Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 197

Helicopter landing, Nantian first time to remove the safety rope on the body, fully armed with people, rushed into the building.
Five minutes before the start of the exercise, the elevator had stopped, they could only rush up through the stairs of the fire escape.
The fire spread rapidly under the effect of the gale, when Nantian and others rushed to the sixteenth floor, found that the fire had spread to the seventeenth floor of the building.
This scene, watching the anxiety in the hearts of Nantian and others, no one expected that a drill, but turned out to be so.
The seventeenth floor was on fire, so what about the eighteenth floor? What about the eighteenth floor!
Nantian looked up, looked there, the fire was bright, Lin Qinghan, still trapped there!
The flames burned to the fire escape, Nantian led the men, against the fire, rushed up to the seventeenth floor, between the seventeenth and eighteenth floors, a completely locked fire door, completely blocked their way.
Through the security door, Nantian saw the heavy black smoke across the street.
“Boom, boom, boom!”
Several consecutive explosions, one after another glass could not withstand the heat and burst open.
The flames seemed to have found a vent, raging madly into the building, the fire, as if it had gotten out of hand.
The fire truck received the alarm call and drove to the floor of Lin’s building, but the height of the fire is really not the fire truck can reach.
Eighteen floors in.
The dense black smoke made Lin please Han could not open her eyes, she tried to lower her body, ran to the bathroom, took off her shirt, soaked water and covered her mouth and nose, dense beads of sweat emerged on the woman’s fair skin, she kept giving out coughs, wearing only a snug clothing, hiding in the bathroom, which had a vent to allow her to catch her breath a little.
Lin Qinghan with anxiety in her eyes, the phone fell to the ground in the process of just escaping, simply too late to pick it up.
At this moment, the eighteenth floor is completely covered by fire, the door of the fire escape, simply can not open.
Now Lin Qinghan, only feel a dizzy head, limbs limp and weak, at any time may fall down.
“Break the door! Break the door!”
Nantian stood in front of the fire door and roared loudly, but the strength of this fire door, how can it be easily broken open.
All along, Lin’s has a high priority on the fire work, the fire door will be checked twice a week, if not for Xiao Chen deliberately moved to leave Nantian a chance to perform, this fire door will not be locked at all.
A burst of heat came from behind Nantian, he looked back, the flames had reached behind them and were spreading towards them, and the dense smoke made them unable to see what was happening in front of them.
“South team, can’t go on like this, this door can’t be broken at all, we have to think of other ways!”
“Way! What way!” Nantian hidden under the fireproof mask of that face has been twisted, the woman he likes, still trapped inside ah! In this form, every second she stays, there will be one more point of danger!
A strong explosion came, standing in the safe passage, Nan Tian and others felt a tremor under their feet, do not know what was detonated inside the building, a wave of gas came straight to the safe passage.
“South team! To evacuate first, there are explosives in the building, quickly!”
Xiao Chen pulled Nantian’s arm and forcibly pulled him down to the seventeenth floor.
Now, the seventeenth floor was completely on fire, and the fire burned towards the sixteenth floor.
From the outside, the entire upper part of Lin’s building was already red and could collapse at any time in general.
Lin Qinghan hid in the bathroom, covered in sweat and her fair skin was dirty from the smoke in the air, her eyes were misty and she forced herself not to close her eyes, in this case, once she closed her eyes, there was a good chance that she would never wake up again.
A limited edition Aston Martin was driving on the streets of Silver State.
“Boss, you’re changing a bit too much now, right, this just came back to report to your sister-in-law?” Bai Chi was holding an expensive cigar, “Do you still have a little bit of the king’s demeanor?”
“Bullshit king, what man needs style in front of his own wife.” Zhang Xuan glanced at his mouth.
“Boss, look, that’s on fire!” Bai Chi reached out and pointed.
The two people in the car had not yet reached the CBD commercial center when they saw the fire burning high above.
“That seems to be sister-in-law’s company!”
“It’s Lin’s building!” Zhang Xuan’s face changed, “Quick, accelerate!”
The Aston Martin let out a roar, and in less than a minute, came to the outer streets of the CBD business center.
Zhang Xuan could not say anything, the car was not stable, he opened the door and rushed out, sprinted all the way to Lin’s downstairs, when he saw those colleagues are standing outside, he was relieved a lot.
After searching around in the crowd, Zhang Xuan saw the figure of Li Na, went over and asked, “How did the fire, where is General Lin?”
“Mr. Lin …… Mr. Lin ……” Li Na’s face was all anxious, “Mr. Lin is still upstairs!”
Zhang Xuan’s face changed violently, he looked upwards, with his eyesight, he could clearly see the highest three floors of Lin’s building, had been covered by fire, black smoke thick.
Without even thinking about it, Zhang Xuan dove head first into the middle of Lin’s building.
“Zhang Xuan! There’s no way to get in!” Li Na shouted.
For Li Na’s cry, Zhang Xuan as if he did not hear, he rushed into the building, did not even think about taking the elevator, rushed into the fire escape, and flew upward.
At the corner of the eighth floor, Zhang Xuan ran into Nantian and others who had just come down from the upper floors.
Zhang Xuan swept a glance at them and did not stop moving for a moment.
“Zhang Xuan, you can’t go up there!” Nan Tian reached out and pulled Zhang Xuan, but Zhang Xuan waved it away with one hand.
“Team Nan, if he wants to die, let him go!” Xiao Chen glared at Zhang Xuan, and the moment he saw Zhang Xuan, he blamed Zhang Xuan for all of today’s events.
If this punk hadn’t married Miss Lin, how could he have come up with such a solution, and now with such a big mistake, disciplinary action is absolutely impossible to escape, everything, because of this punk!
Zhang Xuan rushed all the way to the sixteenth floor, the smoke in front of him completely obscured his vision, the top three floors of Lin’s building, has been completely burning.
In the seventeenth and eighteenth floors of the junction out, the fire door blocked Zhang Xuan’s way, the door handle was burned red, Zhang Xuan grabbed it with one hand, he felt a burning pain from the palm of his hand, he did not let go of the door handle, but pressed down hard, but to no avail.
The entire fire door, already because of the fire, and was burned out of shape, simply can not open.
Zhang Xuan held his breath, kicked hard on the door, the fire door sent a tremor, still can not open.
Several consecutive kicks up, you can see, the fire door has appeared countless footprints, but still stand firm in front, can not open.

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