Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 2194

Zhang Xuan’s strength can be said to have advanced by leaps and bounds in a short period of time, and the speed of his growth will be terrifying to anyone who looks at it.
The five saints escaped from the cracks, intercepting their teachings in the land of the ancestors, and there is no possibility of turning over. Some of their hole cards have been exposed, such as the Yu group, such as the inside line of the ninth game, although there is still no way to find out. But the Ninth Game already knew that it was just a matter of time to find these people.
Outside the land of the ancestors, in an ancient battlefield.
At the time of the war, civilization was destroyed, and countless places fell apart, and there were only wreckage, collectively referred to as the ancient battlefield.
In the ancient battlefield, there are no rules and restrictions. Here, you can display your own, strongest power.
A figure floating on the ancient battlefield, his whole body was filled with blue light, holding a blue long knife, quietly looking in front of him.
This figure is Lan Yunxiao.
Opposite Lan Yunxiao, there is also a figure floating. This person has a long robe and long hair behind his head. He can’t see what he looks like. His face is a illusion. Around him, there are four long swords floating around, four long swords. Its whole body rotates, and every long sword carries a terrible edge.
If the sword intent of Sword Lintian is one, then the sword intent and sharpness displayed on these four swords is 100 million!
The four long swords slowly rotated, and as the long swords rotated, cracks continued to appear around this ancient battlefield with no restrictions, and gaps appeared on the ground.
You know, there are no rules in the ancient battlefield, the power that can destroy a mountain in the land of the ancestors, here, even a huge rock cannot be smashed.
And under the power of such rules, only a floating sword can do this with the sword intent and sharpness revealed by nature, which shows the degree of horror!
“I thought that there would be a small person, but the result was a big figure who cut the teachings, Duobao Xianzun. It seems that when you cut the teachings in the first battle, it didn’t feel good.” Lan Yunxiao held a long knife and looked calm.
Duobao Xianzun!
In myths and legends, Duobao Xianzun, also known as Duobao Taoist, is the first disciple under the seat of the Jiejiao Tongtian Sect, holding four Zhuxian divine swords, horrible invincible, and standing at the top of the food chain of the mythical world.
Faced with this kind of role, Lan Yunxiao still doesn’t change his face.
“Hoho.” Xianzun Duobao smiled slightly, “It seems that there were a lot of fish that slipped through the net at the beginning, so that there will be so many more troubles now, but it doesn’t matter, Master has been in that long river of time. Find the root of reincarnation. If nothing happens, then the ancestor of ten thousand dragons has been drawn away from the dragon soul, yin and yang are broken, and reincarnation is in chaos. This time, it will be your last chance, countless reincarnations, in this life, it should be over. .”
Lan Yunxiao’s hand holding the long knife even harder, he took a deep breath, “It’s meaningless to say more, everything will have to wait until that day to have results.”
“That day is coming soon, isn’t it?” Duobao Xianzun smiled slightly. As he lightly waved his arm, the four immortal swords all over his body floated up, carrying the strongest sword energy in the world, and headed towards the blue clouds. .
At the same time, a large formation was formed from the void and suppressed.
The Zhuxian formation formed by the Zhuxian sword can kill the gods!
The endless ground of the ancient battlefield trembles suddenly and violently, and large mountains rise from the ground to encircle the blue clouds.
“Duobaoxianzun…” Lan Yunxiao’s mouth also evoked a curve, “I have long wondered how capable this fairy god in the legend is!”
Lan Yunxiao said, waving a long knife in his hand.
The blue light flashed, and a large mountain was cut in the middle, and the blue light appeared in the eyes of Duobao Xianzun.
Duobaoxianzun stood with his hand in his hand, and he didn’t even take a look at it, and a sword aura slashed, forcing Lan Yunxiao back.
Feeling the sharpness on the Zhuxian Sword, Lan Yunxiao stretched out his hand and touched his nose, muttering in his mouth: “It seems that this time I am bragging and blowing my head too far.”
There are no rules in the ancient battlefield, and the battle here will not affect other places.
Mountains and seas.
Under the nine heavens, the largest land of rules, here, has a complete Qi training civilization, and the owner has exactly the same technological civilization as the land of the ancestor.
More than ten days ago, a major event occurred in the mountain and sea boundary.
The future heirs of the ten holy places went to the abyss forbidden area, but all disappeared and disappeared.
As soon as this incident occurred, the entire mountain and sea world was completely messed up.
The top ten sacred sites are the strongest force system in the mountain and sea world. Those who disappeared are all descendants of the sacred land. There are rumors that all these people died in the abyss forbidden zone. Some people say that the abyss forbidden zone had horrible spatial fluctuations. , Everyone has been teleported to the mysterious place, but no one can give the answer.
The ten holy places are constantly searching, this matter has already been fried in the mountain and sea boundary.
However, today, there is another message that has swept the entire mountain and sea world! And it turned the whole mountain and sea world upside down!
Those saint sons and daughters who disappeared at the beginning, as well as the disciples of the holy land, are back!
However, only the saints of the early Yuan Dynasty, the Misty Sons, the Linglong Saints, the Sakyamuni Saints, and the Yin and Yang Saints came back.
The news of the deaths of these five people, Saint Son of Qiankun, Saint Child of Yuxu, Saint Woman of Infinity, Saint Son of Nine Palaces, Saint Son of Rotation, came out and was confirmed by the other five people.
The death of the saint son and daughter of the five holy places has never happened before. As soon as the message came out, it caused the anger of the five holy places.
However, the message does not stop there. The message that really makes the world of mountains and seas upset is that these saint sons and saints are missing, not elsewhere, but in the legend, the land of the ancestor!
In the world of mountains and seas, there is such a rumor that has been circulating since ancient times.
Rumor has it that the avenues between the world and the earth are limited. Even if it can break through the nine floors, it can only prolong life, but it cannot achieve true immortality.
The inability to live forever not only means the day when life is used up, but also means being trapped in the rule system forever.
The avenues of the mountain and sea world originated from the evolution of the Three Thousand Avenues in the Land of the Ancestors. Only when you find the land of the ancestors in the legend and feel the Three Thousand Avenues can you step out of the rules and not be bound by the world.
But there are only legends in the land of the ancestors, and no one has ever seen it.
But this time, the saint sons and daughters of the five holy places swear by themselves that they came from the land of the ancestors. This message, completely, has changed the world of mountains and seas!
Moreover, they also brought out the information in the abyss forbidden area, in the abyss forbidden area, they saw the descendants of the Xuanhuang bloodline!
Xuanhuang only exists in legends. It is rumored that it is a ray of maternal energy that separates the yin and yang between the heaven and the earth, and is one of the most important things between the heaven and the earth.
The combination of various information, the ten holy places decided, invite the world’s heroes to gather together to discuss this matter!

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