Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 226

A sneer made Zheng Chu’s face unbearable.
He really did not expect that this dirtbag, Zhang Xuan, was the one who gave Hengyuan the idea of blowing up the mountain!
Thinking about what he had just said, Zheng Chu’s face turned blue and red, extraordinarily ugly, he snorted coldly at Zhang Xuan, turned around and pushed away the people standing behind him, “Get lost, don’t be my road!”
In a burst of mocking gazes, Zheng Chu left in a dusty manner, while Zhang Xuan, completely became the protagonist of this party.
“Mr. Zhang, I’m a fan of yours, when I heard the news of Hengyuan blowing up the mountain, I admired the person who came up with this plan!”
“Mr. Zhang, I’m from Jin Lin Yogurt, I want to hire you as our special consultant, one hundred thousand dollars a session!”
“Mr. Zhang ……”
For a time, many, many people gathered around Zhang Xuan, even Kang Ming and Wu Shijie both looked eclipsed.
Wu Shijie shook his head and smiled, looked at Lin Qinghan, and spoke, “Mr. Lin, you and little brother Zhang, you are really a natural pair, both are phoenixes among men.”
Lin Qinghan politely smiled at Wu Shijie, and then looked at Zhang Xuan, who was surrounded by the crowd, with a proud expression in her eyes, this is her man!
The party continued with beautiful dance music, accompanied by beautiful dance moves on the dance floor.
Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan sat on the sofa at the side, shaking the wine in their cups.
“Honey, you and Mr. Qin, what is your relationship?” Lin Qinghan blinked her big eyes and asked curiously.
“Just ordinary friends.”
“Is that so?” Lin Qinghan’s pretty face showed a trace of doubt, “Just ordinary friends, how would you help General Qin to propose the idea of blowing up the mountain, usually at home, but I have not seen you pay much attention to this aspect of things ah.”
Zhang Xuan replied with a smile, “I was all just some humble opinions.”
“Good, now Lin’s is encountering a problem, I want to hear your humble opinion.” Lin Qinghan smiled sweetly and said to Zhang Xuan, “Six months ago, Lin decided to develop a resort in Yinzhou, and in the outskirts of the city of Erzha village, detected the mountain spring, excavated it, ready to build it as a resort, and, Lin will be the road in front of Erzha village completely refurbished, but now, the leaders of Erzha village does not recognize our Lin Group, but choose to cooperate with the rest The legal way is invalid, do you have any good way?”
Lin Qinghan finished, with these expectations in his eyes, he looked at Zhang Xuan.
“Erzha Village?” Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes, probably thought for a moment, and knew which Erzha Village Lin Qinghan was talking about, “What is Lin’s budget for this resort, and how long is it going to take to return the capital?”
Lin Qinghan replied, “The budget is four point six hundred million, because of that natural clear spring, probably can pay back the capital within two years, but according to my inquiry, some companies, have offered to seven hundred million, on the premise of Lin’s help to build the road in Erzha village, seven hundred million is a figure I absolutely can not accept.”
Zhang Xuan listened and shook his head, “Four point six hundred million, even if you don’t build the road, it’s still a loss, according to what I know, Erzha Village is connected to a wetland, that natural clear spring you mentioned, the reserves will definitely not be large, it can only be used as a gimmick, four point six hundred million back in two years, there is absolutely no possibility.”
Lin Qinghan frowned willow brows, “How are you so sure?”
“Experience.” Zhang Xuan replied, “About the mountain clear spring, I have seen a lot, and the second gate village land area is not large, light to do vacation resort, must win with quality, there is the wind and sand mouth, the annual facilities maintenance fee, is a large expenditure.”
Hearing Zhang Xuan mention the four words of facility maintenance, Lin Qinghan face changed, to be honest, she really did not consider this point, in recent years, Yinzhou on the wind and sand precautions are doing very well, in earlier years can still see the sandstorm, in recent years the greening area is geometric growth, no longer see the wind and sand, this problem is naturally ignored by Lin Qinghan.
Zhang Xuan continued: “Equipment maintenance fee is only the first point, the second point, the per capita consumption level, if the comprehensive equipment maintenance fee, the resort’s charges how can not be reasonable, according to the consumption level of the people of Yinzhou, the resort, with food and accommodation, a single night up to three hundred dollars of basic consumption, these costs, which just ”
“Third.” Zhang Xuan reached out and tapped the table, “labor costs, this cost, wife, you should know better than me, so you just do the vacation lodge, it is difficult to make a profit, you must have some other industries, such as local specialties, increase the amount of vacation lodge trade, to develop it into a tourist destination.”
“Impossible.” Lin Qinghan frowned and shook his head, “As you said, the land area of Erzha Village is very small, and it’s on the outskirts of the city, I simply can’t operate accommodation projects around the resort lodge.”
“That’s right.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “Therefore, this is a money-losing project.”
Zhang Xuan analysis of the three points, let Lin please Han into a burst of silence, Zhang Xuan said these three issues, is absolutely to the point, but also all Lin please Han did not consider before, labor costs are counted, but the loss of sand on the equipment, not in the scope of her plan, counting these, want two years to return to the capital, is absolutely a fool’s dream, but on the current economic situation, hundreds of millions of dollars smashed out two years, did not achieve basic profitability, that is to lose money.
A long time, Lin Qinghan spoke: “In that case, this project, I still do not touch the good.”
Zhang Xuan sipped the glass of red wine, smiled cheekily: “In fact, not, there is a way, but can solve the problem above.”
“What method?” Lin Qinghan asked impatiently, she was not anxious to make money, but was eager to hear Zhang Xuan’s insights.
“Recently, the traffic jam in downtown Yinzhou is serious, I think, if there is a new bypass highway, people’s enthusiasm must be very high.” Zhang Xuan shook his wine glass and smiled.
“Bypass highway?” Lin Qinghan gave a suspicious cry, and in the next second, she seemed to think of something and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Yes, highway!”
Erzha Village, located on the outskirts of the city, if a highway is built and passes through Erzha Village, it will be able to drive up a large economic chain!
“Husband, you’re a genius! Only ……” after the surprise, Lin Qinghan and some despondency, “Erzha village is somewhat special, those land, are the villagers, if they are not willing to sell, or lion’s mouth, this high speed, it is also difficult to repair.”
Zhang Xuan stood up from the sofa, walked behind Lin Qinghan, for Lin Qinghan kneading shoulders, “wife ah wife, you are usually quite astute, how this bout confused?”
“What’s wrong?” Lin Qinghan puffed up her cheeks, and her tone carried a bit of a petty meaning.
“The economic situation of Erzha Village, how is it?”

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