Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1960

“Your name is Xiaobao, right? Auntie, can I get you some petals to play with?” Mrs. Wu Yun smiled and raised the colorful umbrella.
“Yeah! Yeah!”
The god baby nodded expectantly and excitedly.
“Okay, here comes it!”
Mrs. Wu Yun smiled like a peach and plum, and flew up in the sky, the colorful umbrella in her hand was spinning!
Suddenly, countless colorful petals flew out from under the umbrella, like a goddess scattered flowers, falling down, enveloping the god infant.
Shen Ying stretched out two fat little hands, picked up the petals, put them under his nose and smelled it, raised his head and squinted his eyes, his small face was full of intoxication.
Madam Wuyun’s face changed slightly!
The colorful umbrella in his hand suddenly turned crazily!
Under the umbrella, dense petals rushed out, spinning and falling!
The body of the god baby has become a sea of ​​colorful petals!
The god infant yelled in excitement, flew up, and flew around in the sea of ​​flowers, enjoying it very much!
Madam Wu Yun’s face suddenly became dark!
“Does this Madam Wuyun really come up to play with Little Treasure?”
“You know what a fart! The colorful petals of Mrs. Wuyun seem to be beautiful, but in fact they have great magical powers. For ordinary people, those who encounter them will die, and those who run into them will die!”
“Wrong, look at the petals falling on the ring! The ring is corroded!”
When someone reminded me like this, everyone looked at the ring.
Sure enough, the petals that fell on the ring gave rise to puffs of light smoke, burning and corroding small pits on the ring!
On the ring, countless light smoke suddenly appeared, and it seemed to be highly poisonous!
“Little treasure! Be careful! Those cigarettes are poisonous!”
Saint Nalan stood up nervously and shouted.
The god infant smiled nonchalantly, cocked his nose, and sucked hard!
The light smoke on the ring was all sucked into his nose!
The God-Infant opened a small breath, and there was still a hint of smoke out!
Over the arena, one hundred thousand people onlookers suddenly exclaimed!
Mrs. Wu Yun snorted, closed the colorful umbrella, and danced like a sword.
Seeing, among the flowers on the other side of her, a colorful cloud suddenly appeared!
It is composed of countless colorful petals!
“go with!”
Mrs. Wuyun slapped, the colorful umbrella pointed at the god infant!
The cloud of colorful petals suddenly turned into a rainbow, rushing towards the god infant!
The god infant looked up and looked at the rainbow of petals flying in the sky, with a look of hope!
However, his body seemed involuntarily, with a holy white light.
In the blink of an eye, the rainbow had already rushed to the body of the god infant!
However, I saw that the colorful petals fell upon the holy light around the god infant body!
There is no petal that can penetrate the holy light!
The god infant opened his arms and was intoxicated by the colorful petals that came towards his face!
Above the corner field, there was another uproar!
“This kid is not afraid of Madam Wuyun’s colorful rain of flowers?”
“His magical powers can’t even directly confront someone who is strong in the sky. This kid’s body protection light can actually resist?”
“How did this kid get born? It’s really amazing!”
Everyone looked at the god baby and admired.
In the hands of the god infant, I don’t know when, the lightsaber appeared again, glowing with holy light.
The god infant dances the holy lightsaber, and the situation changes suddenly!
The rainbow of petals danced along with it!
The god infant uses the holy lightsaber to lead the rainbow of petals, flying around in the sky, like pulling a huge ribbon!
Have a great time!
Seeing Mrs. Wuyun in front of him, the god infant screamed, “Ha!”
Suddenly, the petal rainbow, like a flood bursting its bank, rushed towards Madam Wuyun!
Mrs. Wu Yun Wan Wanren thought that her petal rainbow would actually turn against him!
She quickly held up the colorful umbrella!
The petal frenzy, like a jet of water!
Madam Wuyun’s colorful umbrella couldn’t help shaking violently!
On the umbrella surface, numerous small holes were corroded by the petals!
There was a blue smoke!
Mrs. Wu Yun was anxious, holding the colorful umbrella in both hands, turning quickly!
On the multicolored umbrella, a multicolored light was suddenly released.
The rushing petals were blocked by the multicolored umbrella and swirled into a sea of ​​flowers. It was really beautiful!
The god infant clapped and shouted excitedly, the lightsaber in his hand was long gone.
Ten minutes later, the rainbow of petals was completely blocked by Mrs. Wu Yun.
The sky was full of colorful petals, and there was a petal shower!
Madam Wu Yun breathed a sigh of relief.
She raised her hand to see, but saw that the colorful umbrella in her hand was already riddled with holes and several ribs were broken!
“Boy! You actually ruined my colorful umbrella!”
Madam Wu Yun screamed through gritted teeth.
The god infant still clapped and cheered.
“I must kill you! To solve my hatred!”
Mrs. Wuyun connected her hands with the Dharma seal, “Go to hell!”
She screamed hysterically and completely lost her mind!
There was a burst of thunder! !
Seeing, in the blue sky of Madam Wuyun, the wind is surging!
The white clouds gathered quickly and suddenly flew over to the head of the god infant!
The situation is changing, and the colorful rays in the white clouds are getting more and more prosperous, and finally, the white clouds become colorful clouds!
The colorful clouds cover the sky and the sun, and the momentum is terrifying!
Everyone took a closer look, and the colorful clouds were clearly composed of countless colorful petals!
“Mrs. Wuyun, unexpectedly used the most powerful magical power to see the sky in half a step!”
“Her supernatural powers are almost catching up with the strong people who see the sky!”
“This little treasure is definitely going to die this time!”
Everyone is now worried about the god baby.
Mrs. Wu Yun, but her hands were still crazily knotted with Dharma seals.
The colorful cloud of petals in the sky gradually condenses and changes, and finally, it becomes a huge colorful phoenix composed of petals!
“Go! Kill him for me!!”
Mrs. Wuyun, yelling hysterically again!
A phoenix!
Seeing Caifeng’s wings shook, she swooped down!
The giant beak, peck at the god infant!
Only then did the god-baby seem surprised, spread his wings and flew high, avoiding Caifeng’s huge beak!
Compared to Caifeng, which is nearly a kilometer long, the god baby is like a clever little bee!
Mrs. Wu Yun can finally laugh proudly, “It’s just a suckling kid, what magical powers can you have? Zhang Yi, you take him now, kneel at my feet begging for mercy, and then lose my colorful umbrella. I will spare him not to kill!”
“I’m afraid you are thinking too much!”
Zhang Xuan is still standing like Yuan Zhenyue, standing proudly on the ring with his hands, frowning faintly, and looking at Shen Ying, “You have angered him now, so you should quickly think about how you will run for your life later!”
Mrs. Wuyun, look at the god infant!

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