Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1914

Tracy snorted, and she was knocked down by golden light and fell down!
Twelve chains glowing with golden light, long stretched out from all directions, like a snake, trapped Tracy!
It was the twelve guards behind Xia Hou!
They are also the twelve direct disciples of Xia Hou!
Although they are only half-step to the level of seeing the sky, this set of “Twelve Golden Lock Array” is a collection of twelve people’s cultivation bases, even the strong power of the late stage of seeing the sky can’t escape!
“Wa, this Tracy is also an expert in the sky, and he was cut down by Emperor Xia with a single sword!”
“The King’s Golden Sword of Emperor Xia, it is said that it has not been pulled out for five hundred years. When I saw it today, this momentum is really majestic!”
“Yes! Even the twelve guards under Emperor Xia are very powerful, and their golden locks are also extraordinary!”
The courtyard of the inn was crowded with guests watching the heat.
They all looked up, ignoring the rain at night, watching the battle in mid-air.
“I am going here to be considered majestic?”
A young man wearing a coarse cloth robe, the corner of his mouth under the hat, couldn’t help but sneer.
Compared with the space within the Tianmen, which is the so-called Land of Ancestor, the fighting scenes of the cultivators of the three thousand realms are really weak!
In the land of the first ancestors, Zhang Xuan fought with people, and the sky broke and the earth broke, moving mountains and filling the sea!
Don’t say it is to flatten a mountain, even if it is annihilation of a desert, it will take minutes!
But the people of the three thousand worlds fight, just like the land of the ancestors, those monks who have just refined Qi
However, their moves seem to be unremarkable, but they contain all the magical powers and powers in the body!
As soon as Zhang Xuan stepped into the gate of heaven that day, Tracy’s avatar shattered Shenhai, Shenqiao and the other shore in his body with a simple three punches!
Therefore, when the people of the Great Thousand Realm fight, they generally don’t let out the vision behind them.
It will only expose one’s own magical powers and shortcomings to the enemy
It seems that the laws of heaven and earth of these three thousand realms are indeed extremely powerful, completely different from the land of the ancestors!
Otherwise, it can’t accommodate so many strong people
“Emperor Xia! All this is the plot of the old thief of the Yinshan Mountain, and it is him who framed me!”
Tracy struggled and screamed: “If you catch me and hold on to it, you just gave the old thief Yinshan a chance to escape, and it happened to be caught in his trick!”
“Huh! Don’t worry about this. I have already sealed off Daxia Imperial City. Even a mosquito can’t fly out!”
Xia Xia Hou sneered: “If you tell the whereabouts of Old Demon Yinshan and my Six Emperors, I will spare you your life, if you dare not say”
“Huh! In the torture room of my Great Summer Palace, in order to prepare for the big punishment, I will naturally let you speak!” Xia Hou snorted again.
“Emperor Xia, I am the elder of the Holy Cross, do you really want to be an enemy of our Holy Cross?”
Seeing that Xia Hou refused to believe that he was pitted, Tracy carried out the Holy Cross.
“Hahaha! Don’t pretend to be the Holy Cross to scare people!”
Xia Xia Hou laughed: “As far as I know, the people of the Holy Cross are all high-ranking people in the hidden world. How can they take up hatred with a little apprentice of the old demon of Yinshan?”

Tracy looked dazed.
“If you pretend to be a member of the Holy Cross, I still have three points to be trusted”
Xia Xia Hou sneered again, “But you are arrogant and ignorant, posing as the elder of the Holy Cross”
“Just imagine, what kind of status is the Great Elder Holy Cross? How could it be possible for the old demon of Yinshan to be a hawk dog?”
Tracy was aggrieved again.
I knew that I just had a fight with Old Demon Yinshan, and I didn’t necessarily lose!
Now, I can be miserable by him!
“Take him to the torture room, hurry up and interrogate him, if you don’t tell the whereabouts of the old Demon Yinshan, you will be served with a severe punishment!”
Xia Hou said, leading the crowd disappeared into the rainy night.
“Old Demon Yinshan! You wait for me, I must break your corpse into ten thousand pieces! Even if I die, our Holy Cross will never let you go!”
In the rainy night, the voice of Tracy gritted her teeth came from far away!
“Old Demon Yinshan? Hmph, you will never see him again!”
The young man wearing a coarse cloth short coat and a hat also sneered slightly.
“This Xiongtai, how do you know this Tracy will never see Old Demon Yinshan again?”
On one side, a female monk asked the young man affectionately.
She had paid attention to this young man wearing a hat for a long time.
Although the young man’s face was hidden under the hat, it was not very clear, but the female monk could still see the angular chin.
The point is that this young man exudes a special temperament, and any woman can’t help but be fascinated when she sees him.
That is a kind of temperament that rules the world, controls the way of heaven, and looks at everything!
“Um… this Tracy, who captured the sixth prince, still refuses to tell the whereabouts of the ancestors of Yinshan, he will definitely be tortured to death by those big tortures today… He is dead, naturally it is impossible to see Yinshan again. The old demon.”
The young man casually found a reason.
He is exactly Zhang Xuan who changed his costume.
In fact, the bloody roads on his face were not drawn by Zhang Xuan himself, but were the side effects after he took a pill from the Old Demon Treasury of Yinshan Mountain.
That pill is the best for healing, it can relax the menstrual flow and promote blood circulation, open up blocked meridians, but the side effect is the upwelling of Qi and blood, causing blood stains on the face.
However, these blood stains will subside within a few days.
A few days after Zhang Xuan arrived in Daxia Imperial City, the blood path was actually eliminated.
In order not to be exposed, Zhang Xuan used a red pen to draw a lot of blood marks on his face. In addition, he was wearing a hood all the time, and even Cecia could not see any flaws.
Just now, after Zhang Xuan flicked Tracy and saw that the Saint Prince had captured the Sixth Prince Xia Ze, he quietly sneaked back to this Wuyun Inn, washed off the blood on his face, put on the clothes he had prepared, and transformed himself into A young monk wearing a short coat and hat.
At first glance, he was the lowest-ranked handyman disciple in a certain martial art faction.
Because all disciples with a bit of head and face wear long gowns and robes, and only low-ranking handyman disciples will wear shorts.
A monk dressed like Zhang Xuan, there are 10,000 and 8,000 in Daxia Imperial City.
Throw it into the crowd, and it can’t be found.
Moreover, Zhang Xuan not only did not escape, but stood in this Wuyun Inn, waiting for a good show.
He carefully planned and kindly, how can he do it without seeing it with his own eyes?
This Tracy, when he first entered Tianmen, shattered the Shenhai in Zhang Xuan’s body with three fists, leaving him with only 10% of his strength. How could Zhang Xuan let him go?
Zhang Xuan also knew that the most dangerous place is the safest place!
Sure enough, the samurai who searched this Wuyun Inn only went to other places despite interrogating a few words.
Who could think that the old Yinshan Demon had kidnapped the Sixth Prince and ran away. How could he still be in this inn?

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