Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 217

In a cafe not far from the general market, Zhang Xuan and Qiu Yu both ordered the cheapest cup of coffee each and sat opposite each other on a small round table.
Zhang Xuan frowned as he listened to what Qiu Yu had to say.
Qiu Yu is a single-parent family, her father is addicted to gambling, her mother left with someone years ago, over the years, Qiu Yu’s father exported the family’s house not to mention, but also owed hundreds of thousands of foreign debts.
At that time, Qiu Yu will be 250,000 bonus in hand, the first thing is to help his father pay off gambling debts, but 250,000 to Qiu Yu’s father owed money, far from enough.
Qiu Yu father in itself is in debt, and daughter to work in Lin’s as a guarantee, borrowed more than 100,000, debt collectors from Qiu Yu father that can not get money, put the target on Qiu Yu, there is today Zhang Xuan saw a scene.
Qiu Yu told Zhang Xuan that she had been hiding from these people for a long time.
“Brother Zhang, in fact, there is something that I have always wanted to ask you, just do not know whether to say.” Qiu Yu held up her coffee cup, took a small sip, and her tone seemed timid.
“You say.”
“It’s that car, I want to sell it …… but it was given to me by Mr. Oren, I don’t know if I should sell it.” There was an uncertainty in Qiu Yu’s eyes.
Hearing this, Zhang Xuan sighed, “Girl, I really don’t know what to say to you, that car since Ou Ren has given it to you, it completely belongs to you, you want to sell it or give it away, it’s all your freedom.”
Zhang Xuan shook his head, some helpless, Qiu Yu this girl, some of the heart is too simple and kind, now this society, to change someone else, took nearly two million cars, the tail early cocked to the sky, can not wait for the world to know that she has a luxury car.
“So.” Qiu Yu put down his coffee cup, “Brother Zhang, then I plan to sell the car, I am just a small employee, driving a two million dollar car, really inappropriate, after the car is sold, I can also give my father to pay back the money, to open a small store for him, the days will be settled, but I do not know where to sell, can you help me?”
“OK.” Zhang Xuan did not hesitate to nod.
He did not give Qiu Yu said what I give you back money and so on, everyone has everyone’s way of life, Zhang Xuan did not want to help Qiu Yu with charity, and he did not think Qiu Yu would accept his charity.
After getting Zhang Xuan’s affirmative answer, Qiu Yu acted very happy, after making this decision, all the difficulties in front of Qiu Yu, are solved.
For how to sell used cars, Zhang Xuan is not very knowledgeable, he called Bai Chi, Bai Chi is very interested in luxury cars, they have nothing to do with some of this stuff, when Zhang Xuan said the model, Bai Chi said that the car he can buy at a price of twenty percent below the market price.
For a used luxury car, the price of twenty percent lower, is considered very fair.
After all, most people who can afford such luxury cars don’t care about one or two hundred thousand, what they want is face, they would rather spend an extra one or two hundred thousand to buy a first-hand one, rather than choose a cheap second-hand one.
When she learned that her car could still be sold for one and a half million, Qiu Yu acted very happy, this is a flying fortune for her.
Qiu Yu took Zhang Xuan and walked towards the place where she lived.
Only when he arrived did Zhang Xuan realize that the place where Qiu Yu lived turned out to be so dilapidated, exactly like the shantytown where he lived when he was a child.
It was a completely isolated slab building, the walls of the building have been peeling off, the floors are a total of six stories high, the entrance to the building is very narrow, garbage all piled up in front of the entrance to the building, emitting a foul smell.
Zhang Xuan observed the people living here, everyone’s face with a tired look, looking hurried, running around for a living, face can not see any hope, lack of life.
This made Zhang Xuan sighed, he understands such feelings, the previous him, also like this, every day thinking not to make money where to play, not thinking about buying any new clothes, only thinking, how to eat a full next meal.
There are four units in the boardwalk, and Qiu Yu’s home is on the fourth floor of the third unit.
The hallway is very narrow, the floor is covered with dust, no one cleaned, the door of the house, but also the kind of old blue security door with screen, the screen stabbed can reach in and open the door.
When Qiu Yu opened the door, invited Zhang Xuan into the house.
Zhang Xuan took a look, Qiu Yu home is very small, just over 40 square feet, two rooms and a hall, furniture is also very worn, but cleaned up very neat.
“Brother Zhang, things are a little old, you don’t mind.” Qiu Yu said with embarrassment.
Zhang Xuan waved his hand, such a house, he had not seen for many years, when he was a child, he and his mother lived in such a house, only at that time, he and his mother only had a tiny bedroom, even to go to the toilet had to look at the other tenants.
Qiu Yu’s car keys are not with her, but left at home, her car, hardly ever drive, for Qiu Yu’s condition, refueling is not affordable.
Qiu Yu ran into her bedroom and searched for more than ten minutes, but did not find the car keys.
“Strange?” Her willow eyebrows slightly frowned, looked around the room, and suddenly exclaimed, “Oh no!”
“What’s wrong?” Zhang Xuan puzzled.
“Brother Zhang, wait for me.” Qiu Yu shouted, did not even have time to explain to Zhang Xuan, and ran towards the floor.
Zhang Xuan followed behind Qiu Yu and followed her to an open-air parking lot three hundred meters away from this boarding house.
The first time Qiu Yu came to this parking lot, the small face brushed white, mouth muttered: “finished …… car …… was taken away by my father.”
Zhang Xuan see Qiu Yu like that, and almost cry out, went up to comfort: “Do not rush, what happened, give me say.”
“Brother Zhang, the car must have been taken by my father to gambling money, he has always wanted that car before, I did not give him, if he took it, everything is finished ah!” Qiu Yu a heart incomparable panic, just saw the hope of life, and gave dashed.
“Well, you take it easy for now.” Zhang Xuan grabbed Qiu Yu’s shoulders, “Do you know, your father usually play in which field?”
Qiu Yu nodded, “Well, I know.”
“Okay, let’s go there first, we should still be in time.”
Zhang Xuan waved his hand and stopped a cab, when Qiu Yu got in and said the words Drunken Immortal, Zhang Xuan almost understood.
The top floor of the Drunken Immortal Building, the field, is the Zhou family, this kind of casino, Zhang Xuan has seen too much, the lottery officials are all experts, want to win money in this field, simply foolish to dream.
When the cab arrived at the Drunken Immortal Building, Zhang Xuan and Qiu Yu both saw at a glance the Maserati parked in front of the Drunken Immortal Building.

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