Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 192

Zhang Xuan shook his head and looked at Bai Chi, “Okay, no more nonsense chat, you know what I came to you to say.”
Bai Chi, who was raising his glass and gesturing to the beautiful woman at the next table, heard Zhang Xuan say this, and his face became much more grave.
“Boss, shouldn’t you have the answer in your heart?” Bai Chi shook the glass in his hand and drained the glass of foreign wine, “On the matter of the fire crystal design, if there is no one behind the scenes, who would dare to blatantly say that the last design is in your possession, boss.”
Zhang Xuan sighed, “Then who do you think it is?”
“I can’t say.” Bai Chi shook his head.
“Is it hard to say, or you don’t want to think about it?” Zhang Xuan asked.
“This ……” Bai Chi opened his mouth, wanting to say something.
Zhang Xuan chuckled, picked up a glass of wine, “back then, a few of us, crawled out of the dead, so many years, traveled north and south, what has not experienced, the most unacceptable, is the betrayal ah.”
Zhang Xuan placed the glass in front of his eyes, his gaze through the glass of wine, everything in front of him became psychedelic.
“In fact, I have made it very clear, from now on, I do not want to be involved in these conquests, and my wife to live an ordinary life, is the life I want, but someone just does not want to see me alive, you say, the person behind this curtain, is it Alex, or Ilza?”
Zhang Xuan raised two names, so that Bai Chi’s face changed violently.
These two names, uttered painlessly by Zhang Xuan, yet each one, could set off a huge storm in the underground world.
Alex, Ilza, known as the leader of hell, from this name can be seen, how powerful these two people are.
“It’s late today, I have to go home at night, tomorrow.” Zhang Xuan tilted his head, finished the wine in the cup, “tomorrow you go with me to the Stinging Rose, the man behind the curtain, no matter who it is, it is okay to move me, want to move my wife, you have to pay the price! Since he wants to test me, then let him take a good look, my anger is what kind of!”
In Yinzhou, Ning Province, under the surface calm, the wind was already rising.
The next morning, Zhang Xuan waited for Lin Qinghan to wake up, told Lin Qinghan that he would not go to the company today, and left home early, outside the Seaside Township, a global limited edition Aston Martin was waiting for him when it was just slightly light.
Lin Qinghan behaved very plainly nodded to Zhang Xuan, and when Zhang Xuan left, her small mouth pouted, “Stinky Zhang Xuan, don’t be so stingy!”
Today on the table, there was no breakfast prepared by Zhang Xuan, making Lin Pleasehan a little uncomfortable, those breakfast stalls, and Zhang Xuan’s handiwork, can not be compared at all.
After Lin Invitation Han arrived at Lin’s, he saw Nan Tian standing in front of the company.
“Qing Han, you’re finally here.” Nan Tian just saw Lin Qinghan’s car stop and walked over with big steps.
“What’s wrong?” Lin Qinghan asked strangely.
“It’s like this, there’s something that needs your help.” Nantian showed a hint of embarrassment, “This team suddenly gave the task to have a disaster relief exercise of rescuing hostages, I want to borrow your company’s building as the exercise site, you see ……”
Lin Qinghan did not expect this, thought about it, then nodded, “Yes, you name a time, I’ll just arrange it.”
“Qing Han, thank you so much.” Nantian’s face showed an excited look, “Is this afternoon okay? The drill will only take two hours.”
“Yes.” Lin Qinghan agreed, “Then let’s set it for 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. I’ll wait to arrange the time, do you need our company to do anything for you?”
“No, no.” Nantian waved his hand, “You can borrow your building, it is already a big help, how dare to trouble you again.”
“What do you mean by trouble, last time you helped me that big favor, it’s really trouble for you.” Lin Qinghan waved his hand carelessly, “Then you can contact me in advance when the time comes.”
After Nan Tian talked to Lin Qinghan about some matters, he left with a cheerful face.
After leaving Lin’s building, Nantian called Xiao Chen first, “Xiao Chen, arrange things down, just as we both discussed yesterday.”
“Don’t worry team Nan, absolutely no problem, I guarantee that after today, there will be no more that punk in Miss Lin’s eyes!” Xiao Chen said with confidence over the phone.
This time period, Zhang Xuan has left the city of Yinzhou and headed to the original city.
In Ning Province, the original city can be said to be quite a backward city, although it is a municipal unit, but its facilities, far from Yinzhou can not be compared.
It is built on a mountain, urbanization is not great, everywhere you go, you can see the shadow of the loess plateau.
“I didn’t expect that Thornberry would be here.” Bai Chi parked his car in front of a rare building in the original city and looked at the building in front of him, which was one of the several tallest buildings in the original city, “Compared to the rest of the underground forces, the existence of the Stinging Rose is considered rather bold.”
Zhang Xuan stepped down from the car and walked directly into the building.
This building, a total of eleven floors, similar to the existence of business buildings, each floor of the building has thousands of square meters of face base, the existence of several companies.
Zhang Xuan pressed the elevator, took Bai Chi with him, and walked towards the elevator.
On the top floor, only one company existed.
With an unknown ditty humming in his mouth, Bai Chi pressed the floor of the top floor and watched the elevator doors slowly close.
Just at the moment when the elevator door immediately closed, a figure appeared quickly in front of the elevator door, allowing the immediately closed elevator door to open.
Immediately after, Zhang Xuan and Bai Chi saw that more than ten strong men in suits, holding a total of a large handful of roses, flooded into the elevator, Zhang Xuan took a look, the roses, at least thousands.
These strong men into the elevator, regardless of the feelings of other people in the elevator, immediately squeezed Zhang Xuan and Bai Chi to the corner, not leaving a gap.
Immediately afterwards, a handsome looking young man, wearing a burgundy suit, walked into the elevator and straightened his tie.
“Young master!” These big men in suits holding roses immediately called out as soon as they saw the youth.
“Hmm.” The youth nodded in satisfaction, “Let’s go.”
A big man, pressed the eleventh floor level, the elevator door closed again and traveled towards the top.
White pool all over the body can not shake, said: “I say brothers, you so big in front of the empty space, can not squeeze us not?”
Bai Chi said this out, immediately ushered in a group of suits big man’s eyes, quite unkind, someone also deliberately squeezed towards Bai Chi this.
Bai Chi rolled his eyes, some speechless.
The good thing is that the eleventh floor is not high, just twenty seconds, the elevator stopped, all those big men from the elevator surged out.
“Let’s go.” Zhang Xuan greeted Bai Chi and also walked out of the elevator.

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