Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1952

“Master! It’s okay to go and see the heat!”
“During this period of time, many people have never been out of the Valley of Hundred Flowers, and they are suffocated!”
“Yes! Take us around!”
Zhu Qian and all the disciples of Baiyimen all yelled.
Huaqian turned his head and looked at Zhang Xuan for consultation.
“Forbidden Zone Alliance Big Horn must be very interesting, let’s go take a look!”
Zhang Xuan thought, muttering to himself.
Zhu Qian shouted happily.
They knew that Zhang Xuan had the final say in Baiyimen now!
A few days later, the holy imperial city.
On top of Dan, the palace hall where only the Holy Emperor usually sits alone, today there are three golden dragon chairs lined up with three emperors.
In the center is the emperor of the holy dynasty Sheng Yingwu, the left hand is the emperor of the Great Xia Dynasty Xia Hou, and the right hand is the emperor of the Yunlei Dynasty, Yun Jiuxiao.
“Holy Emperor, Emperor Yun and I are guests from afar, so we should sit in the first guest seat. How can we be by your side?”
Xia Xia Hou spoke very politely, but on the face he was unhappy.
He is actually very dissatisfied with his current seat.
Although the three emperors are sitting on top of Dan, Sheng Yingwu sits in the middle c, which is obviously higher.
And he and Yun Jiuxiao are like entourage, accompanied by Sheng Yingwu, he is naturally not convinced!
“Emperor Xia, there are three legs in the Great Thousand Realm. How dare I sit on it and let the two of you sit down?”
Where can Sheng Yingwu fail to hear the meaning in Xia Hou’s words?
However, he continued without a smile: “You and Lord Yun, being able to come to my holy city in person to participate in the big horns of the Forbidden Zone Alliance can be said to give me a lot of face, and I naturally have to treat the two of them well!”
“Holy Emperor, we are not here to participate in the Forbidden Zone Alliance Big Horn!”
Xia Xia Hou simply lowered his face, “As everyone knows, the restricted area is in the Daxia Dynasty. Since ancient times, people from the Daxia Dynasty have entered the restricted area to suppress the unrest!”
“Now you have come up with what kind of forbidden zone alliance big horn, you want to select a group of masters to enter the forbidden zone, and suppress the unrest. Moreover, you have not discussed with me beforehand. This is too much of my Daxia Dynasty. “Xiamen Hou Yue said, the colder his face.
“Emperor Xia, you have misunderstood!”
Sheng Yingwu slapped haha, “Although I did not ventilate you with this matter, I have discussed it with Emperor Yun!”
Xia Hou looked at Yun Jiuxiao curiously.
“Yes! We discussed it!” Yun Jiuxiao directly admitted coldly, showing a bad face.
“Emperor Xia, the turmoil in the restricted area is the common calamity of our Great Thousand Realms, but your Great Xia Dynasty has always been responsible for suppressing it. Our two dynasties have long been troubled!”
Sheng Yingwu continued to smile and said: “So this time, I discussed with Emperor Yun to convene this forbidden zone alliance big horn, intending to select the masters in our territory to help you in the Great Xia Dynasty and suppress the unrest!”
“We are kind, so I won’t notify you in advance!”
“Thank you, kindness, no need to help!
Xia Xia Hou waved his hand, “The turmoil in the restricted area is the internal affairs of our Great Xia Dynasty. Don’t worry about it, we can naturally suppress it!”
Sheng Yingwu and Yun Jiuxiao looked at each other.
“Emperor Xia, I heard that a few days ago, there was a shocking movement in the restricted area. This turmoil is different from the past. You can’t be careless!” Sheng Yingwu frowned.
“Yes! It would be bad if your Daxia Dynasty entrusted you to let the things in the restricted area come out and plunder the Great Thousand Realms!”
Yun Jiuxiao also said coldly, “According to ancient legends, the things in the forbidden zone can only destroy the heavens and the earth. It is very terrifying! Once it comes out, it can destroy our three thousand realms, and we also do it for the whole three thousand. For the sake of the safety of the world, otherwise, we won’t care about your Daxia’s nostalgia!”
When Xia Xia Hou heard this, he laughed, “The two emperors are a bit unreasonable! Although the things in the restricted area are indeed terrible, but for thousands of years, our Great Xia Dynasty has suppressed those things, and has never made any compromises. They have been out!”
“This time, although the movement in the restricted area is a bit loud, I will send the prince to lead people to suppress it. There will definitely be no problem!”
“Prince?” Shengying Wu smiled slightly, “Prince Xia, I don’t know which prince you plan to send to the forbidden zone to suppress the unrest this time? I heard that your most capable six prince was in the last Hundred Gate Conference. In the middle, was taken away by the old Demon Yinshan!”
“This” Xia Hou was taken aback.
“Huh! Your six most powerful princes can disappear in the heavily guarded Daxia Imperial City. Other princes are capable of suppressing the bottom line of the restricted area?”
Yun Jiuxiao coldly snorted, “You Daxia Dynasty, are you afraid that one generation is not as good as one generation?”
Xia Xia Hou’s face suddenly couldn’t hold back, “No matter what you say, suppressing the turmoil in the restricted area is our Daxia Dynasty’s own business, and it has nothing to do with you!”
“Even if my son is not effective, the old man will go down the restricted area himself! I will never let the things in the restricted area come out to harm the three thousand realms!”
“Emperor Xia, what exactly is in this restricted area?” Sheng Yingwu frowned again, “For thousands of years, your Great Xia Dynasty has entered the restricted area for generations to suppress turmoil, but never told us that there is something inside. what’s the situation?”
“Don’t say it.” Xia Hou said coldly.
“Can’t tell? Is there any hidden secret?”
“Since I have said the unspeakable, there is naturally a reason for the unspeakable, you don’t need to ask again!” Xia Hou was a little impatient.
Yun Jiuxiao on the other side laughed loudly, “Emperor Xia, the situation in the restricted area, I am afraid that it is not unspeakable, but you are guilty of conscience, don’t you want to say?”
“What do you mean?”
“I heard that in the forbidden area, it is not a place of horror and chaos at all, but a place of inheritance with great opportunities! Every time your Daxia Dynasty enters the forbidden area, it is not to suppress the chaos, but to get it. inherited!”
Xia Xia Hou suddenly stood up and said, “Yun Jiuxiao, who do you listen to, is there an opportunity for inheritance in the restricted area?”
“Since there is no chance for inheritance, why don’t you dare to tell the situation inside?” Yun Jiuxiao also stood up abruptly, “You are not a guilty conscience?”
“Forget it, forget it, the two emperors stay calm, sit down and say something!”
Sheng Yingwu also stood up and persuaded Xia Xiahou and Yun Jiuxiao to sit down.
“Emperor Xia, don’t blame Emperor Yun for being suspicious. If there really is a chance for inheritance in the restricted area, it belongs to our entire three thousand realms, and your Daxia dynasty cannot be monopolized!”
Sheng Yingwu pretended to be serious and earnest, “Since you said that there is no inheritance in the restricted area, then tell us all about the situation inside to prove innocence!”
Xia Xia Hou looked around after hearing this, looking at everyone in the hall with a frosty face.

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