luster, full of blood, stable meridians, hair thinning but soft, proving that the body is not deficient, you come in a wheelchair, strong arms, meridians intact, waist limbs, how can the legs can not get down? If you had broken bones, or were paralyzed, you couldn’t have had strong qi and blood, and you wouldn’t have sat so straight.”
“Awesome!” A smile appeared on the old man’s face, clapping his hands and applauding for Zhang Xuan, “Little brother, are you a medical student?”
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “No.”
“I don’t think so.” A smile appeared on the old man’s face as he asked to Zhang Xuan, “Mind pushing me around?”
“Mind.” Zhang Xuan answered without even thinking, “I still have things to do, but there is something I have to tell you.”
“Little brother, please speak.” The old man looked like he was listening.
“Although your limbs are intact, but the days are not long, the injury of the heart and veins, not drugs can be treated, every night chest pain, deeper and deeper, you need to find someone to heal as soon as possible.” Zhang Xuan patted the old man’s shoulder.
The old man’s eyes showed a brilliant mane, “Little brother powerful, an old friend of mine, also said the same thing to me, but my old friend, three years ago has passed away, he said to me, if someone can see my body stubborn disease, will have the ability to save me.”
“Your old friend is quite powerful, can say such words, let me think.” Zhang Xuan eyes showed a thoughtful look, “died three years ago, is called Song Dan?”

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