Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 203

Zhang Xuan listened to Qiu Yu’s explanation, dumbfounded smile.
But think about it, now this society, a girl just graduated, on a million car, indeed, will make people think of other bad things, and then again, today is the opening of Qiu Yu’s friend KTV, her friend should be the protagonist today, the results of Qiu Yu drive a will into two million cars, that is not the thunder all steal it.
Zhang Xuan and Qiu Yu stood here for a while, saw a group of men and women came over, all very young, led by a young girl as soon as she saw Qiu Yu, said hello.
“Xiaoyu, you’re here so early, who is this?” The young girl walking in the forefront took a glance at Zhang Xuan.
“This is Brother Zhang, my colleague.” Qiu Yu introduced to the young men and women, “Brother Zhang, this is Fu Lele, this KTV, she owns it.”
“Hello pretty girl.” Zhang Xuan greeted with Fu Lele, while observing, this Fu Lele, the clothes on the body are brand-name, but can be seen, her palms, there are two old calluses, and calluses where it belongs to the tiger mouth kind of hidden place, this is often work to wear out.
From this point Zhang Xuan can analyze, this Fu Lele before the family should not be very good, only recently transit, wearing a brand-name, opened a KTV.
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.
“That Lele, our company’s car can’t be lent out, but Zhang said he would help us find a car.” Qiu Yu said to Fu Lele with some apology.
“Oh.” Once heard Qiu Yu said so, Fu Lele showed some disappointment, for Qiu Yu said Zhang Xuan can help find a car, Fu Lele is not interested, such an ordinary dressed person, he can find what car ah? Those more than 100,000 broken cars, laid over is not enough to lose face.
“I say Qiu Yu ah, Lele KTV opening such a big thing, how can you so not take it to heart ah.”
“That is to say.” The men and women who are following Fu Lele, at this time are also voiced, “all thought you can find the car, the results fell off the chain at the critical time.”
Listening to these words, Qiu Yu bowed his head and did not speak.
At this time, a white looking, ordinary dressed young man trotted over, “Lele, Lele, I’m not late, right?”
Once he saw this young man, Qiu Yu’s face suddenly became ruffled, this small change, naturally, did not escape Zhang Xuan’s eyes, Zhang Xuan guessed that this should be Qiu Yu’s sweetheart.
“Wu Jun, you are the slowest to come, you are still chasing Lele, what can you catch up with?” A girl standing behind Fu Lele said with her hands on her chest.
Wu Jun awkwardly reached out and scratched the back of his head, “Sorry, Lele, I just took my leave.”
Fu Lele eyes with a disgusted look at Wu Jun, “Okay, look at your sloppy look, what clothes are you wearing, go buy a new one and put it on.”
While saying that, Fu Lele flung out a thousand yuan to Wu Jun.
“Okay, okay, I’ll go now.” Wu Jun was full of joy as he took the money and trotted off to buy clothes.
Seeing this scene, Qiu Yu’s face brushed white.
“Well, the opening ceremony is scheduled for five o’clock, it’s still early, let’s go in and have some fun.” Fu Lele disdainfully looked at Wu Jun, then waved her hand and greeted everyone to sing inside her KTV.
A group of people chose the largest box, Fu Lele even let the waiter put the drinks on at random.
Qiu Yu took a bottle of drink, sitting aside and drinking by himself.
“What, depressed?” An ordinary-looking girl sat next to Qiu Yu.
“No.” Qiu Yu shook his head.
“Come on, you look like this, anyone can see that there is something wrong, because of Wu Jun?” The girl asked a question.
Qiu Yu was silent and did not speak.
The girl patted Qiu Yu’s shoulder, “Xiao Yu ah, I know, all along, you have a good feeling about Wu Jun, but now, we have just graduated, looking for places to intern, which is still as simple as in school ah, before Lele has always liked Wu Jun, but Wu Jun see Lele’s family poor, refused Lele several times, the result some time ago, Lele’s old house demolition, lost As soon as Wu Jun knew the news, he immediately came to pursue Lele, and now as long as Lele gives him money, as you can see, he has to be more obedient.”
The girl’s words in the ears of Qiu Yu, let her feel a heartbreak, she really did not expect, Wu Jun is such a person.
“Xiao Yu, do you think, some time ago, Wu Jun still often sent you messages?” The girl asked.
Qiu Yu nodded silently.
“At that time, he just see you find a good job, want you to help him also into the Lin, only suddenly contact you, you do not know, those girls in the class, he asked all over again.”
The girl was talking, Wu Jun opened the door of the private room, he was wearing a new set of clothes, walked in.
Pay Lele took a look at Wu Jun, nodded in satisfaction, “OK, not bad, by the way, you used to be quite versatile, how about singing a song for us?”
“Good, Lele you say anything is good.” Wu Jun nodded repeatedly, did not have the slightest intention to refuse.
Qiu Yu looked at Wu Jun’s appearance, his eyes showed heartache.
I still remember how sunny this big boy was at school, he liked to hold a guitar, sitting on a stone bench under a big tree and singing, at that time there were so many girls would gather around him, there were people who sketched him, at that time he was holding a basketball, galloping on the court, heroic.
But now, you can no longer see the sunny boy once.
Zhang Xuan sat next to Qiu Yu, softly spoke, “school life, just a person’s life * only, when out of campus, you can see the world in all its forms, after all, people in school, will still have beautiful fantasies, and when they face reality will find that those fantasies, not even a full meal.”
Qiu Yu bit his lips, nodded, and looked at Wu Jun who was standing there singing, his eyes were a little red.
A group of people were having fun in the box, but not many people paid attention to Qiu Yu and Zhang Xuan.
In itself, they also think that Qiu Yu went to Lin’s internship, mixed quite well, it turns out that she can not even borrow the company’s car, it seems to be an ordinary small staff, and what the surname Zhang, have been working for so long, but also dressed in ordinary, and not much.
Even pay Lele, after learning that Qiu Yu did not borrow the car, but also did not pay much attention to Qiu Yu.
Play until four o’clock, the crowd is reluctant to leave the box, towards the KTV outside.
Just to the door, I saw five Audi A6 neatly parked in front of the KTV, which made pay Lele bright.
“Brother Zhang, is this what you found?” Qiu Yu asked in a small voice.
“No.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, he left the search for a car to Bai Chi, with that kid’s character, he would definitely not look for this kind of car.

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