Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 220

“Brother Zhang, I really don’t know how to thank you for this time.” Qiu Yu looked at Zhang Xuan with a grateful face.
“Come on girl, don’t thank me, you deserve it, if Ou Ren didn’t give you this car, I can’t give you this 1.5 million out of thin air, right?” Zhang Xuan rubbed Qiu Yu’s head, “All right, take uncle to return the money.”
“Mm.” Qiu Yu nodded vigorously.
“By the way.” Zhang Xuan suddenly called to stop to leave the father and daughter Qiu Yu, “that uncle Qiu, I am not as old as you, but in some aspects of experience, but a little more, gambling this thing, gambling nine losses, now since everything is back to square one, can not touch it, do not touch it, Qiu Yu this girl also grew up, a few days later, to the age of marriage, you should also worry about her. ”
“I understand, understand.” Qiu Hua nodded repeatedly, “After I finish paying back the money this time, I won’t gamble anymore.”
Zhang Xuan nodded, after Qiu Yu father and daughter walked away, he looked at the back of these two people, shook his head, if Qiu Yu father can really quit gambling, that is really good, terrible is afraid, he can not quit ah.
Zhang Xuan finished dealing with this matter, looked at the time, it was noon.
After thinking about it, Zhang Xuan gave Lin please Han a call, “wife, how are you busy?”
“That husband ah ……,” Lin invited Han’s voice in the phone is full of apologies, “our plan, can you put a little bit? I have some things to do here, and I can’t finish it for a while.”
“Okay, listen to you.” Zhang Xuan did not have the slightest intention to blame Lin Pleasehan, he was a person, it did not matter where he went, as long as he could be with Lin Pleasehan, wherever the scenery was, it was absolutely beautiful.
“Honey, thank you.” Lin Please Han said sweetly over the phone.
Zhang Xuan listened to the sweet voice on the phone, and his heart was about to get crispy.
In a village on the outskirts of the city, in the office of the village secretary.
Lin Please Han looked at the man in front of him and spoke with a cold expression, “So, you want to unilaterally tear up the contract?”
“Not unilaterally tear up.” A middle-aged man laughed heatedly, “General Lin, we are croppers, many things do not understand, before the mountain dug out the mountain spring, we did not know it was so valuable ah, now so many companies are rushing in our resort here, compared to the price, your Lin is a bit low ah.”
This middle-aged man said, while taking out a box of softcover Chinese from his pocket, that means obviously, someone has already expressed, you Lin’s if not, then there is no chance.
“You guys are simply shameless!” Lin Qinghan’s secretary Li Na said angrily, “What do not know the value of Qingquan, at that time we have given you a clear statement, now we Lin’s funding, that road outside your village completely repaired, you plan to cross the river and tear down the bridge? If we hadn’t fixed the road, where would the company have come to cooperate with you!”
“Secretary Li, that’s how unreasonable you guys are.” The middle-aged man sneered, “That road outside our village, but you Lin’s own repair, we did not beg you to repair it.”
“Okay, so be it.” Lin Qinghan closed the document in his hand, “Secretary Zhao, wish you and other companies, happy cooperation.”
Lin Qinghan got up, turned his head and left.
“Mr. Lin, take your time and don’t see me off.” Secretary Zhao didn’t even move his butt.
After waiting for Lin Qinghan and Li Na to leave, Secretary Zhao took out the phone and dialed a number out, “Hey, Zheng Shao, it’s me, she’s here, I refused, yes, yes, yes, look ah Zheng Shao, the funds you said last time …… hey, good, good.”
Secretary Zhao typed the phone, that face happy with the chrysanthemum wrinkle.
Lin Qinghan took Li Na out of the village party secretary’s office and got into the car, Li Na was still angry.
“Mr. Lin, this Zhao Zhigang, is deliberately disgusting us, at first said well, we funded the road repair, and then in the village resort, he did this, is simply shameless! If we really let other companies take this project, our loss, at least one billion, that mountain spring, but also our detection out of the excavation!”
Lin Qinghan sat on the back seat, jade hand lightly touched his forehead, “contact with Qin, the general manager of Hengyuan, this time, really need her help.”
“General Lin, you are trying to ……”
“Well, that person behind General Qin, should have a solution, now it depends, whether that person is willing to help us.”
“Mr. Lin, there is a business party tomorrow, Mr. Qin should also be there then, we can talk to her about this at the party.” Lina looked at the schedule.
“Okay, then I’ll talk to her directly in person tomorrow.”
After Zhang Xuan returned home in the Maserati and informed Bai Ji to come and pick up the car, he ran to the house and cleaned it thoroughly.
Just after cleaning the house, before resting, Zhang Xuan received a call from Qin Rou.
“Zhang busy man, what are you doing?” Qin Rou’s soft voice came out through the phone.
“What busy man, I’m idle as hell all day.”
“Is that so? I don’t even know how to give me a call when I’m free, so I guess Zhang Busy Man doesn’t have me as a friend in his heart, hey, don’t forget, your business still has to dovetail with mine, if I don’t agree, your wife will still have to clean you up?” Qin Rou joked, but as she spoke, Qin Rou felt a sourness in her heart.
Zhang Xuan laughed dryly twice, “What’s wrong Qin beauty, this suddenly called me, it’s not going to invite me to dinner, right?”
“Invite you to dinner? Sure, are you coming?” Qin Rou deliberately asked a rhetorical question.
“Uh ……” Zhang Xuan was slightly embarrassed, “That …… some other time, I don’t have much time today.”
“There is a big beautiful woman like Mr. Lin as a companion, you Zhang busy man and how can you find time to accompany me, a small woman?” In Qin Rou’s words, there was an unconcealed sorrow.
“Which is not true, you are just as beautiful.” Zhang Xuan said in a hurry.
“Ai.” Qin Rou sighed over the phone, “hypocritical man, all the false words, right, tomorrow there is a business party, can you attend, because of the previous bombing of the mountain, there are a few old seniors want to meet you, it is estimated that your wife will also attend.”
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan heard Lin Qinghan to participate, directly agreed, “Then see you at the party tomorrow.”
Hanging up the phone, Zhang Xuan prepared dinner and waited for Lin Qinghan to return.
It was almost seven o’clock in the evening when Lin Qinghan entered the house. As soon as he saw Lin Qinghan, Zhang Xuan saw the look of exhaustion on the woman’s face.
“Gone to talk business again?” Zhang Xuan waited for Lin Qinghan to half lean on the sofa before pouring a cup of tea for her, then sat beside her, “You should take a good rest for a while.”
“Recently there are a lot of things, husband, tomorrow I have a party, when we are done, we will go on a trip, okay?” Lin Qinghan wrapped her arms around Zhang Xuan and snuggled into his shoulders.

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