Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 2207

In the Yin and Yang Holy Land, the old saint master has been closed.

Due to the land of the ancestors, all the holy places have entered a state of combat readiness, and all the disciples who have gone out of the holy places have returned to the holy places.

But just today, a black-and-white ray of light rose from the Yin and Yang Holy Land into the sky.


With a heavy sound, the Yin-Yang Holy Master rushed out from the death pass, standing in front of the Yin-Yang stone with an expression of excitement.

“I have a reaction! Countless years! I finally have a reaction!” The old holy master trembling his hands, placed it on the yin and yang stone.

Above the Yin and Yang Holy Land, the sky was torn apart, and the void appeared in the sight of everyone. In the void, there seemed to be a river, and in the river, there was a huge body tumbling.

Suddenly, a pair of huge eyes protruded into the void, and a voice rang in the Yin and Yang Holy Land.

“My soul is about to be awakened, Yin and Yang will be reconciled, and the six ways of reconstruction!”

“That is…” The old Yin and Yang Lord looked at the huge and terrifying figure in the void, muttering in his mouth, “The Lord of Yin and Yang, the ancestor of Ten Thousand Dragons! Candle Dragon!”

At the same time, it was a misty place with many palaces, beautiful palaces, like a fairyland, but what makes people fearful is that this place is like a fairyland, but there is no vitality. Say, there is no anger.

But at this moment, a dragon shadow shuttled past, bringing up a burst of yin and yang rays.

After the rays of yin and yang, a figure of nothingness gradually appeared.

The speed of this dragon shadow is very fast, as if traveling through the past and the future, wandering through the entire mountain and sea world. Under the nine secluded areas, among the dead places, there are also figures appearing.

When he was eating and drinking in a mundane city, his eyes suddenly condensed, and he put down the chicken legs in his hands, “Amitabha, the cycle of reincarnation has been established, and we can’t waste time.”

After the monk finished speaking, he stuffed the unfinished chicken legs into his mouth, and then walked out of the restaurant to the place leading to the fairy mountain.

In the extreme north, Zhao Ji fell into the aurora, and his body emitted black and white light. This was the assimilation of the blood of the soul.

“Control…yin and yang…” Zhao Ji murmured as the inheritance poured into his body.

The entire mountain and sea world is undergoing tremendous changes.

In that galaxy, there are several figures that are extremely large. This is not the body, but the manifestation of their will. This is the immortal, the existence above the will of the heavenly way. This is the immortal, already otherworldly existence.

“Six Dao has restarted, it’s time to speed up.” Several huge bodies slowly become illusory in the sky. They have already left, but the speed is too fast, so that the figure still remains here, and they can easily be in the void. Span.

Under the Tongxian Mountain, the battle is still going on. This is the ultimate melee. Those who participated in the battle have at least the sevenfold cultivation base of the Heavenly Dao.

Just as the battle was in full swing, a huge picture scroll unfolded in the sky, and above the picture scroll, there was a terrifying pressure. That pressure made Lin Qinghan and others feel solemn. The descendants of the Holy Land and the descendants of the restricted area, even both I can feel the slowness of my own actions, all because of this picture.

Look carefully, the picture scroll is filled with rows of obscure texts.

“Biography, I teach the decree!” A figure stood in the air.

“Yin and Yang return to their place, the rebuilding of the Six Paths, my emissary will come in person two days later, and designate the Lord of the Six Paths at that time, at this moment, truce!”

The figure was wearing a Taoist robe, holding a whisk in his hand, and his face was full of arrogance.

“It’s a person with the teachings!” among the crowd, the white-haired old man said, “The teachings once wanted to control this way of heaven. Civilization was destroyed in the hands of the teachings. Although the teachings were defeated after that war, but There are still remnants left. They are powerful, hiding in the dark, and controlling many secrets.”

“Is this the oppressive force brought by a decree?”

“Do you see it, those powerhouses with the Seventh Layer of the Heavenly Dao, under this decree, even the actions are difficult.”

” Even the Eighth Layer of the Heavenly Dao has been affected. powerful, is it invincible? ” “cut religion is strong, but not invincible. “white-haired old man shook his head,” You know, in this Aboriginal community, as well as the presence of a holy heaven. ” white-haired old man voice was off, the sky In the middle, a cold light flashed by.

The decree in the sky was broken by this cold light from the middle, and the strong oppressiveness of the decree disappeared instantly.

A figure in white clothes appeared in the air, exactly in the sky.

Throwing a shot at the beginning caused a volley of nuclear explosion power, and the strength is far from the fourfold of the heavens as he said.

Volley appeared in the sky, and laughed disdainfully at the figure in the robe: “When will the trash fish come and lay down the decree at will?”

“The bug of the holy heaven is really annoying!” The figure in the robe Staring at Volley, “I teach the messenger to arrive in two days. I hope that after the messenger arrives, you can still be so arrogant.”

“It’s not that you haven’t killed it.”

“I hope you can maintain such arrogance!” After the Taopao figure put down these words, the figure quickly disappeared.

Volley swept his eyes around and shouted: “From now on, truce! Everyone, mountaineering!” With a wave of Volley’s arm, a spear phantom appeared in the air. At this moment, anyone who dares to be automatic, will welcome this spear. The thunder blow.

“Then it won’t be too late to go up and fight.” The descendant of Demon Jiao Cave smiled and rushed to the top of Tongxian Mountain first.

Tongxian Mountain is a place of trial. People with no strength can’t climb it at all, but this is not within the consideration of these enchanting evildoers. Their strength is already close to the top of this world.

The top group of people rushed to Tongxian Mountain, and the rest of the monks tried their best to go up and participate in this grand meeting. As for the previous battle, everyone knew that this was just an appetizer, the real battle. It hasn’t started yet.

“Amitabha Buddha!” ​​A figure appeared carrying golden light in the sky. He was wearing a robe with a real Buddha shadow behind him. He came straight to the celestial mountain and crossed upwards one step at a time.

“Who is that?”

“So strong!”

“It’s the son of a Buddha in the Western Buddhist countries. No, I heard that the Western Buddhist countries recognize the Buddha. I think this is already the Buddha!”

“Another arrogant!”

The figure rushed through the fairy mountain with golden light.

One day has passed. On this day, the strongest group of people has climbed the mountain, while the ordinary people are still under the mountain, and some are struggling halfway up the mountain.

A thunder struck in the sky, and black and white light formed a whirlpool in the sky.

“The yin and yang energy!”

“Such a huge yin and yang energy that even the Holy Master of Yin and Yang hadn’t had!”

“The people who cut the teaching said that it is impossible for the yin and yang to return to their place…”

During the discussion, this figure rushed into the room. Tongxianshan.

At this moment, one foot stepped into the boundary of mountains and seas.

“Huh.” Zhang Xuan let out a long sigh of relief, “I’m back.”

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