Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 237

Lin Qinghan wanted to push the reporter away, but simply could not do it.
Good at this time, Jiang Jing squeezed in from the side.
“Mr. Lin, are you all right!” Jiang Jing looked at the phone with the broken screen in Lin Qinghan’s hand and frowned.
“It’s fine, leave here first.” Lin Qinghan said.
Jiang Jing, as a bodyguard, was not always by Lin Qinghan’s side, the mission she received was that someone was trying to kill Lin Qinghan, and she, in turn, was putting an end to that.
So, when she came to the CBD shopping district, Jiang Jing’s professional ethics told her that although this is now hanging all over the banners everywhere, but not related to their own mission, what she had to do, is to first observe the surrounding situation, so at just now, she did not first appear at Lin Qinghan’s side.
In fact, as a bodyguard for this special task, Jiang Jing’s reaction speed is already extremely fast, but after what just happened, it still makes Jiang Jing feel very sorry in her heart.
With Jiang Jing protecting her, although Lin Qinghan was still surrounded by the reporters, she was no longer like the leafy duck that she had just been, but slowly walked towards the outside of the shopping district.
In that simple restaurant.
“Young Zheng, look at that, it seems that something has happened.” A person standing beside Zheng Chu, pointed out to Zheng Chu the place surrounded by many reporters.
Zheng Chu squinted his eyes, when he saw the figure of Lin Qinghan, Zheng Chu’s face grew a smile of joy, “The main character is here, then the good show should start.”
Zheng Chu picked up a tissue, wiped his mouth, got up, left Jane’s restaurant, and slowly walked towards Lin Qinghan’s location.
Lin Qinghan was surrounded by reporters, for a moment, simply can not go out, because the people surrounding here, there are too many, some eaters, all want to see the wife of the evil-doer this time, in the end look like.
“According to our first-line reporters, the general manager of the Lin Group Lin Qinghan refused to answer all questions, this matter, can not give any reasonable explanation, according to informed sources, from last night to now, Lin Qinghan husband’s phone, has been in a shutdown state, and did not show up, suspected of absconding.”
“Viewers, where we are now, is the CBD of Yinzhou ……”
One by one, the reporters began their live coverage, and in the background behind them was Lin Qinghan’s appearance without saying a word under the crowd’s siege.
“General Lin! Please answer!”
“General Lin, why are you silent? Is there no explanation?”
“Mr. Lin, do you think money can be beyond the law? Or is your Lin’s hand going to be the only one to cover the sky?”
“Mr. Lin!”
The reporters’ voices, disorganized yet piercing, reached Lin Qinghan’s ears.
“Alright, stop it all!” Suddenly, a loud bellow rang out.
The many reporters surrounding Lin Qinghan, seeing the person who spoke, immediately gathered around.
The Zheng Group, although not as large as the Lin Group in scale, was also considered a well-known enterprise in Yinzhou.
Moreover, Zheng Chu as the only heir of Zheng Group, and just returned to Yinzhou, this kind of flowery young man’s lace news, is also people’s favorite.
“Zheng gongzi, you stand out at this time, do you have something to say about this matter?”
“Zheng gongzi, it is rumored that your family and Lin’s are close friends, was Zheng gongzi present when the incident happened last night.”
“Zheng Gongzi, do you know Zhang Xuan and what kind of person he is?”
“Zheng Gongzi ……”
Facing one question after another from the reporters, Zheng Chu did not choose to shut up and not answer like Lin Qinghan did, but said, “Everyone, your questions, I will answer them one by one.”
“First answer the first question, my appearance, indeed have something to say, you guys just don’t embarrass Lin, to be precise, Lin is also the victim of this matter, after all, her husband is a scum, and she can have nothing to do with it, about what happened last night, I know very well.”
“The second issue, we Zheng and Lin, indeed, are close friends, I and Ms. Lin Qinghan, is a childhood friend, this time such a thing happened, I, as a good friend, also feel heartbroken for Mr. Lin, after all, like Zhang Xuan such a scum, everyone has to be punished!”
“The third question, what kind of person is Zhang Xuan? He, a son-in-law of the Lin family, we all understand, should know, what is the son-in-law, a person who can be a son-in-law for money, and you think, how is his character? How is his character?”
“Last night, the victim’s secretary saw with her own eyes that Zhang Xuan was ready to rape and humiliate the victim, and if the victim’s secretary had not appeared in time, the consequences would have been unthinkable. ”
Zheng Chu’s successive revelations attracted the eyes of a large number of reporters.
“Zheng Gongzi, what do you think, this kind of person, what should be done?”
Zheng Chu showed a righteous look, “The person who raped and insulted women, even if it is death by a thousand cuts, death by lynching, is cheap, if put in ancient times, this kind of person, should be dipped in a pig cage!”
Zheng Chu’s words drew a roar of approval.
Zheng Chu added: “A man should have his own responsibility, like Zhang Xuan, who has no responsibility and only thinks of evil ways, do not deserve to stay in this world!”
Listening to Zheng Chu’s words, even those reporters, nodded in agreement.
Lin Qinghan stood there, listening to Zheng Chu’s words, she was willing to rush over, grab the microphone and tell everyone that Zhang Xuan was not that kind of person, but now her words were not the least bit convincing.
“Zheng Gongzi, I don’t agree with what you said, if Zhang Xuan is just a door-to-door son-in-law, and his character is so corrupt, why would General Manager Lin defend him so much?”
“This question of yours, I like it very much.” Zheng Chu laughed, this reporter, he specially arranged, Zheng Chu said, “the general Lin defends, not Zhang Xuan personal, you should be clear, Lin Group, is the leading group in Yinzhou, if the Lin Group has problems, the impact, not only a few people’s interests, including Lin’s staff on duty, will also be implicated, and Zhang Xuan, this person, is to value this point, to determine the Lin Group to defend him. The person, Zhang Xuan, is to take this into account, to eat sure Lin to defend him, so so reckless!”
“So that’s how it is!” The reporter who just asked the question nodded in a pretentious manner, “In that case, this Zhang Xuan, is really shameless, using so many people as a shield for him, this kind of person, absolutely can not be tolerated!”
“That’s right! Can’t appease!”
“This matter, Zhang Xuan must give an explanation!”
“Zheng Gongzi, what is your opinion on this matter?”
“My view is very simple, just one point.” Zheng Chu held out a finger, “Severe punishment!”

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