Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 193

As soon as Zhang Xuan and Bai Chi both exited the elevator, they saw the door sign of a company.
Xuan Jian Entertainment.
Bai Chi laughed a little, “Who would have thought that the Stinging Rose, a killer organization full of women, would engage in such a gimmick of an entertainment company?”
The two saw that in front of the company’s door, those strong men in suits just now, had placed the roses in their hands in the shape of a peach heart, and the handsome young man in a burgundy suit was standing in the middle of the peach heart.
The glass door of the company opened, a woman in a light blue dress came out of the door, this woman’s long dress trailing the ground, this dress that only appears at parties, at this moment on her body, does not look abrupt at all, hair pulled up, noble temperament, beautiful features, is an uncompromising beauty, she moves gracefully, a glance, all touching the heart.
The moment he saw this blue-skirted woman, the youth’s face became extraordinarily excited.
“Blue heart, the nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine roses you want, I have prepared, everything you said, I will do it! You ……”
“Huh.” The blue-skirted woman covered her mouth and gave a soft laugh, “Young Xu, I’m kidding with you, you really prepared so many roses?”
The youth showed a pleasing smile, “Blue heart, even if it’s your joke, as long as you want, I will give my best to satisfy, we have known each other for so long, do you still do not understand my heart?”
As the youth spoke, his face was undisguisedly born of love and admiration.
Zhang Xuan and Bai Chi both stood at the entrance of the elevator, looking at the scene in front of them.
Bai Chi laughed: “This kid really has the guts to show love to the white rose, when the time comes, I guess I don’t even know how to die.”
Among the prickly rose, there are two leaders, the second leader of the black rose, the first leader, white rose.
These two roses, both beautiful and extraordinary, but also equally prickly hands.
The youth stood in that rose petals piled up into the heart of the peach, a deep face to the white rose confession.
White pool shook his head, “I finally know why the prickly rose when appearing like scattering roses, so it is someone else to send ah.”
White pool while saying, while walking towards the door of that company.
The youth is still deep in what he said, he heard an impatient voice from behind himself, “buddy, first let.”
White pool patted the youth’s shoulder, followed by a handful of youth from the rose composed of peach heart pulled out.
The youth is a deep confession, so suddenly interrupted by someone, a look of displeasure at the white pool, “boy, you who ah!”
White pool ignored the youth, looked at the woman in front of him and asked, “Your name is Blue Heart?”
White Rose nodded her head.
“Nice name.” Bai Chi smiled as he took out a card and flashed it at White Rose.
With just a glance, White Rose’s face changed, and there was no one in the underground world who didn’t recognize the fanged ghost face mask.
“My brother and I would like to find you somewhere unoccupied to have a good chat.” Bai Chi said to White Rose with a smile on his face.
“Okay.” White Rose did not hesitate in the slightest and nodded in response, not even looking at the youth surnamed Xu any longer.
White pool gaze swept to white rose that dragged the floor above the long skirt, glanced at the mouth, “your skirt is too long, look a bit obtrusive, the summer, the girls should wear short skirts.”
Hearing this, white rose on the spot will grab their own skirt, force a rip.
Listen to the “tear” sound.
The light blue floor-length skirt was torn by White Rose’s own hands, turning into a short skirt revealing snow-white thighs, the original flamboyant temperament, at this moment became somewhat enchanting.
“OK.” White Chi nodded in satisfaction and waved his hand at White Rose, “Let’s go.”
White Rose obediently followed behind Bai Chi and walked towards the elevator.
The young man in a burgundy suit looked dumbfounded at the scene in front of him, he had a slight impression of Bai Chi and Zhang Xuan, just entering the elevator, his own bodyguard squeezed these two people in the corner, but he did not expect that the goddess he had been pursuing for so long, but so obediently listened to the words of these two people, the other party just a sentence skirt is too long, let his goddess hands to tear off the long skirt, and left alone with these two men!
This scene occurred, let his heart feel a burst of madness, that frustration a burst of attack.
This thing that can make the burgundy suit youth depressed for a long time, for white pool, just an episode, he let white rose to tear off the skirt, just completely upset just this youth’s bodyguard is too cross.
In the elevator, white rose looked at the two young men in front of her, did not say a word.
Zhang Xuan reached out, pressed all the buttons from the tenth to the first floor, and the elevator opened the doors at each floor, and then slowly closed them to the next floor.
“A question, before the elevator to the first floor, you can not come up with an answer that satisfies me, the prickly rose is no longer necessary to exist.” Zhang Xuan snapped his fingers, “Who told you to go to Silver City?”
When asking this question, Zhang Xuan clearly saw that White Rose’s body underwent a slight tremor.
Such a simple action of the white rose made Zhang Xuan’s heart sink a lot.
If it was just an ordinary commission, white rose definitely would not have such a big reaction, from her slight body shaking can be seen, she received a commission, but also absolutely from a role she can not afford to provoke.
White pool in Zhang Xuan asked the question, did not make a sound.
Zhang Xuan also did not speak, eyes on the floor buttons in the elevator, watching the numbers darken one by one, proving that the elevator is descending one by one.
When the number of the fourth floor darkened, white rose’s body, trembling more and more powerful.
Some people, the name alone, have enough deterrent effect on others.
The Hellwalkers, then, have such a deterrent power.
Their appearance, without having to do anything at all, will make people feel fearful.
In the underground world, there is a strict hierarchy, Stinging Rose, only belongs to the lowest kind of underground forces, while the Hell Walker, which is swimming in the top of the level.
The elevator descends another level, and the button belonging to the third floor goes out.
Zhang Xuan looked at White Rose, “There is still one last floor, think it over.”
White Rose remained silent.
Time passed second by second, with a ding, the button of the first floor in the elevator went out, and the elevator door slowly opened.
Looking at the first floor lobby in front of her, White Rose’s beautiful pupils began to dilate.
“Go to the top floor.” Zhang Xuan spoke in a flat tone, and with a flick of his wrist, the camera inside the elevator turned into a snowflake shape.
Bai Chi nodded, and saw him take out a fanged ghost face mask from his back waist, and put it on his face.
White Rose’s body, shaking more and more powerful.

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