Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 2107

The senior executives of these companies all stood on the united front and put pressure on Zhang Xuan together.
Before, they didn’t dare, because they didn’t know Zhang Xuan’s confidence.
But in the past few days, after contacting the four Vice President Wei, they are full of confidence. It turns out that this family is already in such a big crisis. It turns out that this Xuan looks fearless, just a paper tiger!
The Zhang family now needs talents and funds to save!
Therefore, now these eighteen senior leaders dare to stand here and talk to Zhang Xuan like this.
Listening to the meaning of their words and feeling the attitudes of these people, Zhang Xuan understood a lot in his heart. He smiled, “Everyone, don’t be too emotional. Since you feel that there is a problem with what I am doing, let’s continue to play this. A game of betting, see if there are no four people, can the crisis of my Zhang family pass?”
“Just bet…”
A high-level executive was about to speak, but was interrupted by Zhang Xuan’s words.
“No, it’s a silly bet on the four of them, so let’s, all the eighteen present here will join in to see if Zhang has not only the four of them, but also the eighteen of you, whether you can survive this crisis. it’s OK?”
The last time Zhang Xuan offered to take a gamble, these company executives were very scared, but this time, all these 18 people sneered in their hearts.
Is it gambling again, and the previous routine again? I was bluffed by you before, now I can still be bluffed by you!
These eighteen people are very clear about each of their job responsibilities, and they also know that the company lacks themselves and it will not be so easy to operate in a short period of time. Although this time lasts at most for half a month, can Zhang now last for that long? Moreover, in the face of this 600 million funding hole, there is still time to deal with the company’s internal affairs?
bet? Gamble!
“Okay!” A senior nodded vigorously, “Gamble!”
When Zhang Xuan heard this, there was a touch of surprise in his eyes, and the surprise in Zhang Xuan’s eyes was caught by people. According to Zhang Xuan’s simple eyes, they had already thought of many problems.
“Mr. Zhang, we must have some bet for your bet, right?” Another senior sneered.
Zhang Xuan pondered, “What kind of bet do you want?”
“It’s very simple! If you can solve this crisis, Mr. Zhang, then we have no eyes and prove that we are really useless to this company. Please resign and leave, and Mr. Zhang, if you want to solve this crisis, then it means that you are personally. There is a problem with ability. For the sake of the overall situation of the company, it is necessary to recruit Vice President Wei and others back, and to allow capable people to sit in the position of chairman. This is responsible for the company! Mr. Zhang, do you dare?”
Seeing their rhetoric in the name of company development everywhere, Zhang Xuan smiled slightly, “Okay, then it’s settled, you guys, from now on, the gambling agreement takes effect. Eighteen of you, you can take a long vacation. Throw all the things from the leaders present in the utility room.”
Zhao Zhao nodded, she was already familiar with the throwing of the utility room.
The expressions of the eighteen executives changed.
“Mr. Zhang, what do you mean? Throw us things?”
“Yeah, okay, guys, now I have business to do, you can go out, yes, a kind reminder, these days, don’t just step into the company casually, or you will be arrested as a commercial spy. Yes.”
After Zhang Xuan finished speaking, he turned around, picked up the fragrant tea that Zhao Hao had made on the table, closed his eyes, and savoured it carefully.
Several executives looked at Zhang Xuan’s winning ticket, snorted, turned and walked out of the office.
One person took the lead, and the others all walked out, Zhang Xuan’s posture, in their eyes, was arrogant and incomparably public! However, he will soon pay the price for this arrogance! The Zhang Family’s 600 million shortfall to fill the vacancy seems to be a secret, but under certain operations, it has spread throughout Huanglong City!
The people in Huanglongcheng all wanted to watch this behemoth collapse, and everyone wanted to divide the cake that the Zhang family had now! At this time, no one would stand up and help Zhang Family. After all, what the Zhang Family has is so jealous!
These executives are very clear that when the surname Zhang finds that the matter cannot be resolved, even if he does not take the initiative to find Vice President Wei and the others, Vice President Wei and others will come back. The four current Vice President Wei actually represent. It is the four top families of Huanglong City. When the Zhang family is on the verge of collapse, the four Vice President Wei will take action, will inject capital, will save the Zhang family from the fire and the fire, and will rebel!
Zhang Xuan sat in the office and looked at the list on the computer desktop. The names of the eighteen people just now were all written on it.
Zhang Xuan almost paid no attention to these 18 people, but instead looked at another file folder. This file folder was encrypted and could not be opened by ordinary means. Forcible cracking would directly damage the file folder.
Zhang Xuan took a deep breath and opened the file folder. He skillfully entered a string of passwords, which came from Volley.
When the file folder opened, a dense row of data appeared in front of Zhang Xuan.
People in Huanglongcheng believed that the Zhang family had an unparalleled position in Huanglong City and was related to the holy land in the early Yuan Dynasty. However, in fact, all the territories of the top ten holy land and the main city have Zhang family enterprises, but the name is different. Our company is a leader in any city, unshakable!
Zhang Xuan carefully looked at these data and found that all the companies in the Zhang family added up, and their monthly revenue reached tens of billions of Lingshi!
Tens of billions per month, this is Lingshi’s net income! Not even the growth of the inherent industry!
Today, the total valuation of all Zhang’s properties has exceeded ten trillion! This is unmatched by any company in the top ten sacred sites, even if the ten sacred sites add up, there is no such a scale as Zhang’s.
Zhang Xuan saw that one-fifth of this tens of billions of monthly net income would be used in the holy city of heaven to maintain the construction of the holy city and the cultivation of personnel. After all, it is not only necessary to cultivate a strong man of heaven. His own talent requires a lot of aura. In the mountain and sea world, the aura is thin, not as good as the land of the ancestors. If you want to practice, you must rely on the spirit stone, and the spirit stone has become a must in the battle of the strong.
Even for the powerhouse of Heavenly Dao, the storage of spiritual energy in Shenhai is limited. During the battle, there must be enough spiritual stones to supplement, and more than two billion spiritual stones every month are all smashed on this.
And the remaining ** billion spiritual stones will be shipped to a place every month, that place is called Salem City!
Looking at these reports, Zhang Xuan frowned. In Salem City, nearly tens of billions of spiritual stones are shipped there every month. Why?
When Zhang Xuan continued to look down, there was no indication of the information and no explanation of the purpose of these spirit stones.
This situation made Zhang Xuan feel very wrong.
After all, spirit stones are different from the currency of the first ancestors. As much as you want to print, spirit stones are consumables, and you don’t need them if you use them. What is such a huge amount of spirit stones every month to achieve such a consumption?

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