Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 223

Qin Rou smiled sweetly and introduced, “Two seniors, this is Zhang Xuan, the person you have been wanting to meet, Zhang Xuan, this is senior Kang Ming and senior Wu Shijie, these two, more than twenty years ago, could be known as the Silver State Double Talent.”
Kang Ming and Wu Shijie looked at Zhang Xuan, before, Qin Rou had not carefully introduced this person Zhang Xuan for the two of them, if not for today’s sighting, the two of them did not expect that this person, was so young.
“Uncle Kang, Uncle Wu, how are you?” Zhang Xuan smiled politely at the two of them.
“Awesome, indeed a hero out of a young man, at a young age has this kind of vision, future achievement is unlimited! Hengyuan’s act of blowing up the mountain is absolutely divine!” Kang Ming stretched his thumb and exclaimed.
Wu Shijie also nodded, “Indeed, a person’s age, determines his vision, vision determines achievement, I’m in the stock business, I’ve seen a genius teenager, twenty-three years old, their own speculation earned more than three hundred million, this little brother Xuan, is not any worse than that genius!”
Qin Rou listened to the words of the two, her heart was slightly smug, listening to the Yinzhou double talent praise Zhang Xuan, more happy than praising himself, at the same time, Qin Rou also wanted to give Wu Shijie said, the genius you refer to, is not as good as Zhang Xuan, in a few years ago, Zhang Xuan was called the god of Wall Street!
“The two uncles have praised you.” Zhang Xuan smiled faintly, “I also just like to read some miscellaneous things usually.”
“This is not a fallacious praise, little brother Zhang Xuan, the two of us, but also really love talent, there are a few questions want to test you, what do you think?” Kang Ming said.
After he finished, he exchanged a glance with Wu Shijie, who nodded his head, proving that he himself also had an intention in this regard.
Zhang Xuan made a gesture of invitation, “The two uncles please speak.”
Kang Ming opened his mouth, “Then I’ll cut the crap, I’m in the investment business, and today I took a few cases that I studied, and I want to see what you think.”
Kang Ming took out a tablet computer, pulled out a PTT on it, and placed it in front of Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan took a look at it, and Kang Ming listed a total of four investment projects.
Wu Shijie looked at the PTT and was surprised: “Old Kang, you are unkind, these four cases are a complete gamble, I’m afraid that in Yinzhou, no one dares to say which project can definitely make money, right?”
Kang Ming chuckled, “there are difficult things, is challenging, you said to just come up with a few cases, it is worth specifically let Zhang little brother to see?”
In the process of Kang Ming and Wu Shijie talking, Zhang Xuan has already finished reading the things on this PPT, he smiled a little, “these four projects, only one is sure to make money, the remaining three, all losses.”
“Must make money?” Hearing Zhang Xuan’s answer, Kang Ming frowned, “Little brother, this will make money words, can not just say ah, even if the more certain investment, no one dares to say is sure to make money.”
“Little brother, and on what basis did you say such words?” Wu Shijie asked.
Zhang Xuan held out two fingers, “Policy.”
After saying that, Zhang Xuan slid the tablet computer in front of him and pulled out the first page of the PPT, “The two seniors should understand that our country, China, is a policy-oriented country, to put it bluntly, where the official development, which will be able to make money, now, after Hengyuan bombed the mountain, the official will certainly put a large part of the energy, on trade, which is the most direct way to enhance the GPD, and this first chart of electronic investment, do not have to think, unless the funds are strong, smashing money, otherwise, replaced by ordinary investors, up to hold up to six months, absolutely to fall.”
Zhang Xuan and crossed down a PPT, “this experimental elementary school, in fact, I saw the first look, is considered feasible, after all, surrounded by residential areas, once the investment up, not only brought up a large number of housing prices, but also has a natural source of customers, but also will be strongly supported by the official, but I suddenly considered a problem, that is, the pharmaceutical plant, from this piece of land to be developed Not far, has a pharmaceutical plant, every afternoon from three to five o’clock, the air will be filled with a strong smell of medicine, believe me, on the attitude of people’s lives now, no parents, want their children to grow up in this environment, and may even change the place to live, resulting in a serious drop in housing prices, after all, when this elementary school is built, this residential area, it becomes the school district of this elementary school. The possibility of stealing a chicken is very high.”
“And this.” Zhang Xuan crossed to the next picture, “Playground? This do not need to consider, two, do not look at the young people now irregular life, but in addition to stay up late playing cell phones, in other aspects of health, they do better than the elderly, the existence of the playground, not as suburban picnic to more real.”
Listening to Zhang Xuan’s analysis, the three people in the room, all nodded in deep thought, about just that elementary school will affect the decline in housing prices, they have not considered.
A city’s house price, represents the city’s standard of living, and prosperity, from the businessman’s point of view, the higher the house price, the better it is naturally.
“What about this last one? What you said must make money?” Cang Ming some impatient to ask, he found, in this young man’s analysis, he even have a sense of enlightenment.
The last proposal Kang Ming came up with was a proposal for an oceanarium, and it took great courage to propose such a proposal in the dust-proof northwest, but Zhang Xuan even took this as a sure-money project, making Kang Ming very confused.
Zhang Xuan did not directly answer Kang Ming’s question, but asked, “Two, you rarely go out these days, right?”
“Indeed.” Kang Ming laughed bitterly, “This old age makes me too lazy to run out.”
“Here’s the thing, some time ago, I had nothing to do, watched a variety report, there is a data survey, about the holiday flow, and tourists want to go where the statistics, in the northwest region, the number of people going to the oceanarium, is one fifth of the amusement park, although it seems that the amusement park is more dominant, but you two think about the northwest region. How many amusement parks are there, and how many oceanariums are there? What is the ratio?”
Kang Ming thought for a moment and replied, “The ratio of amusement parks to oceanariums is about ten to one.”
“To be precise, it’s thirteen point two to one, which shows that the oceanarium is more popular, and, can be used as a little element to beautify the city, will definitely get official support, and in the region uniqueness, the concept of monopoly, I think the two of you know very well.”
As soon as Zhang Xuan’s words fell, he heard Kang Ming’s applause ring out.
“Awesome! A variety show data, can be used by you to this, indeed powerful, to be honest, if you do not say, I really did not find that the Oceanarium is so popular.”

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