Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 2222

For many people, this is an ordinary day, but for a small number of people, it is a day that is enough to change the world.

Two void gates opened wide, and two groups of people from different camps and even different races started fighting!

This is a battle with no retreat, just like Zhang Xuanzui said.

If the enemy is not eliminated in one day, we will never return home!

Only completely kill all, kill all, to end all of this.

The cry of killing shook the sky, at this moment, there was only scarlet and killing in front of him.

Many familiar figures rushed beside Zhang Xuan.

The ten kings of Guangming Island, at this moment, gather again!

The blood was spilled over the mountains of Tongxian.

Some people say that the cry of killing has spread thousands of miles away. This is no longer a phenomenon, but a will.

This battle killed the world without light, this battle killed the sun and the moon.

Two years later…

At the seaside of Nanhai Province in the hot summer, the hotel named Yate is a place that many people will come to open after they come here. There is the largest ocean world here, and it is a place that young men and women like.

Zhang Xuan took Lin Qinghan’s hand and strolled on the beach.

“Husband, it’s really hard to imagine that we won. At the time I thought everything was over.” Lin Qinghan still had a lingering expression when thinking of the original battle.

Zhang Xuan took Lin Qinghan’s hand harder, “At that time, there was no way out, but I felt that we could win. After all, I still had my wish to complete.”

When Lin Qinghan heard this, he immediately became like a curious baby, “Husband, what’s your wish? Tell me about it.”

“Don’t tell me.” Zhang Xuan closed his mouth tightly.

Lin Qinghan knew that if Zhang Xuan didn’t want to say anything, the world’s most professional agent would not be able to get a word out of his mouth.

“I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to listen.” Lin Qinghan didn’t care at all.

Zhang Xuan didn’t eat her set, just didn’t speak.

In the Yate Hotel, in the room on the highest floor, Bai Chi is holding a telescope and a walkie-talkie in his hand.

“Everyone, is this the most important battle? Are you ready?”

“It’s necessary.” The Seagod’s voice came out, “Compared with this battle, what kind of Master Tongtian, it’s a chicken!”

“It’s over, I’m already boiling over.” Jiang Er’s voice also came out.

“Me too, my hair is standing up.” The red-haired voice sounded.

“The forces from all sides are present!” Izar voiced.

“There is nothing wrong with all the equipment on my side.” Ferreth said.

“I have done everything here, and the other party’s people have all arrived!” Cesia’s voice was clear.

“Everything is ready, the clearance is complete!” Alex said.

“This day will be unforgettable for too many people.” Moon God also said like this.

“Everyone keeps an eye on their respective duties and positions, no one can make mistakes!” Old Pace was wearing a suit and holding a walkie-talkie, “This is the wedding ceremony of our King of Guangming Island!”

Without Lin Qinghan’s knowledge, a wedding that belonged to her and Zhang Xuan was already quietly prepared, and this wedding was arguably the most grand!

The sky in the south was always getting dark quickly. When the sky was getting dark, Zhang Xuan took Lin Qinghan’s hand and returned to the hotel.

On the green lawn outside the hotel, a high platform is being built at this time.

Lin Qinghan looked there curiously.

“Ah, isn’t this Lin Qinghan?” A voice sounded.

I saw a tall and beautiful beauty walking slowly with lotus steps. This woman was full of famous brands.

“You are…” Lin Qinghan saw the other party, thought for a moment, and quickly said, “Shen Meng!”

Shen Meng’s eyes flashed unwillingly, but she continued to laugh, “I didn’t expect our great celebrities to remember me as a college classmate. I thought you had forgotten me. Back then, you were our school’s pedigree. I thought you didn’t even remember my name, who is next to you?”

“My husband, Zhang Xuan.” Lin Qinghan generously introduced Shen Meng.

Shen Meng examined Zhang Xuan up and down again, and found that Zhang Xuan was wearing a clothing without any brand logo, and his eyes immediately became contemptuous.

Zhang Xuan naturally noticed Shen Meng’s scrutiny, but for Zhang Xuan, he didn’t care at all. He had already passed the time to pursue luxury. In the past, when he pursued luxury, the clothes were all hand-sewn by top masters, and they weren’t the same.

After observing these details, Shen Meng said with some arrogance, “Lin Qinghan, what does your husband do?”

“He?” Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan, tilted his head for a moment, and finally popped out four words, “Maintain law and order.”

Zhang Xuangang took a sip of water and almost squirted it out when he heard this.

Fighting against the religion, struggling with the Lord Tongtian, rewriting the order of the heavens, and banning all auras, how to get to Lin Qinghan, it was simplified into these four words, but think about it, it seems that there is nothing wrong with it. This is not to maintain public order and peace. .

When Shen Meng heard it, she covered her mouth and smiled, “Then your husband loves you very much. His salary is not too high. The cheapest hotel is more than 4,000 yuan per night. By the way, you live in this hotel. Bar?”

“Well, yes, we live there…” Lin Qinghan replied, but she was interrupted by Shen Meng before she finished speaking.

“Lin Qinghan, tell me, now this money is too casual to spend. It costs more than 50,000 yuan for one night. If my husband hadn’t said to hold a wedding ceremony here, I would really hate it. By the way, you get married. Why don’t we know where to do it? I heard that you have a good family background, so you wouldn’t just do it casually, right?” Shen Meng’s words were full of ostentation.

“I’m getting married…” Lin Qinghan couldn’t help but glance at Zhang Xuan. The most regrettable thing about her and Zhang Xuan is that there is no real wedding ceremony. Although the wedding ceremony is just a formal thing, there is no woman who does not want to be a woman. The most beautiful woman in the audience that day, under the witness of relatives and friends, was held by her favorite man and walked towards the palace of happiness.

But Lin Qinghan doesn’t pursue those anymore. After all, I have experienced too much with Zhang Xuan, shared life and death experience, and also experienced memory being cut. Facts have proved that after so many things, the two are still together. This is more effective than any mountain alliance. .

Shen Meng saw Lin Qinghan not speaking, and shook his head regretfully, “Lin Qinghan, hey, so let’s do it, tomorrow you come to my wedding, you don’t need to give a gift, when the time comes, let’s have fun together, just feel the atmosphere, let’s be honest. My husband said that he would prepare a grand wedding for me. Even I am looking forward to it. I don’t know how he prepared it. But you see, he built it for me.”

While Shen Meng was talking, a noisy voice rang in the sky, and dense helicopters hovered in the sky.

In the next moment, countless fresh rose petals fell from the sky, and at this moment, a rose rain began!

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So much hype and suspense for the final battle, weeks of waiting and then 2 years later.. this novel is turning into Indian seriels and admin into one of the characters. are we going to get recap episodes like previously in the final battle type of shit?

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