Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 216

For this word, Zhang Xuan’s consciousness only has the concept of chasing and killing enemies, chasing women, seriously, Zhang Xuan has no experience.
Back in his room, Zhang Xuan took out his cell phone and called Bai Chi, the first thing, is to ask Bai Chi how things are handled, Fu Ting dared to insult Lin Qinghan, Zhang Xuan to let him go, that’s a ghost.
“Don’t worry boss, that bastard is now crying and holding his head in remorse.” Bai Chi replied.
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “By the way, let me ask you something.”
“What is it, boss?”
“How to chase girls?”
“Chasing …… girls?” Among the voice of Bai Chi, leaking a weird.
Through the phone, Zhang Xuan can think of what expression Bai Chi this goods is now.
“Less nonsense, speak quickly.”
“Boss, you have not really never chased a girl, right?”
Zhang Xuan asked: “Nonsense, I have chased and ask you?”
Bai Chi thought, it seems to be true, their boss, where to go, are being chased backwards, what enamel country princess, but also the Swedish royal family, called the genie fallen to earth chick, and all kinds of beauty, the princess of the big family, that are chasing the boss, can make the boss pursue the woman, really have not seen ah.
Zhang Xuan listened to the white pool in the phone silent for half a day, some anxiously said: “What do you kid think, quickly say ah!”
Bai Chi held for half a day, spitting out two words: “Smashing money!”
Zhang Xuan across the phone, gave Bai Chi a thumbs-up, and then pressed the hang-up button, he figured out that this kid can not do anything.
But the word “money” also gave Zhang Xuan a wake-up call, Zhang Xuan really realized that he did not seem to have given Lin Qinghan any gifts.
The first thing you need to do is to make a phone call.
The next morning, because of not going to work, Lin Qinghan did not get up very early, almost to ten o’clock she went out, told Zhang Xuan to go busy things, and when they are done contacting Zhang Xuan, let Zhang Xuan prepare, today to move.
How to play, the two discussed on the way home last night, completely self-driving tour, where to drive to where to count, where the scenery is good, where to stop.
When Lin Qinghan went out, Zhang Xuan like a housewife, ready to go around the supermarket, buy some travel on the road must bring products, for what to buy, Zhang Xuan is really too clear, towards the largest one market in Yinzhou.
Zhang Xuan turned for half an hour, suddenly found that at the entrance of the market, there was a noise.
Zhang Xuan walked over curiously, and before he could see what was happening, he heard a loud cursing coming from a broken mouth.
“I’m telling you, if you don’t return the money today, you’re not leaving! Run! Let you run ah!”
“Do you think we do charity, our money, you say not to pay back, not to pay back?”
This burst of cursing, so that the surrounding onlookers, also have spoken out.
“Hey, this looks quite pretty a little girl, how come you don’t pay back the money you owe?”
“Yes, people nowadays, really know people do not know their hearts, heard, this little girl, owes people 100,000!”
“One hundred thousand! How do you owe this? It’s not a loan shark, right?”
“That must be ah, otherwise how can owe so much? Being forced to pay? Nowadays, people are too gold-digging, they can’t earn that much money, and they spend a lot.”
Zhang Xuan walked towards that and casually glanced at it, but his face changed.
He saw, standing in the crowd, there is a little girl, forced by four strong men in the corner, and that little girl, it is Qiu Yu!
One hundred thousand dollars? Return the money? What happened?
With Zhang Xuan’s understanding of Qiu Yu, she should not be able to borrow loan sharks, and besides, 100,000 yuan, Qiu Yu is not so bad that she can not pay back, this Lin’s 250,000 bonus only a few days down ah?
“Come on, make way!” Zhang Xuan squeezed into the crowd and walked directly to the burly men, “What’s going on?”
Four strong men looked at Zhang Xuan, “boy, no matter you ow, go aside!”
“I didn’t ask you guys!” Zhang Xuan impatiently looked at each other, turned around and looked at Qiu Yu, “girl, what’s going on?”
“Zhang …… brother Zhang?” Qiu Yu obviously did not expect to run into Zhang Xuan here, she lowered her head, a little afraid to look at Zhang Xuan.
“What is going on?” Zhang Xuan frowned, “Do you really owe them money?”
Qiu Yu nodded gently and replied in a soft voice, “Mm.”
“Kid, said no more things for you, and then delayed the old me to ask for money, believe it or not, even you a piece of beat!”
“Beauty, want to take a couple of days off is okay, look at your good looks, accompany a few brothers to play, how ah?” A man looked at Qiu Yu, his eyes were full of nasty taste.
“Kid, get lost!” A man grabbed Zhang Xuan’s shoulder and tried to push him away.
Zhang Xuan backhandedly grabbed the other person’s arm and gently twisted it, causing the other person to grimace in pain.
“Ouch! It hurts! Gently, gently!”
Zhang Xuan coldly grunted, a push away the other party, “want money to ask properly, and dare to mouth unclean, tore your cheap mouth! One hundred thousand dollars, right? Give an account number, I’ll transfer it now!”
Hearing that Zhang Xuan wants to return the money, several strong men are quite surprised to look at each other.
“Yo, a hero to save the beauty, huh? Okay, this account number, pay it back.” A strong man from the phone to pull out a bank card photo, while taking out an IOU, “IOU is here, pay back the money, IOU take.”
Zhang Xuan looked at the thing in the strong man’s hand and asked to Qiu Yu, “Girl, is this not.”
“Hmm.” Qiu Yu voice like a mosquito, nodded his head.
After Qiu Yu confirmed, Zhang Xuan did not say a word, 100,000 yuan directly transferred, while taking the IOU from the strong man’s hand, shredded on the spot.
No matter what reason Qiu Yu owed 100,000 yuan can not be paid back, Zhang Xuan can help her once because of Qiu Yu’s previous performance when signing the contract.
When sure to collect the money, the strong man nodded in satisfaction, “OK, good, remember, two days later, and 100,000, boy, I hope you can still help her pay! For a woman, two hundred thousand ah, tsk tsk, I wonder if it’s worth it!”
The strong man finished, led the men, turned around and walked away.
Zhang Xuan frowned fiercely, “Girl, what the hell is going on.”
He turned to look at Qiu Yu, found that the girl’s eyes were red, and did not speak, tears flowed unstoppably along the eyes.
Zhang Xuan tore open the paper towels just bought, helped Qiu Yu wipe the tears, “Well, do not cry, what is the matter to brother, how do you owe so much money?”
Qiu Yu reached out to wipe all the tears, whimpered and spoke, “Zhang …… brother Zhang …… thank you …… this money … …I …… I will definitely pay you back.”
“Repaying the money matter again, how can you owe money? Didn’t the company just give you a bonus of two hundred and fifty thousand?”
Qiu Yu opened his mouth and spat out two words with difficulty, “My father.”

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