Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 190

Seeing that Zhang Xuan had nothing to say, Lin Qinghan also did not continue to speak, Zhang Xuan’s distrust, so Lin please Han did get a little angry.
On the way, both of them did not talk much.
When he got home, Zhang Xuan just stopped the car and saw Milan and Jiang Jing rushing out of the house in the wind and fire.
“Zhang Xuan, where is Qing Han! Did you get in touch with Qinghan?” Milan asked with an anxious face.
“What’s wrong?” Lin please Han is full of doubt to open the passenger car door.
Seeing Lin Qinghan, Milan and Jiang Jing held their breath for a long time.
Milan patted his chest, “Qing Han, it’s good that you’re okay, it’s good that you’re okay, this moment really hurried me to death?”
“What’s wrong?” Lin Qinghan was confused.
“Did Zhang Xuan not tell you?” Milan looked at Zhang Xuan, then said, “just a person attacked us, Zhang Xuan will subdue that person went to rush to find you, afraid that you have any accident, I called you you did not answer, thought you had something happened!”
Milan’s words, let Lin please Han heart a thud, “you guys have been calling me, because of this matter?”
“What else? We all know that you are so busy, so who dares to call you all the time? The first thing you need to do is to get in the house and stay there.
Lin Please Han pretty face, suddenly filled with shame, she looked at Zhang Xuan, but Zhang Xuan has walked to the house, dragged out the tied ponytail woman, Zhang Xuan before that hand knife is very powerful, the other party is not awake until now.
Zhang Xuan opened the door of the Mercedes-Benz, threw the ponytailed woman into the passenger seat, and then got himself into the main driver’s seat, and drove away from the courtyard after giving Jiang Jing a word of caution.
Milan looked at the tail lights of the Mercedes GT from afar and looked strangely at Lin Qinghan, “Qinghan, did you and Zhang Xuan have a fight, why do I feel that something is not right between you two?”
“No …… no ah.” Lin Qinghan waved her hand, a little embarrassed.
Just now, she was still angry because Zhang Xuan did not trust herself, but now she knew that it was because of what had happened that Zhang Xuan had called himself so many times, and in every missed call, Lin Qinghan could experience the anxiety and concern, and she, surprisingly, was angry with Zhang Xuan because of this matter.
At this moment, Lin Qinghan felt that she was really too much!
Zhang Xuan drove, directly to the outskirts of the city, at the same time, Zhang Xuan sent a message out to Bai Chi.
In an abandoned factory on the outskirts of the city, the place where the last firefight between the sharp edges and quicksand took place, the ponytailed woman sat on a bench and slowly woke up.
The first thing she did when she woke up was to observe her surroundings. The clouds in the sky outside burned fiery red, proving that it was already evening, and the factory appeared to be empty, with not a single person in sight around herself.
Ponytail woman’s face a touch of suspicion, she gently move down the limbs, did not find any organs of a kind of things.
After observing this, the ponytailed woman only slowly stood up from the bench, looked in the direction of the factory exit and walked over.
“Where to go?” The ponytailed woman just took one foot out of the factory door, she heard a voice coming from the side, she looked in the direction where the voice came from, the voice, a young man, not the one who knocked himself out this afternoon, but a very sunny looking man, even the face is still a little young, like a fresh meat on TV.
The ponytailed woman stared at the approaching youth and made a defensive gesture, “What are you?”
Bai Chi laughed and did not speak.
On the other side of the ponytailed woman, another female voice rang out.
“It’s funny, you come to Silver State to kill people and ask us what we are instead?” Stabbing Peak, wearing a long white skirt, came up with a flourish, “What, want to leave? Take a closer look outside.”
The ponytailed woman stared nervously at the sudden appearance of Stabbing Peak and White Pond, then her eyes looked outside, and in the open space outside the factory, a group of men and women were sitting together, more than ten people, and were setting up a bonfire and roasting a barbecue.
The ponytailed woman subconsciously touched her body, when she touched the bulge in her pocket, her hanging heart dropped quite a bit, gazing at Bai Chi and Stabbing Peak, the ponytailed woman tried to make herself look calm and said, “Since you know that I am from Stabbing Rose, which side of the force are you, you should know our rules!”
“Rules?” After hearing this, White Pool laughed, “Sorry, all this time, I only know how to make rules, I don’t know how to follow them, why don’t you tell me what the rules are!”
When Bai Chi laughed, he bared a mouthful of white eyes, looking very sunny, but made the ponytailed woman have a feeling like falling into an ice cellar.
At this time, the sunset sky suddenly darkened, countless rose petals from the sky floating down, those in the factory outside the open ground barbecue, see these floating petals, all put down the hands of the action.
The ponytailed woman suddenly smiled, she knew that her people had come.
Unlike other organizations, the people of the Sting, will not easily give up any partner, when the attackers were captured, as long as they are not dead, the Sting will try to rescue by all means.
And the roses in the sky, representing the thorn rose descend.
White pool looked up at the sky, this scene of rose petals falling from the sky, really beautiful.
“Cut! There is money idle with no place to spend!” Bai Chi glanced at his mouth.
After the sky rose, a series of more than ten figures appeared, all women, the leader of the person, wearing a black evening dress, hair pulled up, exquisite as the queen of the party.
But those present knew that this exquisite woman was definitely a thorny black rose, the kind that could easily kill a person.
“Thorny Rose out of the appearance, or so stunning ah.” White pool out of the factory, looking at this just appeared more than ten figures, “This should be the second leader of the thorny rose, black rose, right?”
The dress woman stepped forward and covered her mouth and laughed lightly, “You all are really interesting, it seems that you are waiting for our Thorn Rose.”
Bai Chi shrugged, which was tacit approval of the other party’s words.
Black Rose waved her hand at the ponytail woman, “Come on.”
The ponytail woman walked towards Black Rose without saying a word for the rest of her life, and White Pool and the others didn’t stop her.
After the ponytail woman walked to Black Rose, Black Rose spoke again, “Everyone, we, Thorn Rose, are not unreasonable people, tell us, what do you want this time when you let our people go?”
“Indeed, I want something.” White pool rubbed his hands, walked to the side of the barbecue, took a meat skewer, while eating, “the rules of the underground world, we all know very well, I now give you Stabbing Rose two options, the first, tell me who your employer.”
Black Rose smiled a little, extraordinarily beautiful, “Your Excellency, since you know the rules, you should understand that we will definitely not reveal the information of our employer, just say the second choice directly.”
“Actually, I don’t recommend you to choose the second one.” White Chi finished the meat skewer in his hand, the brazier was casually thrown, smiling, “The second, all of you who came today, stay here.”

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