Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 212

Downstairs of Xin Kai Hotel.
Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan walked out of the hotel door side by side.
“Honey, why do you have so many foreign friends?” Lin Qinghan asked curiously.
Zhang Xuan scratched his head, “before living in the indefinite, just run around the world, and got to know.”
“Humph!” Lin Qinghan’s mouth puffed up, she fell in love, no longer see the previous iceberg queen appearance, but like a little girl not yet mature, “you say, Jiang’er and Lilith are so beautiful, have you ever heart?”
Zhang Xuan stumbled on his feet and reached out to scrape down Lin Qinghan’s high nose, “Wife, what are you thinking about.”
Lin Qinghan turned his head away from Zhang Xuan, and said to himself, “Oh, what’s wrong with me, why do I think about this?
Zhang Xuan smiled, this woman’s jealous look, really cute, the two of them walked into a supermarket, buying the two pot head that red hair just proposed.
In the Xin Kai Hotel.
Thirty-five assassins from Hidden Kill, all lying on the ground, they looked like their limbs were intact, but they couldn’t move.
The head of Hidden Kill was likewise lying there, his leading cane tossed aside.
“You guys! What are you people!” The chief of the Hidden Kill looked at the six people in front of him in horror.
“Ask us who we are?” The red hair snorted coldly, “Have you Hidden Killers always been this blind in your work?”
From his shirt pocket, the redhead pulled out a red tail ring and placed it on the table.
The moment he saw this tail ring, the Hidden Kill chief’s pupils contracted violently.
“The King …… King Ring ……”
In the light island under the holy ring, there are ten king ring, the king ring of the owner, by the people of the underground world known as the devil and God, the king ring not only represents the status of one person below, above ten thousand people, but also represents the possessor’s terrifying strength, can be known as the devil and God, can be seen its terror!
The head of the hidden kill looked at the red hair, recalling the description of the owner of the red king ring in the rumors, he swallowed his saliva fiercely, “You are …… calamity red hair!”
“Yo, it seems I’m not too famous.” The red hair smiled faintly, then his eyes stared at the hidden killing chief, “Say, who told you to come, and who is your target?”
The Chief of Hidden Kill slowly rose from the ground and took a deep breath, “Sorry, I can’t say.”
The redhead had expected this answer from him and continued, “I’ll give you three chances, I’ll count to three, either tell me the answer or, the Hidden Kill is removed, remember, I never joke.”
The redhead finished and poured red wine into his empty glass, “One.”
The head of Hidden Kill’s face changed one after another.
In the underground world, the removal of an organization’s name represents not only the killing of all the people in the organization, including their descendants, those seedlings that have not grown up, including all those who have relations with Hidden Kill, will be implicated.
It can be said that once removed from the name, it means that the underground world, will never again hear about the hidden kill, even if even these two words, no one will mention, this for the head of an organization, than kill him more horrible, inherited countless years of organization, destroyed in their own hands, even if down to the nine springs, the old ancestors will not forgive themselves.
The redhead picked up the red wine glass and gently shook it, “Two.”
“Lord Calamity, you do not have the right to remove Hidden Kill, the Island of Light has rules, to remove a second-rate organization, you must have more than five kings vote together to do so!” The Chief of Cryptocide forced himself to gather courage.
The redhead’s voice, which was timing out, came to an abrupt halt as he looked around his body.
The sea god, took out a sky blue tail ring and placed it on the table.
Moon God, took out a dark purple tail ring and put it on his pinky finger.
Future, took out a white tail ring, which she made into a necklace, hanging on the white and soft jade neck.
Feireth, took out a black card, a golden tail ring, he was set into this card can be unlimited overdraft.
White pool, take out the black tail ring.
A row of five different colors of the tail ring appeared in front of the chief of hidden kill, which made his face, completely changed, as ugly as gold paper.
He looked at the six people sitting in front of him, on the table, and felt like he was dreaming.
This is …… the owner of the six King Rings of Bright Island! The ones he was preparing to kill with his own people were the owners of the six King Rings!
This six people’s terror, although the hidden kill the first seat has not seen with their own eyes, but hearsay, or know some, six kings, can casually subvert a small country, if you want, six kings can even set off a world war, they are not only their own strength is terrifying, behind the power, more massive!
The head of the hidden killers would never have thought that this time only thought it was an ordinary mission target, but has provoked the six kings!
And six kings sitting together, eating together, talking and laughing, then this time the target, and what is the identity!
No wonder!
No wonder Dark Night failed!
No wonder Stinging Rose left more than ten people here, with the presence of the six kings, who in this world, except for the one who has the Holy Ring, dare to say, can complete this mission.
This is a, must die mission ah!
The head of the Hidden Kill, at this time, did not know how to describe his mood.
“How about it, do you want me to count out the last number?” The red hair once again asked in a voice.
The hidden killing chief slowly shook his head, “Lord, I am willing to say.”
“Say it.”
“It is Lord Chessiah, entrusted us, to assassinate a woman named Lin Qinghan ……”
Checia three words, six people sitting at the table, while looking at each other, into silence.
Charmed Checia, the owner of the Bright Island’s five-colored king’s ring ……
When Zhang Xuan handheld two bottles of two pot head back, the box has returned to a piece of normal, hidden kill people as if they had never appeared in general, Lin Qinghan absolutely would not expect, just in this little time she went downstairs to buy wine, so many things have happened.
White pool a few people did not show anything else to, still gulping down wine, gulping down meat.
These people, to say that the nerves are sensitive, there is a little wind and grass, they can detect, to say that the nerves are big, one second there is a murder, the next second as nothing appears, what to do, so to speak, knowing that an hour later to fight, they can still carefully prepare a meal, after eating, and then go to fight.
During the meal, the people continued to talk and laugh.
“You guys don’t know, right? Boss he quit smoking now! Said sister-in-law not allowed to smoke!” Bai Chi narrowed his eyes and smiled.
“Holy shit, no? The boss used to be a big smoker with two boxes of cigarettes a day, can quit smoking?” The redhead stared at him with wide eyes, looking like he couldn’t believe it.
Moon God shook his head, “Hey, terrible man, smoke can quit, what else can’t be done.”
Everyone looked at the sweet and happy look on Zhang Xuan’s face and couldn’t help but associate it with a saying.
Men conquer the world, women conquer men.

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