Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 2204

A beautiful figure cut through the void and set foot on the Tongxian Mountain, and the breath of Xuanhuang completely bloomed at this moment.
In three months, the descendants of the great sacred places practiced in retreat and obtained the true teachings, and their strength has surpassed the previous holy master.
In March, each of the restricted areas made preparations, and at this time, they sent out people to participate in this grand event.
The Xuanhuang Qi, the birth of the heaven and the earth, is the most important force between heaven and earth, which distinguishes the Yin and Yang between the heavens and the earth. The Xuanhuang Qi has really disappeared, so it can be seen how strong the Xuanhuang Qi is, and how strong the Xuanhuang Bloodline is!
And the inheritance of the Xuanhuang bloodline is all concentrated on the Xuanhuang Mother Cauldron.
When Lu Yan took Zhang Xuan away, the reason why he didn’t give Lin Qinghan any guidance was to let Lin Qinghan study the tripod carefully, because Lu Yan knew very well that the most suitable for the Xuanhuang bloodline were all on that tripod.
The Xuanhuang Qi rose up, forming a huge Xuanhuang Dragon, and rolled towards the person who sneaked on the white-haired old man.
This person comes from the restricted area, is very mysterious and has no physical body. He is not actually hiding in the void. If he can travel through the void at will, it would be a bit too powerful. Hidden in the shadows, he can shoot at any time and give a fatal blow, he is a natural killer.
“Xuan Huang Qi!” The shadow exclaimed, and the moment he felt the Xuan Huang Qi, he wanted to run away.
Although the restricted area is a collective term for people in the mountains and seas, there is still a ranking within the major restricted areas. In this ranking, Xuan Huang Qi always ranks in the forefront. These rankings are based on the level of energy inheritance.
As a ray of Xuanhuang Qi that existed when the world first opened, the inheritance of Xuanhuang bloodline is very terrifying.
Lin Qinghan retreats for three months and has obtained the complete Xuanhuang inheritance from the Xuanhuang Mother Qi Cauldron.
The shadow wanted to escape, but as far as Lin Qinghan was concerned, how could it be possible for people to escape as long as they said they would escape.
Lin Qinghan circled the yellow dragon around him, standing in the air, with his hair flying, but between the waving of his arms, two mysterious yellow dragons entwined the black shadow.
Lin Qinghan spoke, her voice spread out very clearly.
“The descendant of the restricted area, since he has forgotten his heart, there is no need to continue to exist!”
Lin Qinghan pinched the void with one hand, and the mysterious yellow dragon tightly wrapped around the black shadow.
There was a dragon roar from the sky and the earth, and the black shadow burst open in the next second.
At the moment when the black shadow burst, the sky suddenly burst, and a gap appeared. Behind the gap was an endless starry sky. In the starry sky, a little star shines. At this moment, an originally shining star suddenly dimmed. Go down.
The stars in the starry sky are heavenly stars. Anyone with the power of heavenly Dao or higher will illuminate a heavenly star. At this time, a star is dimmed, which proves that a master has fallen.
“Today, I, Lin Qinghan! With black and yellow blood, clean out all the dark and turbulent generations!”
Lin Qinghan shouted loudly. As soon as she appeared, she forcefully killed a Seventh Heavenly Dao. Her voice was rolling, and another heavenly Dao star appeared in the void. This star was extremely dazzling and exuding golden light. Around this star, Surrounded by yellow dragons, the volume of this celestial star is also larger than other bright stars.
This is a manifestation of strength!
Heavenly Dao stars of this level, at least have, Heavenly Dao eightfold!
After Heaven, there is a huge gap between every level of strength!
And the Eightfold Heavenly Dao is enough to crush the battle power of the Holy Master!
Lin Qinghan’s voice exploded in the battlefield between the saint son and the descendant of the restricted area.
At the same time, a mysterious yellow dragon rushed into the battlefield with great momentum, making those descendants of the restricted area extremely jealous.
The fall of a heavenly star and the appearance of a mysterious yellow aura calmed the chaotic battlefield at this moment.
“Clean up, kill!”
Lin Qinghan pointed at his arm, and Xuanhuang Zhilong swallowed to vitality.
The vital body trembled, and it was about to flee for the first time, but it could not be faster than the Dragon of Xuanhuang. In front of the Dragon of Xuanhuang, the tree cage of vitality was like crisp paper, which was instantly destroyed.
“Help me!” Vigorous shouted.
The two brothers who mastered the field of water and fire acted immediately, but Lin Qinghan was not afraid at all, behind him, the black and yellow energy rolled, and the black and yellow stars emitted light in the sky that day, and the yellow dragons surrounding the black and yellow stars roared.
Xuan Huang Changlong just flicked his tail, and knocked over the two brothers. With such strength, everyone on the scene exclaimed.
“It’s her!” The sage of Yin and Yang recognized Lin Qinghan, and they walked out of the abyss forbidden zone together at the time, and went to the land of the ancestor.
After the Dragon of Xuanhuang repelled the Brothers of Water and Fire, he suddenly changed. Lin Qinghan’s goal was not vitality at all. It was just a cover, and the people who really wanted to kill were the people of the Holy Land.
Lun Zhuan Shengzi and Jiugong Shengzi instantly felt a terrifying coercion swept over them, and they discovered that the Xuanhuang Zhilong really locked on to the two of them, but they wanted to react, and it was too late.
The speed of the Xuan Huang Zhilong was too fast, and the strength of the Eightfold Heavenly Dao was fully revealed at this moment.
Although Saint Son of Rotation and Saint Son of Jiugong have obtained the true biography of the Holy Master, and even their strength has surpassed the old Saint Master, they are still trapped in the Seventh Heaven.
Xuan Huang Changlong opened his blood basin and swallowed it.
At the moment of the moment, a figure suddenly appeared, resisting the huge mouth of the Dragon of Xuanhuang, and this figure exuded dark energy all over his body. He was wearing a black armor. With a long halberd, a giant scorpion appeared behind it.
“It’s the Devil’s Cave!”
Seeing the giant dragon’s figure, the yin and yang saint exclaimed.
Even the few descendants from the restricted area changed their expressions.
Pride is like a descendant of a restricted area, and it is discolored for it, showing the identity of the coming person.
How terrible the Devil’s Cavern is!
Lin Qinghan accepted the Xuanhuang inheritance and knew many secrets. The Devil’s Cave is also a forbidden area, but different from those forbidden energy forbidden areas, the Demon’s Cave is a tradition left behind by an ancient beast.
It is rumored that the dragon can transform the dragon, but the road to the dragon is too difficult. The powerful dragon can swallow the dragon and transform the blood of the dragon, and the dragon that has devoured the dragon flesh will be punished by the blood, directly invaded, and become tyrannical. Bloodthirsty!
“Ho ho ho ho, the descendant of Xuanhuang, I will kill you as soon as you come. I feel that you are more devilish than me.” The descendant of the Demon Cavern grinned, and the giant dragon phantom behind him suddenly appeared, covering his body. Full of black scales, he opened a big mouth at the Xuanhuang Dragon, and after a bite, it directly broke the neck of the Xuanhuang Dragon. The Xuanhuang Qi was vented, and it was swallowed by the Demon Flood.

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