Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 238

Zheng Chu’s words drew a shout of approval.
The Zheng family son is the only future heir of the Zheng Group.
And that Zhang Xuan, but the Lin family’s son-in-law, the status of the two, the difference between the sky and the earth, but look at the awareness, the Zheng family son, I do not know how many times better than the son-in-law!
For a time, Zhang Xuan became the target of all, informed, uninformed, all discussing about Zhang Xuan.
The image of Zheng Chu himself, stepping on Zhang Xuan’s infamy, suddenly became taller, originally, many people still have little impression of this Zheng Group, but because of Zheng Chu’s appearance, let the Zheng Group also immediately into the line of sight.
There are even people specially arranged by Zheng Chu to put forward such theories among the masses of eaters.
Yinzhou’s business circle, should not let the Lin family dominate, look at Zhang Xuan, is the Lin family is too powerful scourge, should be balanced, we also need to support more support other enterprises!
I have to say, Zheng Chu this move, played a very good.
Now, public opinion has been completely lopsided, whether there is no definite evidence, almost everyone believes that Zhang Xuan is the villain, Zheng Chu’s move, not only to force Zhang Xuan to a desperate situation, but also for the Zheng Group to do a deep advertising!
Lin Qinghan now wants to go, but reluctantly, now so many reporters here, if you go, then this time, can not really say, who knows what those reporters will say again.
An Aston Martin, at this time, off the highway, completely into the city of Yinzhou.
Just into the city, Bai Chi received a phone call, the person on the phone, with only a few words, to Bai Chi elaborated on what happened.
“Boss, something’s happened.” Bai Chi pulled up a news webpage and handed his phone to Zhang Xuan.
On this webpage, what was reported was clearly the matter of that banner in the CBD, and various headlines hitting bright red colors were printed into Zhang Xuan’s eyes, and below those headlines, a background photo of Lin Qinghan surrounded by many reporters was uniformly placed.
“Rape and humiliation?”
Zhang Xuan frowned, “Go, go to CBD.”
The Aston Martin, which was still moving slowly, let out a fierce roar and transformed into a beast as it raced through the streets.
Soon, Bai Chi and Zhang Xuan arrived at the CBD, where more and more people gathered, which came to the point of leaving work, those who work in the commercial center, as soon as they got off work, they saw this hanging banner, all joined the army of melon eaters.
Zheng Chu spoke loudly, expressing his dissatisfaction with Zhang Xuan’s rape and humiliation of her behavior, in the voice of blame, he said, this time, no matter what the victim thought in the end, whether the victim will pursue, he Zheng’s group, will speak out for justice, for the citizens of Yinzhou, to seek justice!
Such a statement, naturally, again attracted a large area of shouting good.
“Did Zhang Xuan’s phone call get through?” Lin Qinghan stood not far away, frowning with a willow brow, and asked Jiang Jing.
“Mr. Lin, Mr. Zhang’s phone keeps showing as off.” Jiang Jing kept dialing Zhang Xuan’s number, “Mr. Lin, let’s leave here first, the situation is too chaotic now, it’s hard to guarantee your own safety.”
“Can’t go.” Lin Qinghan shook his head, “Now as soon as we leave, Zheng Chu may say something else, those reporters are now eyeing me, as long as I show a little intention to leave, all kinds of reports will be flying, now we must find evidence, you help me contact Li Na, let her get in touch with Mr. Qin’s secretary, the authenticity of this matter, to re Confirmation!”
“No need to confirm, I know about this matter.” Suddenly, a voice sounded behind Lin Qinghan.
The moment she heard this voice, Lin Qinghan’s delicate body shook, she turned around and saw Zhang Xuan standing right behind her.
“I’m sorry, it’s hard for you.” Zhang Xuan grabbed Lin Qinghan’s small hand.
Seeing Zhang Xuan’s appearance, Lin Qinghan’s hanging heart felt like it had found something to fall back on, “Why is the phone off.”
“The battery is dead, and I didn’t bring a charger.” Zhang Xuan scratched his head, “This matter, I’ll handle it.”
Zhang Xuan’s gentle gaze moved away from Lin Qinghan and shouted to the side where the reporters were gathered, “I am Zhang Xuan, if you have any questions, come ask me!”
The moment Zhang Xuan’s name came out, it drew a burst of attention, and the moment Zhang Xuan’s words fell, countless flashes hit Zhang Xuan’s body, and those reporters, like beasts who had been hungry for seven days and saw meat, surrounded Zhang Xuan with green eyes.
All kinds of questions were asked by these reporters without any scruples.
“Mr. Zhang Xuan, what do you have to explain about this incident?”
“Mr. Zhang Xuan, may I ask if you are avoiding this matter as you have been out of contact for the past few days?”
“Mr. Zhang Xuan, may I ask how many times you have done such a dirty and despicable thing, have you ever considered the thoughts of the victim?”
“Mr. Zhang Xuan ……”
One question after another, all of them are laying pits and setting traps, only such tricky questions can attract more eyeballs.
Facing these reporters, Zhang Xuan kept a smile on his face.
“Mr. Zhang Xuan, have you ever considered, you do so, what kind of consequences to her people, you for your own selfish desire, disregard her people, do you think, you are still a person?”
“A human being? Of course he’s not a human being, a person who can do such a thing is worse than a beast!” Zheng Chu laughed out loud and slowly walked towards Zhang Xuan, “Everyone, listen to me, since Zhang Xuan has shown up, I think, what we do now, should not be an interview, but to call the police, let the law, to punish this kind of people!”
“Yes, call the police!” Hearing Zheng Chu’s words, on the spot, someone called the police.
Zhang Xuan, who had not said anything, after hearing Zheng Chu’s voice, then smiled slightly and said, “Zheng Gongzi, I don’t agree with your words.”
“Disagree?” Zheng Chu snorted, “Can’t it be that you think that raping and insulting women should still be advocated?”
“Of course not.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “Just being worse than an animal is definitely not enough, I think this kind of person should be spit on the spot and die, what do you think?”
“Hahahaha!” Zheng Chu laughed twice, “That’s funny, Zhang Xuan, are you trying to excuse yourself with this statement now? Do you really think that the Lin Group, can treat the law like nothing and do whatever you want?”
Zhang Xuan’s gaze swept around himself a circle of reporters, “Not, but I personally also very spiteful of this practice, journalists friends, for this time, I have another version of the matter, do you want to listen to it?”
As soon as they heard Zhang Xuan say other versions, these reporters acted as if they had hit the chicken blood, and acted with unusual excitement.

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