Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 207

Today’s events, for Qiu Yu, the impact is really too big, their own attitude of those friends, so Qiu Yu really did not expect, including Wu Jun, she never saw, Wu Jun is such a person.
“Okay, that intersection in front put me down.” Zhang Xuan reached out and pointed.
Qiu Yu was surprised: “Brother Zhang, not dinner to go?”
“Not today.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand, “I have an appointment with a friend, let’s change the day, I’ll treat you.”
Qiu Yu small mouth pouted, “Another day can be, but you can not invite me, I said I invited you, do not forget, I have 250,000 commission last time, now is also a small rich woman.”
“Okay, then you invite me, when the time comes, don’t hurt oh.” Zhang Xuan joked, at an intersection, let Qiu Yu park, he opened the car door and walked down.
After telling Qiu Yu to drive safely, Zhang Xuan wobbled towards the hospital, he is not about any friends tonight, just look at Qiu Yu that sad look, the little girl must have to think quietly by herself.
When Zhang Xuan returned to the hospital, he saw that Lin Qinghan was sitting on the hospital bed enjoying Milan’s cooking.
Zhang Xuan could tell that Lin Qinghan’s current physique was obviously much better, and the redness on her skin had faded quite a bit, so at most one more night and the skin injuries would have completely recovered.
“Zhang Xuan, where did you go this afternoon, Qinghan all kinds of chanting with me about you, I say you two at least married for so long, do not make it as hot as love ah.” As soon as Milan saw Zhang Xuan, he began to complain.
The feeling of a single dog eating dog food is very unpleasant.
Zhang Xuan laughed and poured a cup of hot water for Lin Pleasehan, “Wife, how do you feel now?”
Zhang Xuan himself felt a burst of sweetness when he said the word wife.
Lin invites Han to nod, “Much better, the body also does not itch, before also feels the skin from time to time passes tingling, now also does not feel much, except for the color is a little red, not different from the usual.”
“That’s good.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “I’ll wait and boil another pair of medicine, after applying it at night and sleeping, tomorrow you can leave the hospital.”
“Really.” Hearing that she could be discharged, Lin Qinghan had a surprised expression on her face, “Right, husband, that man yesterday, is he your friend? How come you didn’t mention it to me?”
Lin Qinghan just asked this question, she was a bit uncomfortable, she reacted, before she, not even talk to Zhang Xuan a few words, and he had the opportunity to introduce himself to his friends?
“You say Bai Chi ah? That kid is not doing his job all day, why mention him to you?” Zhang Xuan said with disinterest.
“No.” Lin Qinghan’s cheeks puffed up, very cute, “Your friends, I definitely want to know, how about this husband, when I get out of the hospital tomorrow, I invite your friends to dinner, okay? I have not met with them yet.”
Zhang Xuan laughed, “Okay, you’re going to invite them to dinner, these goods must be especially happy.”
Lin Qinghan’s eyes narrowed into a crescent bend, “Then it’s a deal, tomorrow I’ll be the host, you can’t steal from me.”
Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan chatted for a while, then went to boil the medicine, by the way, let President Ma to do the discharge procedures, tomorrow can leave the hospital.
After boiling the medicine, Zhang Xuan found another excuse and asked Milan to help Lin Qinghan put the medicine on.
Walking outside the ward, Zhang Xuan called Bai Chi and said that Lin Qinghan was going to invite everyone to dinner tomorrow.
“Crap! Sister-in-law invited us to dinner!” Bai Chi shouted over the phone.
The first time Zhang Xuan took the phone far away, Bai Chi’s voice is too harsh.
“I said you kid shout so loud why?” Zhang Xuan a speechless face.
“Of course it is excited ah boss! Sister-in-law invited us to dinner ah! No, I have to inform this down, believe me, those people’s reaction could only be greater than mine!” Bai Chi said with confidence over the phone.
Bai Chi sat in the presidential suite of the Xin Kai Hotel, shaking his glass of red wine and initiated a multi-person link call.
When he faintly said that his sister-in-law was treating him to dinner tomorrow, almost every person he spoke with made the same sound as he had earlier.
That night.
Inside an ancient palace in Europe, a young man with red hair and flamboyant clothes stood in front of a mirror made entirely of high crystal, hundreds of servants standing behind him, and several top designers of European high society standing by.
“My lord, this is the seventy-third dress you have tried on, still not satisfied?” An aged old man asked cautiously.
If a European nobleman was standing here, his mouth would have opened wide in shock, this old man who addressed the red-haired youth as Lord was a marquis!
“Not satisfied! Quite dissatisfied!” The red-haired youth impatiently yanked off his clothes and shouted in fluent Chinese, “Tomorrow my sister-in-law invites us to dinner, and you let me dress so indecently! Now, immediately, go design a style that I am satisfied with!”
In the vast open sea of the basin, a warship flying a ghost-faced flag was drifting aimlessly.
A stout white man stood on the deck as his maids fetched a costly costume for him.
The burly white man chose carefully for more than two hours before he selected a satisfactory dress and nodded, “Good, this is the one.”
“Lord Poseidon, you are so carefully prepared, are you going to meet the head of any country?” The white burly man’s second-in-command, cautiously asked.
“The F├╝hrer?” The white strong man asked rhetorically, “Which country’s head of state can make me pay so much attention?”
“That is ……,” the deputy said with a puzzled look on his face.
The white strong man stood in front of the mast and looked into the distance, “Tomorrow, my sister-in-law invites us to dinner!”
In the back of the white strong man this warship, dense, followed by countless warships, each one is ready with gunfire, the deck of warplanes ready to take off.
At the border of the Indian country, there is so a snowy mountain, rumored to be infested with mysterious snowmen.
Under the snowy mountain, there is a palace that is worshipped by the people who live around it from time to time.
That night, in the snowy mountain, a beautiful young western woman came out, her full black hair grew to her waist, wearing a long black and purple dress, in this snowy mountain, in this bright moonlight, as holy as Artemis, the goddess of the moon, descending into the world.
“My lord, tomorrow is the day of worship for the faithful, do you want to leave?” An equally beautiful woman followed behind her.
“Of course, that boy Bai Chi said that tomorrow sister-in-law is treating everyone to dinner.”
At this moment, Lin Qinghan, who was still lying in the hospital ward in Yinzhou, did not know that her decision to treat everyone to dinner had made all those big shots who would shake three times when they stomped their feet in the underground world, feel nervous.

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