Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 225

Kang Ming and Wu Shijie just left the small room, they were immediately hounded by the crowd, asking the two of them questions, and some people even threw out olive branches, promising tens of millions of dollars a year, hoping that the two of them could hang their names on the company and not have to do anything, so it was clear how high Kang Ming and Wu Shijie, were in the business circle.
For these olive branches, Kang Ming and Wu Shijie did not care at all, their two eyes searched around, when they saw Zhang Xuan, the two brightened up and walked over with big steps.
“Little brother, there you are, we both still have a question to ask you!” From a long distance away, Kang Ming rushed Zhang Xuan and said aloud.
Kang Ming’s words, so that the surrounding people, all widened their eyes, who is Uncle Kang talking to, called little brother, and said there is something to ask advice?
The eyes of the crowd looked around and found that the people standing around are familiar, and there are no unfamiliar faces ah.
Zheng Chu, who was humiliating Zhang Xuan, after seeing Kang Ming and Wu Shijie, showed an excited look in his eyes, straightened his collar and walked towards Kang Ming, politely saying, “Uncle Kang, Uncle Wu, I’m Zheng Chu, Zheng’s group.”
Zheng Chu so greeted, Kang Ming and Wu Shijie two people also not good to ignore.
Kang Ming nodded, “Oh, Zheng Group, I have an impression, it is said that it has done well in recent years.”
Getting compliments from Kang Ming, Zheng Chu looked excited, “Uncle Kang, my father always mentions you to me, saying that when there is a chance, he still wants to have a drink with both you and Uncle Wu.”
“Okay, there’s a chance.” Kang Ming said perfunctorily, and then without waiting for Zheng Chu to say anything, he walked directly to Zhang Xuan, “Little brother Zhang Xuan, just now you left in a hurry, I still have one thing I did not have time to ask you.”
Wu Shijie said, “That’s right, this matter, has troubled me and old Kang for several years, please do not be stingy to give advice ah.”
The performance of these two people, the attitude of speaking to Zhang Xuan, immediately made the people present did not react to the energy.
What is this situation? These two people, who used to be known as Yinzhou’s two talents, asked a son-in-law of the Lin family for advice, and even said such words as please do not hesitate to give advice!
Not to mention others, even Lin Qinghan, did not understand what is the situation.
For Kang Ming and Wu Shijie, she herself is also very admired, once the company encountered difficulties, she also asked these two uncles for advice, but, when did Zhang Xuan and these two uncles know each other, and look at this, Zhang Xuan also did something great like.
“Uncle Kang, Uncle Wu, you guys are mistaken, what did you ask him for advice?” Zheng Chu stood by the side and couldn’t help but ask.
“Of course it’s to ask for advice on investment.” Kang Ming replied, “Just now, this little brother Zhang told us about his insights in investment, really made me feel ashamed ah, after meeting little brother Zhang, I realized that the silver state double talent put on me, how thick-skinned I am to hold this title top for decades!”
Kang Ming shook his head and laughed self-deprecatingly.
“Investment? Uncle Kang, you say this person, know how to invest?” Zheng Chu a face of disbelief.
“More than understand, simply proficient, in front of little brother Zhang, my little skills, worthless!” Kang Ming said unabashedly.
“Yes, just now little brother Zhang’s insight, really opened my eyes!”
Listening to Kang Ming and Wu Shijie’s sentiments, Lin Qinghan was also puzzled as she looked at Zhang Xuan with a hint of puzzlement in her eyes.
Zhang Xuan saw the meaning contained in the woman’s eyes and scratched his head, “Just now when you were chatting with your friends, I talked to these two uncles about investment.”
“You still know about investment?” Lin Qinghan acted as if she had only just met Zhang Xuan, and with a pair of beautiful eyes, she examined Zhang Xuan from head to tail.
“Not understand!” A crisp voice rang out, and I saw Qin Rou pacing up and down, “General Lin, didn’t you hear what Uncle Kang just said, Zhang Xuan is proficient in investment, I’m curious about one thing, last time, you kept wanting me to introduce the one behind me to you, your own husband, why did you ask me to introduce you to him, and Zhang Xuan, I forgot to ask you, before the Lin head office encountered difficulties and wanted to I forgot to ask you, before the head office of Lin encountered difficulties and wanted to ask for your help, you refused without even thinking about it, you couple, in the end is playing which ah?”
Qin Rou’s words made the crowd, who had not slowed down a bit, fall into a burst of surprise again.
Zhang Xuan face slightly odd, he remembered once, Qin Rou sent himself a text message, saying that a person’s company is in trouble, want to find their own help, at that time, he directly refused, so that person, is his wife ah!
Similarly, Lin Qinghan’s expression was also a bit unnatural, she looked at Zhang Xuan and asked, “The person who gave Hengyuan the idea of blowing up the mountain, was it you?”
Zhang Xuan scratched his head and nodded his head and laughed dryly twice.
Lin Qinghan rolled his eyes with a depressed face, he had been trying to find that person behind Qin Rou to help himself, so that person has been beside himself ah.
Suddenly, Lin Qinghan remembered that before he was at home watching the news about Hengyuan bombing the mountain, Zhang Xuan seems to have said something like this method is just average, at that time was also said he did not understand anything, let him go aside, in their own difficulties, Zhang Xuan also offered to help themselves to think of a solution, in the end were mercilessly refused, said he did not understand do not add to the trouble.
When you think about it, Lin Qinghan’s face is red, what are you doing here!
Qin Rou said a word, so that those who just changed their impression of Zhang Xuan, from the big young man to the wimp, changed again.
The incident of Hengyuan blowing up the mountain was a topic that everyone in the Yinzhou business circle was talking about, and everyone was talking about how important and exquisite Hengyuan’s decision was.
Many people wanted to know what kind of person stood behind Qin Rou and pushed her from a third-rate small business to the position of the top entrepreneur in Yinzhou.
Only now do we know that the mystery man is actually the husband of the president of the Lin Group! A man whom Zheng Chu called a bumpkin!
This Zheng Chu, is also a bit too funny, right!
One person couldn’t help but speak to Zheng Chu, “Younger Zheng, you just verbally said that Zhang Xuan is a dirt bag, I would like to know what do you, Younger Zheng, have as?”
“I remember just now Zheng young also said, Zhang Xuan does not know how to invest ah.”
“Do not know how to invest? If Zhang Xuan does not know how to invest, then what do we count? Our fathers have worked hard for so many years, and received our hands, in the end, the profits received, but not as good as people Zhang Xuan proposed an opinion.”
“That’s right, Zheng Chu, you are too funny! And say let Zhang Xuan earn a Lamborghini, I’ll ask you, his plan to blow up the mountain, how many Lamborghinis is it worth?”

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