Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 234

“Nukes locked on Bright Island!”
Chessia’s words made Zhang Xuan jolt, he indeed did not know about this matter.
Zhang Xuan put his gaze on the future, but the future was a bit afraid to look directly at Zhang Xuan, obviously, she knew about this matter, but did not tell Zhang Xuan.
“Boss, don’t blame this girl Jiang’er, it’s us who didn’t let it be said.” Bai Chi blocked in front of the future, bearing Zhang Xuan’s inquiring gaze for her.
Zhang Xuan took a deep breath and asked, “When did it happen?”
“That …… third day after that big battle.” Future replied in a thin voice.
“To abandon the entire Bright Island for a woman, this should not be something that Satan did!” Cheshire’s gaze suddenly became tender again, she hugged Zhang Xuan’s arm and said in a delicate voice, “Brother Zhang Xuan, will you come back?”
Zhang Xuan looked at Cecilia’s angel-like face and slowly shook his head, “Give me some more time.”
Chelsia violently let go of Zhang Xuan’s arm, “Give you some time? Maybe tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, those nuclear bombs will fall on our heads, how much more time do you want!”
Zhang Xuan was silent.
Chessia looked at Zhang Xuan’s silent appearance and laughed twice, “Bloodthirsty wolves, turning into weak lambs, Bright Island is no longer the former Bright Island, and the Zhang Xuan I know is no longer the Lord Satan I remember!”
Chelsia waved her hand violently, and in her palm, a silver-white pistol appeared, and the direction the pistol was aimed at was none other than Guo Fei and the others.
The red-haired young man who had been shouting before, a tiny red dot appeared on his eyebrow, and the red-haired young man himself, straightened up and fell on the yellow sand.
“Hellwalkers have rules, anyone who has seen the true face of a Hellwalker, there is no living person, but now what?” Chessia aimed her gun at the next person and pulled the trigger again, “Now you are no longer as bloody as you were! Merciful people, can not survive in the underground world, Zhang Xuan, I ask you one last time, come back or not, you want women, there are so many women in the world for you to choose, you want to play, the whole island will play with you, as long as you are willing to come back!”
Zhang Xuan slowly shook his head, he shook his head, so that Cheshire smiled self-deprecatingly, “really, everything I said, in your eyes, are far less important than that woman, is not it? Since Bright Island is no longer the Bright Island I am familiar with, and Zhang Xuan is not the Zhang Xuan I am familiar with, this ring!”
The colorful ring glowed brightly in the sunlight, “This ring, don’t want it!”
Chessia waved her hand and threw it with force.
“No!” The redhead reached out to intercept Cheshire’s action, but it was too late.
The colorful ring fell into the yellow sand and disappeared.
“From now on, there will be no more colorful king rings on Bright Island, and there will be no more Chelsia in the world!” The woman looked deeply at Zhang Xuan, took off the ghost face mask hanging on her back waist and threw it on the ground, while she, without looking back, turned around and walked in the direction opposite to Zhang Xuan and them.
“Chessia!” Mirai shouted and followed.
Poseidon looked at Zhang Xuan, and then at Checia, and also took big steps towards Checia to chase after her.
“Boss! Just let Cecilia go!” Bai Ji looked at Zhang Xuan who was standing still and did not move, and said anxiously.
Zhang Xuan replied in a flat voice: “It’s her choice, let’s go, it’s time to go back.”
After saying these words, Zhang Xuan walked to the car driven by Bai Ji and the others, pulled open the door and sat in it.
“What do you mean it’s her choice, boss! Are you really going to watch Chessia go!” Bai Ji pulled open the car door as soon as he could.
“Get in the car first.” Zhang Xuan spoke.
Bai Chi stood in front of the car door, hesitated for more than ten seconds, hammered his fist on the car body, and only then got into the car.
Zhang Xuan sat on the passenger side and watched Chessia’s back as she left, the woman becoming smaller and smaller in his line of sight.
“Boss, what the hell do you think!” Bai Chi was very puzzled, and his tone carried a bit of a questioning feeling.
“There are some things that I can’t tell you guys.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “Let’s talk about it after I figure it all out.”
Zhang Xuan’s words caused Bai Chi’s face to be stunned, “Boss, you mean ……”
“The last big war was not as simple as you guys thought.” Zhang Xuan let out a long sigh, “Let’s go, back to Ning Province.”
See Zhang Xuan said so, white pool also no longer ask more questions, and red hair after they said hello, drove Zhang Xuan, towards the deserted beach wall outside.
This incident, which disturbed the red hair and others, he looked at Guo Fei and others who still remained on the yellow sand, a fierce smile hung at the corner of his mouth, put on the ghost face mask again and walked towards Guo Fei.
Guo Fei’s lips shivered, looking at the red hair that was getting closer and closer to him, his heart was like death, he knew that he was finished.
After driving away from the deserted beach wall, Bai Chi did not stay in An City, but directly on the road back to Ning Province.
Zhang Xuan sat in the car, did not say a word, he recalled what happened a few months ago.
A few months ago, the entire underground world, a never-before-seen great battle, to this battle, those in the know call it, the twilight battle.
The entire underground world, there are two major super powers.
The first one is the Island of Light, which everyone fears.
The second, named the King Association.
Light Island, representing the last glimmer of light in the world, also means that when the Light Island fell into darkness, then the whole world, will also fall into darkness, it can be seen how lofty the status of the Light Island.
As for the Wang Association, dare to use the word Wang to name, can also be seen, the Wang Association’s strength is powerful.
The Island of Light, with the strongest man in the world, Satan, under Satan, led ten brothers and sisters, these ten people, each behind the monstrous power, strong personal ability, they are together from the mountain of corpses and blood, as close as brother and sister.
The existence of the Wang Association, from the 1960s, is known, no one knows how great the power behind the Wang Association, no one knows, the president of the Wang Association, in the end, who is, only know, in this world, the Wang Association is the only one can compete with the Bright Island underground forces.
A few months ago, because of the Fire Crystal, the King’s Club went to war with the Bright Island.
This time, the battle was vast, yet hidden.
Vast in that there are dozens of mercenary organizations, fighting in various parts of the world, hidden in that no one knows, which side belongs to the King’s Club and which side belongs to the Island of Light.
The war between the two organizations has a direct impact on the entire world, which has broken the rules for the underground world.
Therefore, the Island of Light and the King’s Club, engaged in a most high-end life and death battle.

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