Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 2134

Zhang Xuan’s words made Wang Biaode and the others stunned.
Zhang Xuan smiled at the corners of his mouth and looked at them.
“If you want to have a little brain, I may still have some troubles, but by the way, you don’t have any brains!”
Zhang Xuan walked forward.
“But it’s also right, how can someone with a brain break into someone else’s room so suddenly? You say strength, you don’t have strength, you say crazy, you are so crazy!”
“A person with strength and arrogance is not looking for death, what is it?”
Wang Biaode looked at Zhang Xuan’s appearance at this time, and there was an earth-shaking change from the dull handyman in his memory.
“Zhang…Zhang Xuan, what do you mean?” Wang Biaode stepped back and hid behind Brother Feng.
“Isn’t it obvious? The two of us are talking about secrets here, and you suddenly broke in, only to kill.” Zhang Xuan gently squeezed his fist, and behind Zhang Xuan, a phantom tiger appeared and let out a loud roar.
The roar of the fierce tiger was full of murderous air, and Wang Biaode directly sat down on the ground, his face pale in fright.
Brother Feng was also very scared.
“You…you…do you know who I am!”
“Funny.” Zhang Xuan showed a mocking look on his face, “Do you know who I am?”
“My father is…Ah!” Brother Feng made a scream before he finished speaking.
The white tiger phantom had already jumped on it.
Blood flowed on the floor of the room, and the door of the room opened by Zhang Xuan closed again.
“Hey.” Zhang Ran shook his head regretfully.
In the room, auras raged, and the bones and flesh and blood of Brother Feng and others were all stirred into dregs by these auras.
There is a place in this underground room where you can feed the fish. Through there, Zhang Xuan spilled all the flesh and bones and dregs of Brother Feng and others into it and fed the fish.
The blood stains on the ground were also cleaned up, as if nothing happened in this room.
Yu Nuo looked at all of this, she looked at Zhang Xuan’s skillful appearance, looked at the face without any fluctuations in expression, Yu Nuo even doubted that the other party called herself into this room, did she think about using the same method to deal with it? Your corpse, once you don’t cooperate, it will become like these people!
More than a dozen living people, that’s it, all are gone!
After Zhang Xuan dealt with this, he clapped his hands, “Okay, let’s do this first. I’ll go back to school. This room will send you to live for one night. If the trial is about to open, remember to notify me in advance.
Zhang Xuan finished speaking and left the hotel.
Yu Nuo sat on the bed and looked at this luxurious room, and couldn’t help but shudder. This room that others couldn’t afford to live in, Yu Nuo couldn’t stay for a moment, and left here as if fleeing.
Zhang Xuan walked all the way back to school.
On the way, Zhang Xuan was still thinking about the connection of these things.
The school took students to trials, picking fruits and herbs, but in the process of going, they couldn’t tell where the students were. This made Zhang Xuanneng think of only one place, the restricted area!
According to the information provided by Lu Yan, in those restricted areas, the reason why alien beasts stay there is to protect something, either to cherish herbs or to forbidden power, and the people from the top ten sacred places take students there to try. , I’m afraid, is to go for these things.
In the next few days, Zhang Xuan’s life remained the same as before.
Yu Nuo has never come to Zhang Ran again, it should be because he was afraid of this person in his heart.
One incident went crazy in the school recently. The son of a high-level school disappeared in Yas Hotel, which made the high-level school very angry.
You know, those who can be high-level in school also have a certain status in the Holy Land.
And this high-level deceased son was the elder of the Nine Palaces Holy Land, possessing the terrifying strength of the heavenly triple.
A reward has been posted in Penglai City. Who can give a clue about this, and reward millions of Lingshi! If you can identify the murderer’s information, you can directly grant the Holy Land qualification!
As soon as this reward came out, I don’t know how many people got crazy!
Being able to enter the Holy Land not only has a proud identity and a bright future, but also has a lot of spiritual income every month, which is much better than working outside.
This caused too many people in Penglai to search for clues every day. The person in charge of the Yas Hotel was troubled. He also tried to check the surveillance, but all the surveillance that day disappeared. Only the surveillance can record the son of the big man. Entered the Yas Hotel.
As for the back kitchen of the academy, a handyman also mysteriously disappeared. This kind of message is something that no one cares about.
The trial plan originally prepared by the academy was postponed because of this incident.
This kind of controversy naturally reached Zhang Xuan’s ears, but Zhang Xuan stayed in his kitchen just like the other person every day.
However, this turmoil was quickly diluted by a more violent information, and was left behind. A message that can affect the entire mountain and sea boundary is like a hurricane.
“Have you heard that the Sakyamuni Shrine in the West attracted a Buddha. As soon as that person arrived in the West, the Buddha statues enshrined in the Sakyamuni Shrine for countless years responded. There was an Arhat phantom in the sky, and three thousand Buddhas were there. Chanting the scriptures!”
“Of course I heard, it is rumored that it is the reincarnation of a true Buddha, with a natural Buddha nature!”
“Yes, I have also heard that he is a rank nine monk. He is extremely tyrannical in every life, and he has a great origin in every life.”
“The Sakyamuni Holy Land is about to rise! The appearance of such a Buddha can illuminate a whole area of ​​Buddha’s land.”
“But I also heard that this Buddha is a bit strange.”
“Why is it weird?”
“I heard that the Buddha did not quit, and he became married after he became a monk! I heard that the Buddha was eating a chicken leg when the people of Sakyamuni Shrine saw this Buddha!”
“Nonsense! How could Buddha gnaw chicken legs! I heard he gnawed pig heads!”
“It’s chicken legs!”
“Pig head!”
The thing about the Western Buddha is the real big message.
Regardless of the character of this Buddha, as soon as he entered the West, three thousand Buddha’s visions appeared, which is enough to explain many problems. This person must be cultivated by the Sakyamuni Holy Land!
“Hey, there is a Buddha in the Sakyamuni Holy Land. When will we be able to reincarnate an immortal in these holy places?”
“Why don’t there be any, every saint child and saint woman in the holy land is like a god!”
“Yes, I have seen the saint of our holy land at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, she is like a fairy, when she appears, she wears a glow!”
“What’s that? The saint son of our rotating holy land is born with a vision. Once the spiritual energy is activated, the true face of the previous life will appear behind him. He is a true immortal!”
In the school, these people from various holy places chatted and started quarreling.
Zhang Xuan stood by the window of the kitchen in the main building, looking down.
Holy land!
What is the so-called holy land? Is it really just the manager of the mountain and sea world?
How did the person who went to the land of the ancestor explain!

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