Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1950

“He, count as me and the child of fallen angels!”
Zhang Xuan looked at Xiao Hei Tan lightly.
From a certain point of view, the mother of the God Infant Demon Boy should indeed be a fallen angel.
Although Zhang Xuan’s bloodline power created the consciousness of the god infant and demon boy, he still used all the things to give him a supernatural power.
But the god infant and devil boy, after all, was conceived from the jade cocoon transformed from the body of the fallen angel.
Moreover, there is still a touch of fallen angel’s divine consciousness remaining on him.
This divine consciousness, so that Shen Ying Mo Tong is not completely controlled by Zhang Xuan.
Therefore, tracing back to the source, the mother of the God Infant Demon Boy should be regarded as a fallen angel!
“What? What did you do to the fallen angel body?||” Tracy asked in surprise.
“What do you think?”
Zhang Xuan was speechless, “I just used the body of a fallen angel to refine a clone, this child!”
Tracy was even more dazed.
This mystery is really weird!
When he was in the land of the ancestors, his vision was quite satisfactory, with the gods and sea gods on the other side of the bridge.
But now, in his vision, there is no Shenhaishen Bridge, only one side and the other side of the earth.
How long has Zhang Xuan been hit hard by himself? Not only did he return to the Cloud Realm, but he also entered the half-step to see the sky. It was really terrifying!
You know, ordinary monks, from the cloud-riding realm into the half-step to see the sky, but have to go through a long time
What is even more bizarre is that Zhang Xuan actually used the body of a fallen angel to refining a avatar child.
This child, unlike others’ clones, seems to have his own conscious thoughts!
It’s really like Zhang Xuan’s son!
“Okay, let’s play with you till here”
Zhang Xuan looked at Tracy coldly and suddenly shouted, “Xuan Tian Jie!”
The Nine Tribulations Sword in his hand shook out.
I saw that the rust in the second quarter flew off in pieces!
The three characters “Xuan Tian Jie” are revealed!
“The Profound Heaven and Earth Huang, the center of life, the power of the three talents, turned into nine lights, this is the Profound Heaven Tribulation!
The world will meet!
Countless dark clouds suddenly gathered on top of Zhang Xuan’s head!
The surrounding spirits also gathered towards Zhang Xuan!
The aura and the black mist in the dark clouds rushed into the second quarter of the Nine Tribulations Sword madly!
The earth is also shaking!
This piece of heaven and earth, it seems that at the end of the world, it is about to fall apart!
Zhang Xuan Qing Ho.
A wave of profound waves, like ten thousand horses galloping!
Before he could blink, he was already in front of Tracy!
Tracy was taken aback, and the golden land behind him immediately released golden light!
In the golden light, there is a faint cross shield, which is about to be formed!
Although Zhang Xuan unlocked the “Xuantian Tribulation” in the second quarter of the Nine Tribulations Sword, Tracy, as a strong seer and an elder of the Holy Cross, is also extraordinary!
This cross golden shield is the unique magical power that Tracy has realized after reaching the realm of seeing the sky, unique.
Once formed, even if it is stronger than the one who sees the sky, it cannot be broken!
It can be said to be the strongest in the world!
In the face of Zhang Xuan’s mysterious catastrophe, Tracy must use her own housekeeping skills, and dare not give it any more!
“Your golden cross shield is indeed very strong, but”
Suddenly, Zhang Xuan’s voice rang in Tracy’s ears.
Tracy was taken aback.
His time seems to be stagnant!
The golden light radiating from the earth on the other side of him also stopped immediately, just when his golden cross shield was still not condensed.
After a second, this stagnation disappeared!
Although it is only a second, it is enough!
Master duel, victory or defeat, is between the electric light and flint!
Many things can be done in one second.
Can change, the whole battle!
What’s more, see the confrontation at the level of the strong.
One second, life and death can be determined!
Sure enough, it was only delayed for a second, and Tracy’s golden cross shield was still unformed, and that landslide and tsunami-like profound wave passed through his body!
Tracy, shock!
The vision and phantom behind him were also rushed by Xuanbo!
The blue sea of ​​Gods, set off a huge wave!
The ivory tower collapsed directly!
On the other side of the golden earth, the palace also fell to the ground!
The cross on the spire of the tower broke into several pieces!
Even the white clouds above the blue sky suddenly gathered together and turned into a large mass, tumbling and surging crazily, as if being irritated by the profound wave!
On the same day, Tracy used his avatar to destroy Zhang Xuan’s supernatural powers with three punches.
Today, Zhang Xuan’s three swords also ruined Tracy!
Javier must be reported, this is what the strong can do!
A bloody arrow shot in Tracy’s mouth!
“How could you stop my time?”
Unbelievably, he looked at Zhang Xuan, who was calm and relaxed.
“It’s just a rule that controls the will of time!”
Zhang Xuan sighed indifferently, “I thought I could block you for a few seconds, but I didn’t expect it, but only one second!”
“You just saw the sky in half a step, and you shouldn’t have this ability. What kind of opportunity did you get?”
“You don’t need to know this anymore”
Zhang Xuan’s body is full of white light!
With the Nine Tribulations Sword in his hand, profound energy rushes!
Above the devil boy’s head, the tornado rolled up by the black mist rushed straight into the sky!
Their father and son, are going to make a shocking blow!
Kill the strong in the sky!
Tracy snorted coldly, then yelled, “Ho!”
The tumbling clouds above the blue sky flew over the heads of Zhang Xuan and his son!
The white clouds are constantly changing, and finally, they condense into a white cross!
On the cross, the holy light shone all over the place, covering Zhang Xuan and his son.
Within Zhang Xuan’s half-step into the blue sky, suddenly the wind was surging!
The dark cloud shrouded in a corner suddenly gushed out, spread out, and covered the entire blue sky!
It completely covered the red glow on the white clouds.
The vibrant land on the other shore was suddenly dimmed.
The mountains faded, the rivers stagnated, and the flowers and trees began to wither at a speed visible to the naked eye!
Even the god beads are turning slowly
The most terrifying thing is that the black tornado on the devil boy’s body was suppressed by the holy light emitted by the white cross.
The magic boy’s hair suddenly fell under his feet!
“Zhang Xuan, although your strength really surprised me, my Holy Cross magical powers are the most precious magical powers in our Holy Cross Sect. Can your side sects compete with my Holy Cross?” Tracy said in a deep voice.
This “Holy Cross” is their holy cross sect, the ancient non-passing exercises passed down in the same line!
Only those who have been promoted to the level of elders will be able to pass on this unspoken magical power and order their guardians to preach!
Since Tracy was granted this supernatural power, he has never used it.
Because the Great Thousand Realm can let him use the ultimate assassin at his level, which is one of the few!
At this moment, Tracy was badly wounded and was breathing in danger.
Sure enough, “Holy Cross” did not disappoint Tracy, and completely suppressed Zhang Xuan’s supernatural powers!
Zhang Xuan smiled indifferently.
“Playing the cross in front of the fallen angel’s son? Are you funny?”
“Idiot, come out to wash the floor!”

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