Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 2057

Turning the sky, although only two words, the meaning of it, but it’s not uncommon.
For Zhang Xuan, what seems to be a simple hand flipping action is actually an interpretation of his full power and an interpretation of his current understanding of the great path!
That big seal was hit hard!
The little boy’s mortal body couldn’t bear the power of the big seal, and it suddenly split into pieces. Under the flesh and blood, there was the phantom of the bull’s head, lying on the ground, shivering.
Zhang Xuan looked at the front coldly and rolled his wrists again.
In the sky, Dayin described it again, and then smashed it down! The figure that made it difficult to get up was smashed to the ground again.
A big seal!
Two big seals!
Three! Four…
Nine large seals were smashed from the same point one after another, and the ground was completely shattered.
There was silence around, and the place where the creature’s soul in the restricted area was located was already a deep pit.
In the sky, the shadow of the Great Seal disappeared, and Zhang Xuan panted heavily. It seemed that it was just a gesture of turning his hands, which was a huge consumption to Zhang Xuan.
Under the pit, there was no breath coming out.
Above the big formation, Zhao Ji and the others were all watching here. The moment the wooden house exploded, they had already seen the battle here, but Zhang Xuan’s existence did not make them move rashly and continued to guard the sky above the big formation.
In Zhang Xuan’s hands, a Galaxy Sword slowly condensed.
Although the nine great seals were smashed one after another, Zhang Xuan was not relieved. The Galaxy Sword in his hand was gradually gathering strength to prepare for the final blow.
With the passage of time, the power of the sword in Zhang Xuan’s hand became stronger and stronger, the light of the galaxy flowed, and Zhang Xuan slowly walked towards the deep pit.
A faint fluctuation came from the deep pit.
“Sure enough, isn’t it right?” Zhang Xuan sneered.
“I…I’ll make a deal with you.” The faint voice of the creature’s soul in the restricted area sounded. From its voice, it can be heard that its current state is already weak to the extreme.
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan replied with a smile, but the Galaxy Sword in his hand disappeared.
The figure of the bull head gradually floated up from the pit. The figure that had just become more and more solid became nothingness at this time, as if it might dissipate at any time.
The state of this remnant soul has reached its weakest time.
At this time, trapped in this vast array of nothingness, it had no way of retreat, and there was no place to escape.
Zhang Xuanjian pointed at the ground obliquely, “Let’s talk about the restricted area, what is the place?”
“Stop teaching!” The face of the creature in the restricted area showed a touch of fear unconsciously.
Seeing the unconscious expression on the faces of creatures in the restricted area, Zhang Xuan’s heart tightened slightly, frowning.
In the next second, Zhang Xuan’s face suddenly changed.
And the creatures in the restricted area, like some chicken blood, burst up in an instant and headed in a direction not far away.
“Cesia, what’s the matter, hurry up!” Zhang Xuan roared, and directly chased the creature in the restricted area.
Not far from here, a small gap appeared in the Void Array. At this gap, there were hundreds of people pulling the goods and sending the goods out of the gap.
“Quick, quick!” someone urged, “There is not much time, please pull the goods out!”
“Be swift in your hands and feet! You or him, be careful, if the goods are damaged, you will not be able to pay for dozens of lives!”
In the darkness, these figures shuttled back and forth, and no one had noticed. In the darkness, a ghostly remnant soul approached quickly.
“Go away! Go away!”
Zhang Xuan’s roar exploded like thunder.
Outside the vast array of nothingness, the three strong men who saw the sky saw someone rushing towards them and wanted to stop.
“Don’t stop, I want to see if he is in Yaoshi City, does he kill whoever wants to kill!” Ren Chengzhu stood outside the big formation with a gloomy expression.
Hearing this, the three Heavenly Experts did not stop their hand movements. Others were afraid of Zhang Xuan, but the three of them were not very afraid. After all, they were Heavenly Experts, and in terms of strength, they were at the top of this great thousand realms.
The remnant souls of creatures in the restricted area rushed toward this side excitedly when they felt the shattering of the great formation here.
“Cesia, hurry up, fix the formation!” Zhao Ji yelled in the air and rushed towards the gap at the same time.
Cesia’s hand-printing method changed one after another, and wanted to repair the formation, but there were three strong people to stop it, and for a while, it was impossible to restore the formation.
Zhang Xuan slashed several sword beams in succession. The creatures in the restricted area were flexible. Most of the sword beams were evaded by it. Only a few of them couldn’t dodge, and they all resisted and rushed into the crowd.
“Quick! Get out!” Zhang Xuan slashed towards the gap.
More than a dozen people who were standing in front of the gap and transporting goods instantly turned into mashed flesh.
Zhang Xuan stopped abruptly, and he found that the creature in the restricted area had disappeared.
Zhang Xuan took a deep breath, searching around with a solemn expression.
“Zhang Xuan, a good method.” The voice of the creature in the restricted area suddenly sounded, “It can hurt me like this, I really look down on you.”
Zhang Xuan’s body shook suddenly, because this voice sounded from outside the formation!
Zhang Xuan looked at the sky with a gloomy expression.
The creatures in the restricted area have escaped, and this large formation is left behind, which has no meaning anymore.
“Cthulhu, Zhao Ji, you guys, block the entire city. From now on, no one is allowed to leave.”
Zhang Xuan’s voice sounded, and Zhao Ji nodded their heads and flew towards Yaoshi City in different directions.
After doing these two things, Zhang Xuan looked at the city lord who was standing there and commanded, with a cold voice, “Do you know, what did you do?”
Under Zhang Xuan’s eyes, City Lord Ren actually felt a kind of chill, which made him unconsciously stepped back two steps, and immediately realized his gaffe, City Lord Ren asked, “The surname is Zhang, this Yaoshi City is not Your surname is Yaoshi City, what am I doing, why should I report to you?”
“You let go of the creatures in the restricted area!” Zhang Xuan roared.
“Ho ho, let go, you don’t have the ability, so you blame it on my surname Ren?” The city lord asked, “The remaining two creatures in the restricted zone have long been wiped out. This is the only one, your surname is Zhang. If you don’t do anything well, put this hat on my head?”
“I won’t fight with you, and I will settle accounts with you later!” Zhang Xuan glared at City Lord Ren, and then flew into the sky. He used his breath to transmit the sound, and his voice rang over Yaoshi City, “Everyone, from now on. , If you don’t leave the city, report any deaths immediately!”
“You guys, let’s go!” A voice came from the street below.
“Yes, let’s go!”
“Look at what you have done to Yaoshi City!”
“For several days in a row, there is no business, we have no income, do you know how much this has caused us to lose!”

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